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Gig Guide: 25/11/2011 – 27/11/2011

Posted by mothereel

There's a few gigs on around Sydney this weekend, but I'm not sure of the relevence to this blog.  Not like you attend them anyway do ya?

Naturally I'm going to put my interests first...

New Line Up, Still Good

All grind, all death, all 'good'

There has been a line-up change for the 3rd East West DeathGrind Fest and set times are posted up on facebook.

If you're cheap, but not too cheap, there's Lachlan's band having an album launch.

It is free entry to see a bunch of bands that have mentioned having problems with death metal, but you should buy an album... which isn't free.

Not to forget Friday, this is more doom than anything, but I've seen doom mentioned on here before, so...

And I'm bored of this.  Go out to a show.  Get info on other shows.  Stop relying on the internet.


Grinding Gig Guide 15/07 – 16/07

Posted by mothereel

There's a few Grinding Death and whatever Lachlan and Matt call their bands doing their thing is gigs happening this weekend, and not just in NSW!  That's right!  Using my power of searching the internet I actually came across more than just porn, references to my band (which I'm always searching for) or references to myself.

Perhaps you should not be so lazy and try that sometime...?  Or hope that I do it often enough for you, scum.

Get out there and grind!

Address: 470 St. Pauls Terrace(upstairs), Fortitude Valley
$12 Entry | Doors open 8pm
DISENTOMB: 11.20pm - Late
INHAILED: 10.20 - 11pm
VEILED IN FLESH: 9.20 - 10pm
KONSKRIPTOR: 8.30 - 9pm


The Flyer needed to be updated, but hasn't been...
Laceration mantra 11.00 – 12.00
Nobody knew they were Robots 10.20 – 11.00
Lomera 9.30 – 10.10
Lower back problems 8.45 - 915
Special Guest 8.00 – 8.30
Doors 7.30pm

Yah Yah's (99 Smith Street, Fitzory)

  • Party Vibez
  • Michael Crafter
  • Battle Pope
  • Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt
  • Lazerface

Entry is $10. Doors at 8pm.

If you ever want to be a part of some post like this, you need to put your gig up online (especially the poster on somewhere like myspace or something) then make it easy for me to find... perhaps by emailing: mothereel at hotmail com


What about Sydney? Grind gig with DFH and far more.

Posted by mothereel
So while those other dudelz are off around Australia and taunting the women of Asia with their possible arrival, perhaps those in Sydney should consider rocking up to...
Click for the facebook event page
Click for the facebook event page

A night of grinding death, blasts and noise featuring Daemon Foetal Harvest, Burial Chamber, Granny Fist, Corpsickle and Lower Back Problems (who I believe are quite new but feature members of numerous bands of yesteryear).

I couldn't find much of anything else out there to do this weekend.  There's just some sucky cover bands (both the band they are covering and the cover band itself suck) and boring 'indie' DJs.  Do you want to waste your time and money on those things?!?!?

Grindhead Records are also offering their release Gutted With Broken Glass for free to the first 50 people and all other releases on sale at the merch desk for a very tasty $5.  Bring a wad of cash and a bag.  For an idea of what CDs you may want to buy, head to the Grindhead site.


Ironhide – Create/Collapse/Repeat

Posted by Matt

Ironhide vinylThe who's who of extreme metal on the debut for Brisbane's Ironhide. Dual vocal hardcore that sits nicely in The Red Chord, Converge and Misery Signals of this world. The 12 inch vinyl is out now on a brand new Sydney label Six Nightmares Productions, it really is sexy vinyl and pre orders get a tshirt (red vinyl sold out suckers), all the normal folk settle for black.

Features a sweating lineup of guest vocals from Nathan Wyner of A Secret Death, Mike Deslandes of Coerce, Cam Gillard of To The North, Robert Allen of The Abandonment/In Trenches, Matt Cook from Marathon and Toshihiko Takahashi from Palm blah blah etc etc. If you can pick all the guest vox on each track ill give you a free lollypop cos I sure can't.

