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Taking over FBI Radio – Monday 23rd May

Posted by Matt

Lachlan and myself jumped at the opportunity to spin some grindcore in the name of AusGrind late one night on FBI Radio, Sydney's best radio station by miles (for example, album of the week this week is the new Battles album, holy shit so happy). So anyway we set out to inform the general Sydney public of the awesomeness of grindcore, and although my mum still hates it we had a ball.

With Scott Fitzsimons manning the buttons we played a nice cross section of grind with a few other random gems thrown in for good measure and plenty of shameless self promotion. You can now stream the full two hour show below (language warning).

Segression - Never Dead
Death-Cult Jock - War Through Other Means
Captain Cleanoff - Chemical Imbalance
Pig Destroyer - Cheerleader Corpses
Gronibard - March of The Gronibard
thedowngoing - Bad Machette
Ether Rag - V
Battle Pope - Cocaine Yeeha Motherfucker Yeah
Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline
Michael Crafter - On Tour A Job Is Called A Gig
Family Man - Left For Dead
Naked City - Skatekey
Blood Duster - Instrumental
Nowyourefucked - Gary Coleman
Agents Of Abhorrence - Agents Of The Sun
Orlacs Hande - ?
Kill the Client - Moneywhore
Genghis Tron - Rock Candy
Acid Tiger - Feel It
White Male Dumbinance - Forced Vengeance
Discordance Axis - Castration Rite
thedowngoing - Iambecome
Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid
Log - Dirt House Boogie
Comadre - Sabado Gigante!
Fuck... I'm Dead - Barefoot And Shitfaced
Aborted - Surprise! You're Dead (Faith No More cover)
Reuben Ingall - Flight Of The Basement Bee
Halo of Knives - Watch The Red Devil Burn
Insect Warfare - Mind Ripper
Ironhide - Doom
Dillinger Escape Plan - Mullet Burden
Damaged - Nails
Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers
Naked City - Batman
Michael Crafter - Drum Circle
Throwdown - Sure Hope It Feels Good
Mindsnare - Bulldozed
Agents Of Abhorrence - Sentimentality & Nostalgia
The Atomic Bitchwax - The Local Fuzz

Full info on the Dead Air website or you can stream the whole program below.


DOWNLOAD: Audiablos – The World Through Blood Covered Glasses

Posted by Lachlan

Aww yeah, the AusGrind free Sunday download is BACK after having been temporarily put on hold due to my current lack of internet at home (and hence no way to host). While I am still netless, Rapidshare has come to the rescue.

Audiablos - The World Through Blood Covered GlassesThis time around we have a delightful 10 track demo from Audiablos from Western Sydney entitled The World Through Blood Covered Glasses.

Audiablos seems to be the one man cyber-grind project of Ross Diablos - and hey, I know what you're thinking right now ("aww but one man cyber-grind bands usually suck") and hell, I agree. But this is not one of those bands. Infact Ross has put together a pretty fucking impressive piece of fun and distinctly Australian cyber-grind EP, mashing funny as hell samples with almost dance-y drum samples and some killer fucking brutal death/grind.

Audiablos - The World Through Blood Covered GlassesThis is not your run-of-the-mill one man MySpace grind project. It's like some kind of unholy beast - some form of gigantic half-goat/half-horse/half-man - and 150 percent motherfucking hellspawn. Ross pools in a whole range of metal influences in Audiablos. The songs are well structured and well thought; sometime silly, other times just fucking crushing.

The music kind of reminds of a cross between Grindhead Records' Eyetofuk (who's Grindhead release remains one of my favourites to this day) with the likes of Gronibard and The Bezerker. The influences listed on his MySpace site ring pretty true - I can definitely hear the influences from Zimmer's Hole, Volatile and Devolved.

Anyway, this lad has produced some cool tunes I'd like to hear more of (and next time with a bass guitar to fatten up the sound). Killer stuff, download it right...... HERE!


DOWNLOAD: 32 MP3 Downloads from Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead recordsGrindhead Records have released a series of 32 FREE MP3 Downloads from their catalog of 27 death, gore and grindcore releases. For more information on any release be sure to visit - Grindhead releases are priced from $8 to $12 AUD within Australia or $6 to $10 USD worldwide with shipping inclusive.

Code of Lies - Swarm of Vultures: Modern groove-laden, hybrid technical death/grind hailing from Orange, NSW, Australia.

Gruesome Stuff Relish - Broken Gravestones: The quintessential Spanish gore band for any horror metal freak.

