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DOWNLOAD: Drone from the Underside of the Earth compilation

Posted by mothereel
Lachlan has spent a lot of hours on this project this year. He really wanted to draw attention to some of the country's awesome fuzzy, droney, drug-addled groups, that perhaps don't get the attention they deserve - especially outside of Australia - because the reality is we can boast some of the most unique and varied slow music of any country.
Drone From The Underside Of The Earth

Drone From The Underside Of The Earth Front Cover

So Lachlan set off with intent to pull together some of his favourite artists in Australia's stoner, sludge, doom and drone scenes in order to get more people to discover great Australian underground music. But he was a little naive of quite how long it would take him!
The hard work paid off in the end. Drone form the Underside of the Earth features a selection of 26 tracks. This is a rare, eye-opening peek into Australia's rich underground music scene. At 3-and-a-half hours in length it's quite a ride, but we sincerely hope that you at least discover a few new bands as a result of this work.
Drone from the Underside of the Earth is a FREE digital compilation featuring Australia's best stoner, sludge, doom and drone bands, featuring: Space Bong, Hydromedusa, Adrift for Days, Looking Glass, In Trenches, No Anchor, Drowing Horse, Sons of the Ionian Sea, Summonus, DEAD, Futility, Clagg, Mother Eel, Log, Battle Pope,  Law Of The Tongue, Arrowhead, Moth, Shellfin, Futility, Sore, Noûs, Atolah, The Slow Death, Mother Mars, Lint and Houdini.

Hydromedusa heaps cult tape release

Posted by Lachlan

Hydromedusa cassette tapeHydromedusa are a killer new doom and stoner rock band from South Australia.  They have a fancy new cassette tape out.

You should:

Hydromedusa exploded onto Australia’s stoner/doom scene in 2011 with their stunning self-titled debut album. With the CD-version of their album already sold out, Art As Catharsis is very pleased to print a limited run of 100 cassette tapes. The tapes are professionally dubbed, with DIY digitally printed artwork and inserts.

Hydromedusa's brand of blues-tinged sludge metal is marked by a psychedelic streak, dark downtempo detours into passages of heavy doom and bursts of high-energy rocking stoner tunes.

Fans of Witchcraft, Church of Misery, Space Bong, Looking Glass and Graveyard - check it out!



DOWNLOAD: LOG – LOG’s Second Album

Posted by Lachlan

LOG - LOG's Second AlbumLOGare an experiment in excessive, down-trodden heaviness: their lumbering stoner grooves are infused with monolithic slabs of thick, de-tuned sludge. At their height LOG were one of the heaviest and catchiest party bands on the face of the earth – an unholy marriage of Blood Duster, Eyehategod, Weedeater and highly sexualised high-energy rock and roll.

Let the wild, unbridled energy of LOG’s sludge doom rock kick your next party into a blood orgy of swinging slam dancing and intense sexual thrusting. You will not regret it.

So download this shit, fool. This is heaviest, classiest sludge you are ever going to hear – AND IT’S FREE!

LOG’s Second Album was recorded in Sydney in 2002 and originally released through Highbeam Music in 2003. Nowdays LOG’s members are now scattered across the Australian stoner highlights Looking Glass and Pod People, as well as Boonhorse, Veebees, Disavow and Shifter.


COUGH (USA) to engulf Sydney in a haze of bong smoke this weekend

Posted by Lachlan

Cough 2011 Australian TourI'd be hard pressed to think of a recent album more fantastically depressing, crushing and suffocating than Cough's Ritual Abuse. The good news for all of Australia is that Cough are currently on tour as part of 666 Entertainment's Doomsday Festival. Definitely one not to miss!

Also, be sure to check out Cough's interview in this weeks Drum Media.

Sydney-siders can catch Cough this weekend at these two dates:

Doomsday Festival 2011
Saturday 15 October at Sandringham Hotel

  • Cough (USA)
  • Clagg (VIC)
  • Pod People (ACT)
  • Summonus
  • Looking Glass (ACT)
  • Daredevil
  • Mother Mars
  • The Devil Rides Out
  • Rituals of the Oak

Doors at 3pm, entry $30.

Facebook event:

Sunday 16 October at Sandringham Hotel

  • Cough (USA)
  • Boonhorse (ACT) - album launch
  • Arrowhead - album launch
  • Adrift for Days
  • Birdmouth
  • Lomera

Doors at 3pm, entry $20.

