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DOWNLOAD: Eyetofuk / Putrid Whore – Drufuked and Pornified

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead Records released the incredible split CD between the bizarre Lithuanian acid-soaked cyber-porno-gore aliens Eyetofuk and the brutal perverts of Italy's Putrid Whore around 2 years ago today - and to celebrate, Eyetofuk have arranged a free high quality download of the split CD so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Honestly, this has to be one of my favourite Grindhead Records' releases. Eyetofuk play a very twisted and heavily psychedelic-influenced brand of dance-able, rockin' cyber-porno-gore. Dont dismiss this band as some kind of generic one man cyber-gore project - they go far beyond that, taking influences from bands like Gigantic Brain, LDOH, Rompeprop as well as dance and electronica and acid-culture essentials like Fear and Loathing to create something truly unique within the genre (certainly no easy task).

This is a killer twisted hallucinogen-induced alien nightmare. Permit Eyetofuk to melt your mind with their LCD-soaked creation of porno-electro cyber gore/grind! Enjoy. Oh and if you want to be extra nice, you can actually legitimately purchase this CD for $10 USD (free postage worldwide) here from Grindhead Records. We appreciate your support.

DOWNLOAD Eyetofuk / Putrid Whore - Drufuked and Pornified, mang.


DOWNLOAD: 32 MP3 Downloads from Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead recordsGrindhead Records have released a series of 32 FREE MP3 Downloads from their catalog of 27 death, gore and grindcore releases. For more information on any release be sure to visit - Grindhead releases are priced from $8 to $12 AUD within Australia or $6 to $10 USD worldwide with shipping inclusive.

Code of Lies - Swarm of Vultures: Modern groove-laden, hybrid technical death/grind hailing from Orange, NSW, Australia.

Gruesome Stuff Relish - Broken Gravestones: The quintessential Spanish gore band for any horror metal freak.

Subterranean Fecal Root - Digging a 40 Mile Hole To Live In: Ultra-offensive grinding metalin the vein of Anal Cunt, Undinism, Macabre and Gronibard from Waco, Texas.

Pathology - Defiled Autopsy Remnants: Superb Californian brutal death/grind from members of Cattle Decapitation, Disgorge, The Locust and Being Killed. For fans of Goratory.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Recycled Carnage: From the debut full-length from the most intense of the new wave of Australian grindcore for fans of Rotten Sound, Discordance Axis, Circle of Dead Children and Captain Cleanoff.

Long Pig - Leaving Barrel Influence: Incredibly battering, thick, raw grindcore infused with downtuned sludge, death and stoner metal from Hungary.

Sound of Detestation - Voided and Blind: Blistering modern Swedish grindcore with hardcore and death metal elements with stunning production values courtesy of William Blackmon (Gadget). For fans of Gadget, Rotten Sound, Nasum and Skitsystem.

Eyetofuk - Unifuk Zombie: A severely warped, hallucinogen-induced and LSD soaked alien nightmare of electro cyber porno gore/grind for fans of Gigantic Brain.

Putrid Whore - XXX: The Number of the Bitch: Punishing downtuned Italian gore/grind for fans of Gruesome Stuff Relish and Mortician.

Maximum Perversion - Snowdropper: Fun, porn-obsessed and grooving Australian death/grind with flavours of Macabre and Carcass.

Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline: Mind-melting, cranium-crushing, alcohol-fuelled and slightly quirky modern Australian grindcore drawing from Cephalic Carnage, Napalm Death and Nasum.

Guild of Destruction - Kill! Kill! Kill!: Old-school all-blasting, no-frills, thrashing intense death metal from the bowels of Melbourne Australia. Ripping heavy riffs and screaming solos make this essential for any 1990s death metal fan!

Malignant Germ Infestation - Zombie Outbreak: Complex yet sickening bile-drench brutal gore/grind with electronic elements.

Mangled Whore Flesh - Labia Jerky: Grooving, thrashing raw death/grind in the vein of Intestinal Disgorge.

Embalming Theatre - He Raped His Dying Daughter: The infamous Switz grinders Embaling Theatre return with another intense slab of crusty, raw and violent Switz grind.

Hacksaw Surgery - Severed and Eaten: Tongue-in-cheek Australian brutal death/grind with elements of Dismember and Incarnated.

Gutted With Broken Glass - Headfuck: Absolutely traumatic, hyper-violent brutal cyber-death/grind, taking the music of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to chaotic new extremes.

Roadside Burial - Vengence is Mine: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Exhibit A - Urination Contest Disorder: Fast, crusty punk-influenced ear-bleeding Australian grindcore.

Devoured Flesh Regurgitation - Bones, Flesh n' Partysnacks: Depraved catchy punk and gore influenced Dutch grindcore, complete with the neck-snapping groove of Regurgitate to the tune of Napalm Death and L.D.O.H.

Roncsipar - Kibera: A viscious hybrid of experimental influences from stoner rock to industrial metal. A unque and obscure listening experience from Hungary with dark and droning textures offset by haunting ambient undertones. For fans of Neurosis, Godflesh, Ministry and Scorn.