Subterranean Fecal Root - Digging a 40 Mile Hole To Live In: Ultra-offensive grinding metalin the vein of Anal Cunt, Undinism, Macabre and Gronibard from Waco, Texas.

Pathology - Defiled Autopsy Remnants: Superb Californian brutal death/grind from members of Cattle Decapitation, Disgorge, The Locust and Being Killed. For fans of Goratory.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Recycled Carnage: From the debut full-length from the most intense of the new wave of Australian grindcore for fans of Rotten Sound, Discordance Axis, Circle of Dead Children and Captain Cleanoff.

Long Pig - Leaving Barrel Influence: Incredibly battering, thick, raw grindcore infused with downtuned sludge, death and stoner metal from Hungary.

Sound of Detestation - Voided and Blind: Blistering modern Swedish grindcore with hardcore and death metal elements with stunning production values courtesy of William Blackmon (Gadget). For fans of Gadget, Rotten Sound, Nasum and Skitsystem.

Eyetofuk - Unifuk Zombie: A severely warped, hallucinogen-induced and LSD soaked alien nightmare of electro cyber porno gore/grind for fans of Gigantic Brain.

Putrid Whore - XXX: The Number of the Bitch: Punishing downtuned Italian gore/grind for fans of Gruesome Stuff Relish and Mortician.

Maximum Perversion - Snowdropper: Fun, porn-obsessed and grooving Australian death/grind with flavours of Macabre and Carcass.

Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline: Mind-melting, cranium-crushing, alcohol-fuelled and slightly quirky modern Australian grindcore drawing from Cephalic Carnage, Napalm Death and Nasum.

Guild of Destruction - Kill! Kill! Kill!: Old-school all-blasting, no-frills, thrashing intense death metal from the bowels of Melbourne Australia. Ripping heavy riffs and screaming solos make this essential for any 1990s death metal fan!

Malignant Germ Infestation - Zombie Outbreak: Complex yet sickening bile-drench brutal gore/grind with electronic elements.

Mangled Whore Flesh - Labia Jerky: Grooving, thrashing raw death/grind in the vein of Intestinal Disgorge.

Embalming Theatre - He Raped His Dying Daughter: The infamous Switz grinders Embaling Theatre return with another intense slab of crusty, raw and violent Switz grind.

Hacksaw Surgery - Severed and Eaten: Tongue-in-cheek Australian brutal death/grind with elements of Dismember and Incarnated.

Gutted With Broken Glass - Headfuck: Absolutely traumatic, hyper-violent brutal cyber-death/grind, taking the music of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to chaotic new extremes.

Roadside Burial - Vengence is Mine: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Exhibit A - Urination Contest Disorder: Fast, crusty punk-influenced ear-bleeding Australian grindcore.

Devoured Flesh Regurgitation - Bones, Flesh n' Partysnacks: Depraved catchy punk and gore influenced Dutch grindcore, complete with the neck-snapping groove of Regurgitate to the tune of Napalm Death and L.D.O.H.

Roncsipar - Kibera: A viscious hybrid of experimental influences from stoner rock to industrial metal. A unque and obscure listening experience from Hungary with dark and droning textures offset by haunting ambient undertones. For fans of Neurosis, Godflesh, Ministry and Scorn.

Aeturnus Dominion - Traumatic Amputation: Heavy metal from Australia.

Roadside Burial - This Hammer has a Date with Your Forehead: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Corpsickle - Zombie Flesh Eaters: The Australian undead desecrators of death metal rise from their fetid tomb to unleash their plague!

Sordid - Mix 106.Fuck You: Crustier than a pregnant crack-whore with a yeast infection. A whirlwind of filthy grind infused crust in the vein of Phobia, Infest and Unholy Grave from Australia.

Halo of Knives - Watch the Red Devils Burn: Battering, violent, extreme Australian grindcore of absolutely ear-splitting intensity. Think Napalm Death with the intensity and chaos turned up to eleven. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Silovanje - I Raped A Rapist: A brutal brand of depraved and sadistic cyber-gore/grind influenced by Fuck I'm Dead, Mortician, Gut, Disgorge, Beheaded and Abuse. Features members of Captain Cleanoff.

Aeturnus Dominion - Meathook: Heavy metal from Australia.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Murderer: From the debut MCD of this young grind act that are fast becoming one of Australia's most talked about grindcore band! See where it all began. A mix of Rotten Sound, old Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Circle of Dead Children, Discordance Axis and Discharge.

Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid: Total and utter chaos. This Australian band has all the ferocity and intensity of deadly jagged sheets of ice raining from the sky. Ultra-violent power-violence/grind beyond all reasonable level. Comparisons can be made to Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Locust infused with the pace of extreme grindcore. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Ebolie - Blood Tapped Skull: Ebolie combine the humour of Blood Duster and Gronibard with the intensity and groove of Napalm Death and the intensity of Nasum and Fuck I'm Dead with sporadic flirtations with jazz and funk. Killer Australian death/grind.

Ebolie - Rape of Sanity

Grindhead records


Lachlan’s top 10 albums of 2008 (and biggest disappointments)

Posted by Lachlan

As promised, here is my narcissism:

1. Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom: A fantastic sludge influenced post-metal album with absolutely CRUSHING production. Cult of Luna has emerged as one of my favourite bands of 2008, and while I slightly prefer Somewhere Along the Highway over Eternal Kingdom, this is nothing less than another outstanding album from the consistent Finnish band.

One of the things I am most looking forward to for 2009 is being able to see these guys live.

2. Secret Chiefs 3 – Xaphan: What can be said about the brilliant Secret Chiefs 3? They are a collection of immensely talented musician with a penchant for exploring Eastern influenced polyrhythmic music. I saw these guys in 2007 at The Factory without having heard any of their material and without a doubt it was one of my favourite live shows to date.

In my opinion this is the album where they finally found their own unique sound; it represents the culmination of everything they’ve done to date and far outstrips their previous albums – solid though they may be. The production is fantastic and the rhythms and instrumentation mind-bending. There is not a dull moment or a dud song. This is simply awe-inspiring.

3. This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You: I got into post-rock pretty heavily this year too. Without a doubt the stand out for me for the genre was This Will Destroy You: warm synth-driven rolling post-rock with some nice electronic elements. I can remember the first time I put this on my stereo down the coast under the influence of MDMA. My mind has never been the same.

4. Gridlink - Amber Gray: This is fucking grindcore. In a year where I was finding it hard and harder to be inspired by grind, Gridlink single handedly reinvigorated my love for the genre. Totally unedited, relentless, break-neck, hyper-violent, throat-ripping, guitar-shredding, face-raping, skull-fucking aggressive grindcore. This may be the single most intense piece of music I have ever heard – and it’s achieved by a fucking three-piece.

If the likes of Napalm Death and Terrorizer had heard this back in the day, they would’ve probably packed up and gone home. This has raised the bar in terms of aural aggression; fuck all of that technical death metal retarded triggered bullshit – this is the real deal. All the violence of the world in an 11:48 minute MCD, and I wouldn’t want it a second longer.

5. Venetian Snares – Detrimentalist: I’m an absolutely huge fan of Venetian Snares and his retardedly complex 7/4 breakbeat mash-up insanity. This album sees Aaron Funk cycle through a large number of the various sounds and styles he has used over his career. The result is an absolutely killer release that manages to avoid sounding stale or monotonous. This album comes a close third to his two classical-breakcore releases.

If you’re a grind head and haven’t heard breakcore, get out there and hear yourself some Venetian Snares. Try My Downfall. The music is as intense as it gets, and it’s no coincidence that all the breakcore fans and producers I’ve spoken to typically enjoy extreme grind.

6. Meshuggah – Obzen: Thank God. A new Meshuggah album. This album is more aggressive and up-tempo than Nothing and Catch 33 – just what so many old school fans had been pining for. These guys can really do no wrong, and while I didn’t enjoy this as much as I, Chaosphere or Catch 33, it’s still one hell of a fucking trip to psychedelic mind fucking metallic mayhem.

7. The Mars Volta – The Bedlam in Goliath: No, it’s no Deloused or Francis the Mute. No my favourite drummer in the world Jon Theodore does not play on it. This album may lack a few of the elements that made me fall in love with this band – such as extended passages of ambient and the ability for them to simply sit on a killer groove – but this stands out as a very solid up-tempo rock album.

The new drummer certainly has obscene drumming skills, but I’d like to see him try and play with a bit more feel and groove on the next album. I noticed the 2 times I’ve seen him play live he really lacks the ability to play with dynamics. He simply cannot build up songs or segments from ultra-soft to loud-as-fuck. He has too levels: fucking loud and not quite so fucking loud. Still this is a solid album with some memorable songs and deserves praise.

8. A Storm of Light – And We Wept the Black Ocean Within: A slow, dark, depressing and suffocating piece of sludge, drone and doom – in fact this is so fucking dark is could probably pull you into a black whole. Very Neurosis inspired (since it has Neurosis and Red Sparrows members in it) and that’s just the way I like it.

