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Grindhead Records Release: Mish – The Entrance

Posted by mothereel
Mish - The Entrance
Mish - The Entrance - Click To Buy

Grindhead Records has recently released another album.  Not really grind, nor is it really doom... or any of the other genres normally mentioned on here.  It is quite good though.  Here's what Grindhead Records have to say:


Grindhead Records is privately inviting you to the celestial experience created by ethereal Mish on their debut album "The Entrance". Offering a combination of effortless tempo changes with a command of syncopation that ebb and flows while soaring, often sparse vocals weave complimentary ambient textures and an appreciation for building motifs, "The Entrance" is a diverse audio presentation.

Crunching, stop-start hammering guitars flow into minimal, hypnotic tones partnered with flowing and yet strong bass lines and a drum kit that commands time dynamically, pulling back the melancholy and pushing forth the rage. Ambient keyboards and samples complete the sculptured, temporal aural-scapes that are monumentally heavy on the groove, catchiness and melody.

For fans of Tool, Helmet, Isis, Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Meshuggah, Karnivool.

Available Worldwide with Free Postage.  Go to Grindhead Records.
Download the track Fire Inside.
Buy The Entrance.
Mish on Facebook.


Saturday night: Serious Beak, Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne

Posted by Lachlan

Serious Beak album launch with Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne HotelThis Saturday 26 November, Serious Beak will be launching their debut album 'Huxwhukw' at a free show at the Lansdowne Hotel, joined by their progressive pals Pirate and Dumbsaint.

The even kicks off at 8pm and is absolutely free. More info over at the Facebook event.

Haven't heard Serious Beak? You can stream the album here. The band features members of Squat Club, Adrift for Days, Slimey Things, Battle Pope, Squid, Ebolie, the Mabobs, Push Air and the Puffy Jackets, Dyke Destroyer and many more.

Press release to follow:

"Huxwhukw" is an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and poly-rhythmic discordant music, sure to please fans of Meshuggah, Mastodon, Botch, The Mars Volta and King Crimson.

Huxwhukw is the supernatural long-beaked cannibal bird and servant to Baxwbakwalnuksiwe, the Cannibal-at-the-North-end-of-the-world in Kwakwaka'wakw mythology. Huxwhukw uses his long, snapping beak to crack open the skulls of men to eat their brains and pluck out their eyeballs.

All hail Huxwkwux and the Crooked Beak of Heaven.

Serious Beak album launch with Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne Hotel


Free download of Serious Beak’s single

Posted by Lachlan

Serious Beak - HuxwhukwSerious Beak have just thrown up their first single from their debut album "Huxwhukw" for free download.

Download or stream Tuī / Tuō now.

Find Serious Beak on Facebook.

Press release follows:

Sydney quartet Serious Beak represent an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and polyrhythmic discordant music. Their style is marked by compulsion; by weaving, complex compositions and mind-bending opposing rhythms, which speak as much to the attention-deficient as much as progressive and math music aficionados.

"Huxwhukw" is set to be released on Saturday 26 November 2011, and is available now for pre-order through BandCamp. The album draws from a varied palate of musical influences, including Meshuggah, Secret Chiefs 3, Danny Gatton, King Crimson, Botch, The Refused, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Horacio Hernandez, Cephalic Carnage and Allan Holdsworth.

Huxwhukw is the supernatural long-beaked cannibal bird and servant to Baxwbakwalnuksiwe, the Cannibal-at-the-North-end-of-the-world in Kwakwaka'wakw mythology. Huxwhukw uses his long, snapping beak to crack open the skulls of men to eat their brains and pluck out their eyeballs.

All hail Huxwkwux and The Crooked Beak of Heaven.


Sad news; Five Star Prison Cell call it a day

Posted by Lachlan

Some very sad news to share; after 7 years Melbourne's Five Star Prison Cell have decided to call it a day.

While it is indeed very sad to hear that this fantastic group is breaking up off the back of their strongest and most diverse release (their third full-length 'MATRIARCH') it seems all involved are at least parting on amiable terms.

Five Star Prison Cell are one of those bands who never received the following, respect and recognition that their immense talents, dedication and creativity deserved. They should be known as Australia's awesome answer to early-Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah and Botch. The sad fact is, it was exactly because of their creativity and originality that they never achieved the success that should have come to them. They did not fit into any specifics 'scene' - they had too many clean vocals for the metalheads (despite being heavier and more chaotic than any death metal or grind band), too metal for the hardcore faux-tech kids (and their watered down psuedo-Meshuggah ripoff breakdowns) and too technical for anyone who wasn't at least a reasonably accomplished musician to really comprehend. They made your average music-jerk feel stupiod, uncomfortable and eager to find any reason to hate them.