Aeturnus Dominion - Traumatic Amputation: Heavy metal from Australia.

Roadside Burial - This Hammer has a Date with Your Forehead: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Corpsickle - Zombie Flesh Eaters: The Australian undead desecrators of death metal rise from their fetid tomb to unleash their plague!

Sordid - Mix 106.Fuck You: Crustier than a pregnant crack-whore with a yeast infection. A whirlwind of filthy grind infused crust in the vein of Phobia, Infest and Unholy Grave from Australia.

Halo of Knives - Watch the Red Devils Burn: Battering, violent, extreme Australian grindcore of absolutely ear-splitting intensity. Think Napalm Death with the intensity and chaos turned up to eleven. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Silovanje - I Raped A Rapist: A brutal brand of depraved and sadistic cyber-gore/grind influenced by Fuck I'm Dead, Mortician, Gut, Disgorge, Beheaded and Abuse. Features members of Captain Cleanoff.

Aeturnus Dominion - Meathook: Heavy metal from Australia.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Murderer: From the debut MCD of this young grind act that are fast becoming one of Australia's most talked about grindcore band! See where it all began. A mix of Rotten Sound, old Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Circle of Dead Children, Discordance Axis and Discharge.

Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid: Total and utter chaos. This Australian band has all the ferocity and intensity of deadly jagged sheets of ice raining from the sky. Ultra-violent power-violence/grind beyond all reasonable level. Comparisons can be made to Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Locust infused with the pace of extreme grindcore. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Ebolie - Blood Tapped Skull: Ebolie combine the humour of Blood Duster and Gronibard with the intensity and groove of Napalm Death and the intensity of Nasum and Fuck I'm Dead with sporadic flirtations with jazz and funk. Killer Australian death/grind.

Ebolie - Rape of Sanity

Grindhead records


Heaps of Brutal Truth and Suffocation clips!

Posted by Lachlan

As I've said before; this guy is to uploading is to rare and awesome live clips of bands to YouTube as AusGrind is to the entire extreme music community. You can check out this guys hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fucking incredible clips here - - or you can scope out some of the latest Brutal Truth, Suffocation, Autopsy and L.D.O.H. clips he's just put up below.

If I were a less lazy man I would've embedded them.

I'm not.

Brutal Truth - Denial of Existence (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Ill Neglect (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Monetary Gain (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Perpetual Conversion (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Regression-Progression (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - SOB Cover (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Time (Firenze 1993)

Brutal truth - Walking Corpse (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Wilt (Firenze 1993)

Brutal Truth - Birth Of Ignorance (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Denial Of Existence (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Displacement (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - H.O.P.E. (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Ill Neglect (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Monetary Gain (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Perpetual Conversion (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - S.O.B. Cover (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Stench Of Profit (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Time (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Unjust Compromise (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Walking Corpse (Copenhagen 1993)

Brutal Truth - Wilt (Copenhagen 1993)

Suffocation - Anomalistic Offerings (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Catatonia (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Infecting The Crypts (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Prelude To Repulsion (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Reincremation (bergem 1994)

Suffocation - Liege Of Inveracity (Bergum 1994)

Suffocation - Anomalistic Offerings (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Catatonia (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Effigy Of The Forgotten (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Infecting The Crypts (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Mass Obliteration (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Reincremation (Paris 1994)

Suffocation - Synthetically Revived (Pennsauken 1990)

Suffocation - Infecting The Crypts (Pennsauken 1990)

Suffocation - Catatonia (Pennsauken 1990)

Autopsy - Pagan Saviour + Ridden With Disease

Autopsy - Disembowel + Gasping For Air

Autopsy - Charred Remains + Service For A Vacant Coffin

Autopsy - Severed Survival + Hole In The Head

Last Days Of Humanity - Rest In Gore promotion clip


Grindtube – insane Youtube library

Posted by Lachlan

I'm not sure who this bloke is, but I am sure he is a good man, because this guy has fucking uploaded more grind footage than the rest of you jerks combined - and no I'm not talking about your little fucking circle jerk jam out rehearsals that only end when you're out of fucking cooking oil.

This dude uploads RARE footage of LEGENDARY extreme bands from 1987 to the present. Worship him. Check out his clips on a regular basis because they are consistently updated. He currently has 408 clips to his name; some of which are entire sets.

The clips include names like Morbid Angel Bolt Thrower, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Grave, Pestilence, Last Days of Humanity, Autopsy, Suffocation, Mastic Scum, Bile, Nihilist, Suppository, Macabre, Obituary, Pengent Stench, Disfear, Anal Cunt, Gorefest, Blood, Doom, Fear of God, Gut, FUBAR, Mindflair... it never ends.

The address is Bookmark that you monkey.

Here's a quick snippet:

Last Days of Humanity - Festering Fungus Infection Live in 1997

Blood - Live Burladingen 1988 (part 2 of 2)

Napalm Death - Somewhere in the U.K. 1987 (with Lee Dorion!)

Anal Cunt - Live in Europe 1994

Dead Infection - Live at Obscene Extreme 2003

Brutal Truth - Kill Trend Suicide (Corona CA.) 1997


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