9. Kill the Client – Cleptocracy: There are essentially two bands playing old-school grindcore and obliterating the shit out of the originators: Insect Warfare and Kill the Client. Kill the Client have amazingly upped their already overwhelming aggression on their second full lengths while still managing to deliver memorable songs. I hope to see these guys down in Australia some day.

10. Ef - I Am Responsible: To be honest I’m not 100% sure this deserves to be here since I only heard this album a week ago. It’s soft, ambient post-rock with plenty of piano and impressive orchestration.

The Biggest Disappointments of 2008

Fuck these goddamn safe-playing pandering shitheads - especially bands as fucking innovative and original as the first two. Way to ruin a good thing.

1. Genghis Tron – Board Up The House: So guys, how about instead of playing that fun and unique mash-up electro-grind breakbeat crazy genre-hopping insanity we called music on our first EP we become a Converge clone band? Better yet – let’s totally water down all the electronic elements and make the drums sound like real drums. Wont THAT make us stand out?

This is in my opinion a total fucking bullshit cash-grab for Converge fans. If Cloak of Love deserves 100% and Dead Mountain Mouth possibly around 80%, this probably lands at 35%. Pathetic guys. Just pathetic.

2. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works: Well I guess it was inevitable when you lose 2 key song-writers. Still, Dillinger showed that they essentially have no new ideas whats so ever. They rehashed Miss Machine and throw in two really shitty pop/rock songs to build up some cash and some 16 year olds in their fan base. Having seem them this year the change in crowd was remarkable. No one had a clue about most the Miss Machine songs, let alone anything earlier.

The one redeeming song on the album is the final one, which I actually quite enjoy. He’s hoping that Gil can input something fresh into the writing process this time around. I’m not asking for Calculating Infinity, I just want to hear something fucking new – not just a rehash.

3. Gronibard – We Are French, Fukk You: What shitheads man. I didn’t even hear that this album was coming out. Their self titled debut is one of my favourite grind albums every. It’s catchy as fuck, has enormous production values and the least serious thing on earth. In short it is a candidate for the most awesome grind album ever.

This album is almost identical – if you removed all the fun, humour, catchy riffs, blast beats and break downs and instead replaced all of that with boring mid-paced gore (not even gore/grind). Dudes, if this is what you have to offer after fucking 6 years, hang it up.


The Best of 2008 – Lachlan

Posted by Lachlan

Tim from EbolieThe year is nearly fucking over and I am glad. I am done with this year. Despite that pessimism, there have been a few highlights. Doing this AusGrind thang with Matt has been pretty fun as we slowly build up our jerk base.

We really hit our stride this year with Grindhead Records and released some of my favourite albums to date; Gruesome Stuff Relish, Pathology, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace’s amazing full length, Long Pig and Sound of Detestation. We also put on an amazingly successful Slaughterfest II, with the Canberra show selling out at The Basement. Thank you to everyone who helped out or came to a show.

Ebolie recorded a full length album that I am very proud of. Kill A Celebrity managed to put together a split with my favourite chaotic grinders Krupskaya. I got to see Pig Destroyer, Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, Grave, Against Me!, Graf Orlock and many others, and even got to play with the mighty Insect Warfare - twice. Meanwhile local Sydney bands like The Crooked Fiddle Band, Hospital the Musical, The Bakery, Pirate, Squid, Club Consolador and Squat Club reinvigorated my love for the local music scene.

All I want to do with my life is play music and tour, so lets hope 2009 brings more of that. I’m a total fucking narcissist, so while here are my top albums of the year, expect a more verbose bat-off in the next few days with a description of each.

What albums did you guys really enjoy – inside and out of the grind scene? I’m curious.

Lachlan’s top 10 albums for 2008

1. Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
2. Secret Chiefs 3 - Xaphan
3. This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You
4. Gridlink - Amber Gray
5. Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist

6. Meshuggah - Obzen

7. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath

8. A Storm of Light - And We Wept the Black Ocean Within

9. Kill the Client - Cleptocracy
10. Ef - I Am Responsible

Lachlan’s top 5 grind albums for 2008

1. Gridlink – Amber Gray
2. Kill the Client – Cleptocracy
3. Agents of Abhorrence – Earth.Water.Sun
4. The Kill – Hate Sessions
5. Phobia – 22 Random Acts of Violence

Lachlan’s top 5 Australian albums for 2008

1. The Bakery – The Bakery and the Beast
2. Pirate – Demo
3. The Kill – Hate Sessions
4. Agents of Abhorrence – Earth.Water.Sun
5. Sleepmakeswaves – In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

The Biggest Disappointments of 2008

Fuck these goddamn safe-playing pandering shitheads - especially bands as fucking innovative and original as the first two. Way to ruin a good thing.