Facebook event:



5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Heathen Skulls, 666 Entertainment and Tenzenmen

Posted by Lachlan

In edition #2 of this series we get a reading of the state of Australian music from;

  • Rob of Melbourne-based touring company and label Heathen Skulls, who have brought us countless incredible international stoner and doom acts (most recently Russian Circles). Rob also acts as the skinsmen of Monarch and Grey Daturas (RIP).
  • Nathan of the Sydney-based touring company and label 666 Entertainment. Nath is responsible for the incredible Doomsday Festivals that helps bring attention to worthy stoner, doom, sludge and psychedelic bands every year. Nathan also plays drums in Summonus and Van.
  • Shaun of specialist DIY label and distro Tenzenmen, which sources incredible music from all over the Australiasia.

5 questions with Rob of Heathen Skulls / Monarch! (Melbourne)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Being I'm a serious fan of sounds from an era long forgotten by modern music enthusiasts, one release I'm insanely looking forward to is the long over due release of the Beach Boys 1966 epic album Smile. It's coming out as a deluxe vinyl release with liner notes and all the extras. The same can be said for deluxe reissue of Nirvana's Nevermind. I can't bloody wait. As for new releases, Russian Circles epic new 4th album is definitely up there, Wolves in the Throne Rooms new album is up there also.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    The Beach Boys Smile, and Nirvana's Nevermind take the cake for me, that's what i'm holding out for, sorry.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    The Boredoms 10 drummer exhibition at The Forum Theatre, no wait, that was last year. Um, The Swans, with out a doubt!

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    I don't think underground Australian music is doomed, I also don't think it's all that dandy either, to be honest. It is what it is, and that's mainly due to musical trends and their relevance flowing like waves in the sea, sometimes their up, sometimes their down, it's all circumstantial. It's like anything in life. With that said the Australian scene seems to be fairly healthy at the moment, from what I can gather, anyway, there's a few decent bands kicking around, some of which are the best i've seen in a long time.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Record buyers and truly passionate music fans will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Heathen Skulls.

5 questions with Nathan of 666 Entertainment / Summonus (Sydney)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    I Exist - II : The Broken Passage and Hydromedusa - Self Titled CD.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    The new Blood Duster, Clagg and Looking Glass albums should be interesting.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    High on Fire at Soundwave.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    Dandy. A strong base of sick bands is already present with more evolving each year to strengthen the pile. If you want to play a gig or see bands, look around, there are gigs happening - get involved!

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Loyal punters who don't just attend gigs featuring international bands will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Doomsday Festival 2011.

5 questions with Shaun of Tenzenmen (Sydney)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Duck Fight Goose - Flow EP - mathy electronic rock from Shanghai. Domestic release coming soon!

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Duck Fight Goose full album - new style promised and the players in this band always seem to deliver something unique and interesting. Features members of 33 Island, Boojii, Lava Ox Sea and Muscle Snog.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    Bone, Michael Crafter, Do Not Resuscitate, Thorax, Thylacine, We Caught the Kraken at Shamhaus.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    Everything could always be better and things can always be improved. I'd like to see much more cross over genre wise as there are many people doing similar things that fail to support each other. I'm always excited to find new bands making great music and this year has been no exception. The outlook is always good as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Save it from what? It's not going away, it's not in danger.

    Check out the Tenzenmen store.

Running count: 1 doomed, 3 dandy, 2 meh.


Cough (USA) to headline Doomsday Festival 2011

Posted by Lachlan

666 Entertainment presents Doomsday Festiaval 2011 featuring Cough (USA)Some excessively-nice doom-related news this morning! After the disappointment that was Church of Misery's cancellation for Doomsday 2011, Cough have been announced as the more-than-adequate replacement.

Cough play some seriously sludged-out doom with psychedelic overtones (listen here). As for me personally? I'm stoked. Nice on 666 Entertainment pals.

Check out more at 666 Entertainment's Facebook page. Go and be stoned.

Full line-ups for the festival below:

  • October 14th at The Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane:
    • Cough (USA), Clagg, Looking Glass, Summonus and Fear the Setting Sun
  • October 15th at The Sando, Sydney:
    • Cough (USA), Clagg, Pod People, Summonus, Looking Glass, Daredevil, Mother Mars, The Devil Rides Out and Rituals of the Oak
  • October 21st at Enigma Bar, Adelaide:
    • Cough (USA), Space Bong, Hydromedua and Mammoth
  • October 22nd @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne:
    • Cough (USA), d.USK, Clagg, Looking Glass, Summonus, Hydromedusa, Sons of the Ionian Sea, Mother Mars and Wurms

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