Five Star Prison Cell were a band that gave me faith in pursuing my own music with Ebolie and Serious Beak. We viewed them as one of the only kindred-spirits in the Australian music scene. They helped drive us on in an attempt to push sonic boundaries even harder.

On their final tour for MATRIARCH (specifically their show at The Empire Hotel with Adrift for Days) their performances were mindblowing and impeccably tight. It is not a simple thing to play the music they write as well as they do - it takes A LOT of work and practice. Those polyrhythmic nightmares are far more difficult to nail than your favourite sweep-picking death metal jerkoff. I'm glad I got to fully enjoy their music on those few recent occasions.

I won't keep continuing on. I just want to say I have immense respect for all four members of Five Star Prison Cell personally and artistically. I hope they have made the right choice for themselves and I (and many others) would be disappointed if we did not see all the members continuing to express themselves through new musical projects.

Thanks for all the awesome albums and shows guys, you will most certainly be missed. Your absence will leave a hole in Australia's underground music scene that will never be filled.

<3 Lachlan.

Five Star Prison Cell - M (live)

Five Star Prison Cell - I Curse This Vessel

Five Star Prison Cell - Vexed (for reasons torn)

Five Star Prison Cell - Airsharks (at Hot Damn!)


Five Star Prison Cell’s new album ‘M A T R I A R C H’ out May 18!

Posted by Lachlan

Five Star Prison Cell's M A T R I A C HFive Star Prison Cell are finally set to release their follow up to 2007's Slaves of Virgo. Entitled M A T R I A R C H, the album is to be released via RIOT! and distributed through Warner Music from May 18, 2010.

M A T R I A R C H (god that's annoying to type) was produced by Forrester Savell, who has worked previously with Karnivool, Helmet, Human Nature, Mammal and apparently even From the Ashes. Artwork duties are to be handled by Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, Candiria).

Can't wait to get my hands on this one. These dudes are insanely chaotic - not to mention creative, heavy and above all inhumanly fucking tight. Think Meshuggah meets early The Dillinger Escape Plan and Fantomas. IE: fucking intense. Five Star have been Ebolie's favourite Australian metal band for some time with good reason - though they never receive the credit they deserve as they refuse to produce easily-accessible or easily-categorizable music. They leave your average metalhead absolutely bewildered, which is yet another reason why I dig them.

In a related matter, Five Star Prison Cell are apparently playing in Sydney on the 18th of June with Serious Beak - the new project of Lachlan, Gene and Tim of Ebolie.

Five Star Prison Cell - M (live at the Arthouse in 2007)


What is to become of Sydney University’s Manning Bar?

Posted by Lachlan

What is to become of Sydney University's Manning Bar? That is the question circling around my head at the moment.

There were rumors a few months ago that Sydney University's Student Union (USU) had voted to ban certain styles of music of events from using Manning Bar - and now it looks like those rumors are true.

An article today in the Sydney Morning Herald confirms as much - that there will be a "ban" on music that is considered "too risky". The example given is Necro; a (very crappy) 'gore rapper' who raps about violence and death.

Why the ban? Because Sydney University wants to re-brand itself as an "Ivy League" institution, and are currently reviewing the music policy to curb "anti-social behaviour and alcohol".

Now let's get back to realism here; with a capacity of around 1,000, the Manning Bar is one of the only reasonable venues left in Sydney for international bands, and possibly the only venue of it's size with very good live sound quality. This is very, very disheartening news. It should be more than apparent that metal, grind, hardcore (and so on) will more than likely be facing the axe.

In the next few months alone the Manning Bar will host Meshuggah, Isis, Baroness, Converge, Genghis Tron and Between the Buried and Me. If we lose this venue, both Australian bands and countless international acts are going to have a very, very hard time playing in Sydney. The only equivalent venues left that come to mind is the UNSW Roundhouse - which as AWFUL live sound.

I can barely recall how many dozens of awesome shows I've been to at Manning Bar. All age shows have already been banned. Very, very sad news. Let's hope nothing comes of it.

Link to SMH article.
Link to Mess + Noise article.

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