1. Genghis Tron – Board Up The House
2. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works
3. Gronibard – We Are French, Fukk You



REVIEW: Gronibard – We Are French, Fukk You

Posted by Lachlan

Gronibard We Are French Fukk YouWhen I heard there was a new Gronibard full length album coming out, my first reaction was in total and utter disbelief. Why? Because Gronibard seem like real lazy fucks. I mean, they released their self titled debut in 2001, a small three way split in 2003 and a really, really dodgy MCD in 2004. It just seemed like they couldn’t give a shit: that they were just into grind for the gay sex.

Then I saw the cover art and the album title and I got really excited. We Are French, Fukk You is an obvious play on the infamous Sadistik Exekution album title We Are Death, Fukk You that Rok scrawled on the CD master in response to his band being promoted as a black metal band. The cover art – well it just speaks for itself doesn’t it? A fucking fantastic piece of art to promote a grindcore band.

GronibardNow I’ll have to explain this review in context: I fucking love Gronibard’s self titled album. It would probably land somewhere in my top 20 grind albums, and is definitely in my regularly rotation. It’s one of those rare albums that even people not fans of the genre can enjoy. Not only was it ridiculously funny with its insane French porn samples, retarded, over-the-top vocals from pitch-shifted roars to ear-piercing sissy screeches but at the end of the day it was a fucking AWESOME grind album with smatterings of gore, hardcore and rock influence.

Gronibard are gayThe sound was absolutely monstrous – the sheer size of the guitar tone, mixed with obscenely bass-heavy bottom end just made the release crushing. Couple that with a seemingly endless supply of catchy, grooving riffs and you’ve got a winning album. Gronibard succeeded where essentially no one else had – making a comedy grind album that was still fundamentally better musically than 99% of serious grindcore out there.

Gronibard recording We Are French, Fukk YouThe follow up however – the fairly lazily executed MCD Satanic Tuning Club left a little to be desired – not in terms of song quality, because the few songs Gronibard decided to put on there were great, but more so in terms of quanity. All we got were a handful of new songs with some retarded acoustic renditions of old material which is pretty weak for a 3 year follow up to such an amazing album.

Now a full 7 years after their debut Gronibard are back in a whirlwind of gore, grind and cooking oil. To be honest, I’m fairly underwhelmed. Sure the album has the signature Gronibard goofiness, but the music itself seems entirely lacking.

We get a whole lot of mid-paced, fairly groovy gore with plenty of pitch shifted vocals, like the Cock and Ball Torture inspired No Nuggets No Glory – but wheres the fucking grind man? The really cheap and ultra-catchy grooves and breakdowns on the self titled album ruled because they were such an enormous contrast to the uptempo blasting passages – it’s called dynamics I believe.

Gronibard are just as wacky liveIn track three we get another mid-paced retarded-anthem in Mongolito, a few irrelevant ten second pseudo-jazz throw away tracks in the two Spectorum tracks, another mid-paced gore track in the title track, then some more mid-paced gore, then a rock riff going into some mid-paced gore... You get the idea.

Man, what a disappointment. I mean, it’s not terrible, but the grindcore has just dropped off completely and been replaced by rock influenced mid-paced gore. Now I love my The Day Everything Became Nothing, but all of this material just seems to fall flat – so many of the riffs sound the same because they’re all just the same rock or gore riffs used over and over again. The quirkiness doesn’t seem fun anymore – and all kinda pales in comparison to a man screeching a circus beat over a brutal grind blastbeat.

Gronibard liveThis really pains me to say this, but if this is the result of another 3 years of work I think Gronibard may have run its course. There is nothing new to this album what so ever. It’s less quirky, less grindy, less fun and less original then any of its predecessors with lesser production. It hits the mark as a pretty mediocre mid-paced rocking gore album, but I was expecting so much more.

For me this is a very sad situation, it was only a two weeks ago that I said “every grind fan should own [Gronibard’s self titled album] – and that’s no small statement”. I guess this is just the result of Gronibard just losing interest in their music – which is totally understandable. At least I’ll always have the first album, which totally defied the logic of comedic grind bands being relegated as one trick pony’s producing inferior music.

Gronibard We Are French Fukk You

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