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Power.X.Chuck Interview‏

Posted by mothereel
Less grind, more beers!

Less grind, more beers!


Power X Chuck

Start off by introducing yourselves: give us a brief history of the band, what's your history, how you all met, what bands influenced you etc?  

Well, one night me and the singer (fryz) were doing a couple of hot knifes in our bath, and we were listening to the Charles Bronson discog and we got inspired to start a pv band! So I called cheese and hank dog and we recorded the demo in our lounge room the next week.

What would you say you've learnt by starting this band?

We learnt that having a girl in the band sux! Every show gets cancelled due to a hens night or baby shower.

Would you be able to list a few of your favourite places to play and what makes them so good?

The cranka is pretty fun! You can get a yiros from down the road and pay your respects to the Ellen Degeneres statue out the front.

What has been your favourite show you've played to date?

We've only played 3 shows, on the second show our friend dingo moshed and threw a longy at Hannahs bass and it exploded in her face....That was bad ass!

What are you looking forward to as a band in the future?

Hope fully we can keep releasing 7s and splits with bands we like, and throw a few tours in the mix.

Can you share with us a list of some of your favourite bands (SA local, Australia local & International)?

Stronghold, craterface, infection, beaver, destined to die, Rock Hudson and Ante Up.

What are some of the worst aspects you've found of being in a band in general?

It sucks when you get off stage and get flocked by 20 crust chicks then get rejected because you had a shower that week.

Any final things (things to impress girls, plug links, upcoming shows etc) you'd like to say?

We've got a 7 coming out on psychocontrol and a split with cancer patient from LA. And fry-z just got curtains set up in his van.

Minimally edited.


Dispolar Interview

Posted by mothereel

Sometime last year I interviewed this guy from Dispolar.  Afterwards I asked for pics and links, never got them.  Things have been slow here, so here it is: unedited, raw and shameful.


Ausgrind: Start off by introducing yourselves: give us a brief history of the band, how you all met, what bands influenced you etc?

Dispolar: The obvious influence that everyone seems to pick is Extortion. And it’s true. When I started writing this stuff I had been listening to Extortion non-stop for a couple of months. I still haven’t really stopped. Luckily, the end product doesn’t sound particularly like Extortion. So the influence is there, but we don’t sound like a complete rip off. Other than that we mostly take cues from the classic powerviolence bands, a fair bit of hardcore, as well as quite a lot of grind, although it doesn’t tend to show. Nigella Lawson is my other inspiration for all aspects of life.

I’ve known Chris for like ten years or something. Nearly every band I’ve ever been in has had Chris involved in some way or another. I met Dave because I was a big Michael Crafter sweater (prior to joining Crafter in July) and we lived in the same area up until recently, so we used to hang out a fair bit. So I had recorded the demo by myself, and people seemed to dig it, so Chris and Dave got involved and shit started happening.


A: What would you say you've learnt by starting this band?

D: The biggest thing I've learned is that one should always consider their contemporaries when naming a band. The number of times that we've been mistaken for Disparo is fucking ridiculous. We wrote a song about it ('es Polar, no es Paro' from the Flowers For Cops split). I hope we haven't disappointed too many people who rocked up to our shows expecting to see Disparo.


A: Would you be able to list a few of your favourite places to play and what makes them so good?

D: Well, we haven't done that many shows with Dispolar, but in general I really like playing Blackwire. It's my favourite Sydney venue. Just good vibes all around. It's an awesome place to hang out, all the shows are incredibly affordable on any budget, the records are cheap and they're just good people. You never get dicks there. Second is probably Cosmos. I've only played there a couple of times with my previous abomination of a band, but it's pretty enjoyable. Same deal as Blackwire really. It's just a good atmosphere.


A: What has been your favourite show you've played to date?

D:  The last show we played at Turtlehead was probably my favourite. That's another venue I regard highly. Small, sweaty room, hit-or-miss P.A, cheap beers and sick bands. Can't go wrong. We played that one with Alf Stewart, Flowers For Cops (with whom we released a split cassette in August. It rules. It's sold out, but I've seen a couple in distros here and there. Get it. Or download it), Obat Batuk and Ivan & The Backpackers.

A: What are you looking forward to as a band in the future?

D:  More splits. More sweet gigs. We've had some time off recently because Dave hasn't been able to drum (hence the four-piece Michael Crafter line up on the most recent tour), but we'll be back on our feet soon enough. I figure we'll stop after we split with Extortion*


*not actually scheduled.

A: Can you share with us a list of some of your favourite bands (NSW local, Australia local & International)?

D:  Fo sho. Active bands? Michael Crafter, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, Alf Stewart, Ether Rag, The Reverend Jesse Custer, Vile Specimen, Clowns, Ghosts (RIP), Postal, Staunch, THE KILL (who released the greatest grindcore album of this year, hands down), Jackals (just released their EP. Killer band), Darkhorse, Shackles, Black Coffee, Diploid, thedowngoing, Hacked To Chunks, Dead Farmers, The Sufferjets (most adorable band in the North), Yes I'm Leaving, Disparo, Obat Batuk and Ivan & The Backpackers (OB and Ivan have a split release out that fucking kills. Essential listening. Best split I've ever heard. No joke. Get it).


They're all the tough ones that make me sound hardcore and down with it.

Oh and Biffy Clyro.

A:  What are some of the worst aspects you've found of being in a band in general?

D:  Playing in a band with Irie Ploog.

A: Any final things (things to impress girls, plug links, upcoming shows etc) you'd like to say?

D: I'm quite tall, with an athletic build. I have blue eyes, I work in the medical industry, I'm in a couple of bands, I have a winning smile and sometimes I can almost maybe sort of kind of grow facial hair. Ladies.




Kitchen DIY Interview #2 – Dead Air Radio’s Dave Drayton

Posted by Matt

So Dave, when did you first get into Radio?

I started doing radio up at Triple H in Hornsby with Mel, and she got me in to play some songs on acoustic, then she got her own show and asked me to come help out on it.

Hornsby fell apart, I had not done radio for about 6 months, Scott Fitzsimons was doing Dead Air which is a punk show at FBI, I was working with him at the time at Street Press Australia, he was going away for 6 weeks and needed someone to fill in, so I actually had to learn how to work a sound desk. So when he got back he was looking at hanging up the reins and asked if I could take over, and clearly I was so I came on board permanently 2 or 3 months after that.

So tell me about Dead Air Radio?

Its on Monday nights on FBI Radio from 11pm till 1am and according to the website we play punk, metal and hardcore, but pretty much I just play bands that could maybe be loosely associated with those genres that I get stoked on a froth over.

FBI do some cool shit for the Sydney music scene but a lot of the programming is a bit samey during the daytime and you miss out on that kind of music.

Whats your favourite part about the show?

"Dave plays a song by the band who's shirt he is wearing", I do like that segment. But I do like being able to play shit that people wouldn't usually play on radio but that is by no means undeserving of it, we used to have a segment on Triple H called "Radio Unfriendly" and I used to play any song that was 10 or 20 minutes long and that was awesome.

Whats your favourite up and coming grind band? Whats gotten you heaps stoked on lately?

Have you listened to Bruiser? How good is that album!! Its called 12 9 12, they are a 3 piece Melbourne with grind elements but with also sludgier doomier stuff and also some stupid really groovy metal solos. Its crisp as fuck but the vocals are rough as guts. thedowngoing, their new album is also terrifying. Idylls fucking rule, is that grind?

What about live, who have you seen live that has impressed you?

FGWMWS is hands down the best grind band i have seen in 4 years or something, their drummer is incredible he plays trad grip and still shreds and does cheeky little bell hits and their so crisp, hilarious front-man and guitarist shreds. They don't take themselves too seriously but their music is fucking seriously tight complicated and impressive shit.

What have you got coming up in the show?

Totally Unicorn to have a chat about their 7 inch "7inches". Berkshire Hunting Club are gunna come in and talk about their new EP, those guys have really hit their stride. And then I dunno, filtering through my overstuffed wardrobe to find funny band shirts so I ca play some shit on the show.

Listen to Dave on Mondays on Dead Air


Interview: Only Sleeping in time for their East Coast Tour – Feb 2012

Posted by Matt

A bunch of  QLD dudes Only Sleeping that I know very little about are touring south down the east coast of Australia soon, so before I meet them (IRL) I thought I would ask them a few questions about themselves, so you know... when I do meet them I know what we have in common. And that first beer will be a little less  awkward.

Tell us a bit about your band?
Five dudes who know each other far too well and spend way too much time together making music few people other than us will like.

What totes OG scene cred you got?
None whatsoever! Help us out?

Your biggest influences?
Collectively the list is probably something like Botch, Daughters, Tera Melos & Robotosaurus. Although I'm not sure how much we end up sounding like any of those bands.

Do you find the creative process hard?
It has it's moments but we've been playing together so long we've developed a really solid dynamic and bounce ideas off each other really well. We're all on the same page in terms of what we're trying to achieve and are comfortable enough to let each other know if we think an idea sucks without anyone's feelings getting hurt basically, ha.

What grindcore band would you love to see tour Australia?
I think it's time Trap Them made their way over here already, I'm growing impatient.

The best thing about being in a band?
It has to be having the opportunity to tour and make new friends in places you've never been before.

Who is your favourite Australian grindcore band?
At the moment it's a tie between The Reverend Jesse Custer and Vendors Rich.

So you are touring the east coast of Australia, why?
Because it's the closest place to us I guess! There's a well worn path there and you can fit quite a few shows into a relatively short period of time. Having said that we did just get back from a Far North QLD tour, so we do enjoy taking the path less travelled on occasion.

Why not Perth?
We can't afford it, that is the single reason. We would love to get there this year!

Where abouts in QLD has the biggest up and coming underground scene that you have seen in your travels?
At the moment the Sunshine Coast is blowing up, it seems like there are one hundred new skramz bands every week. Lots of house shows and mates, it's good to see.

What is the secret to getting more girls to your shows?
Is it still breakdowns and clean vocals? I'm not sure I know - if I did there would be more girls at OS shows, ha.

What does your mum think of the music?
All the OS mums are supportive, but I'm sure they don't really understand it. Whenever Sheldon's mum hears his vocals she's pretty reliable for a cry of, "That's crap, Sheldon!"

Anything else?
Just a big thanks to anyone who comes to shows or checks us out, it means a lot. An even bigger thanks goes to Lesstalk/Ausgrind for the support!

Stream their new EP here:


Interview: Dolly Patchaos//Injakmati – Indonesian Grindcore

Posted by Matt

Not only is there a great thriving Grindcore scene in Australia, but also in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. All influencing and pushing each other to create the most extreme sort of music they can. I thought I would give a quick shout out to Dolly Patchaos, the lead dude from Indo grind band Injakmati, and shoot him a few questions on his perspective on all things grind, DIY and Indonesian.

Whats the best thing about DIY music in Indonesia?
Freedom and friendship that keeping the scene alive!

Indonesia's best grindcore band?
Well it's hard to say because there are too many good grind bands here, but I would say Tengkorak from Jakarta is the best one!

Your top 3 favorite Australian grind bands?
I loved Michael Crafter and The Kill so much! and,can I say the other bands? I'm a big fan of The Porkers 🙂 ! I also like Scum System Kill!

What city currently has the most thriving DIY music scene and why?
I think almost all big cities in Java island, specially Jakarta and Bandung. The DIY scene is getting bigger everyday there and I would say it's the capital city of punk! You can see many punx and lots of new bands has been born and gigs happen almost everyday here!

With so many great waves in Indo why don't you surf?
Well I can't swim very well but I love beach!and just wanna let you know if you haven't visited Pelabuhan Ratu and Ujung Genteng (Sukabumi) in West Java you should try surf there! the place is very beautiful and there have great waves and quiet (less people there, not too crowded like in Bali). The most interested thing for me when I went there last year to see the turtles sanctuary and it was amazing!

Do you play in any grindcore bands? Any upcoming releases?
I play in a raw punk/grind band called Injakmati (it means step/tread to death), check out and you can hear some craps there or buy our stuff directly. Our next program is a split 12" with legendary Swedish band Avskum (any labels interested to help release it?) and a split tape with Corrupt Humanity from Scotland.

What other activities do you do to support the DIY scene?
I do my own small DIY business by doing screen printing and selling stuff to get survive. I have made patches and T-Shirts for lots of bands etc. Please check out to see some of the patches and shirts I have made and some stuffs I sell. Just give me a shout if you need some patches done etc for your band,label,distro etc..and I'll give you my DIY prices! My e-mail is : xdollypatchaosx [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anything else coming up?
I'm trying to make some new recordings for our upcoming projects but it's very slowly because we're only 2 pieces now and not as great as Michael Crafter 🙂

Cheers & peace from your Indonesian grindpal.


But mum, don’t you know? Beards are grind

Posted by Matt

A great blog called the "Girls who love beards Club" have been doing some interviews of late with epic beard toting men from the underground Australian music scene. The girls have been asking them many of their secrets behind a great big bushy beard, and professing all things love towards those who sport the true facial hair. I highly recommend browsing through their back catalogue to read up on interviews from Drew from Totally Unicorn, Morgan from 4Dead, Dave Dray from Between The Devil and the Deep, Justin from Coerce and Craigos from Midnight Funerals PLUS heaps of pictures of awesome beards. It makes me feel happy that their are girls out there who love beards enough to blog about it on a daily basis.



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