Recorded by James Balderston (A Secret Death, Robotosaurus, Coerce) in October last year at Capitalsound Studios in Adelaide, a lot of the producing style reminds me heaps of Manhater, which is by all means an excellent thing. The mastering duties for this album were handled by Pelle Henericsson (Cult of Luna, Refused, Poison The Well) at Toteknik Studios in Sweden. With all those credentials you should at least give it a good listening to, especially if you like your metal fast and aggressive.

More info and purchasing options here

Stream the album
<a href="" _mce_href="">Create/Collapse/Repeat by IRONHIDE</a>


Lazerface – Long walks along the post-apocalyptic beaches… to Sydney

Posted by Matt

Melbourne's extreme math metal grind band Lazerface will be gracing the shores of Sydney this weekend for 2 nights, including a once off Flame The Fire reunion show at the Townie, for all you real punkers out there. Lazerface was procreated by a number of differen bands including Terrordactyl, Green Green Green and possibly Zebras Can't Be Tigers. Listen here. Their tunes remind me much of Terrordactyl with some sort of epic screamo metal added to the mix for better speed.

Friday February 18th
Blackwire Records - Parramatta Rd - Annandale
Michael Crafter
Video Nasty
Battle Pope


Saturday February 19th
The Townie - Newtown
Flame The Fire
In Theory




Interview – Anna Vo – An Out Recordings

Posted by Matt

Tell us a bit about your label?
Hi!! It's called An Out Recordings. Two and a half years ago I started it as a means to record, mix and release introverted bedroom black metal projects, who didn't  really have an outlet in New South Wales. So I got to use my recording desk, took it to people's homes, and record really awesome music on site! And it is always fun making the packaging art for each release, too. Now it's expanded to noise and doom bands, because there aren't a lot of BM kvlt projects, especially those that aren't NSBM. It's really important to me that I'm advocating something that that doesn't perpetuate fascism - which is totally messed up and irrelevant to most people who appropriate it now! The focus remains on the craft and experience of really awesome dark noise (Heil Spirits, Birchville Cat Motel), doom (Space Bong) and black metal (Bleakwood, Orodruin), all genres of music I've loved since I was 14 or so. I just released a black metal/shoe gaze band Encircling Sea (Melbourne). Next up is Thou (USA), on vinyl! Website:

How is Germany treating you?
It's a really interesting experience so far. There aren't a lot of immigrants here from outside of Europe, so people are still really protective and closed off to other cultures, and it's been really challenging for me, as I look very Asian. I've learnt the language, but that's not good enough for most people... I've been living in Berlin for over 5 months now, and little changes after this time, most people are pretty resistant to difference.
It's also mind-blowing how intense the conflict with Neo-Nazis and other people is here. There are constant fights and collisions, and I hear about examples of people getting mistreated every day because they aren't white, or appear Jewish, or look "politically correct", etc etc etc.
Other than that, it's so amazing being in a city with so many organised anarchist-affiliated groups, and other far-leftist associations, and people are really active, autonomous and right on politically. For example, there are so many bars, clubs, venues, squats and spaces that have zero tolerance for homophobia or sexist behaviour, which used to really piss me off in many places in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, where it just seemed to be an accepted norm. I'm really enjoying that aspect of it.

The main difference between Europe and Australian music scene?
I  can't speak for the rest of Europe as I've only lived in Germany, but I would say the main difference is that people are more clued in on how to treat each other here. So shows aren't full of macho attention-seeking violent people, everyone enjoys the bands and respects each others' space, even if they are wasted. I'm not sure how people view gender because I didn't grow up here, but there are a lot more women in bands than I've seen elsewhere, and it seems normal. Also, there doesn't seem to be the ogling culture that happens in Australia. Girls/women get treated like real people here!! And that has been so fucking refreshing. I'm really stoked on it, and conversation at shows isn't dominated by discussion about whether a musician is attractive or not. It's just rad people, doing rad shit, and the emphasis isn't on irrelevant details. It's such a relief, after coming from a slightly different musical/show culture. Other than that, the same crap is happening - buying and selling records, playing and breaking guitars.

Can you please name some great musical projects over there that we probably will never get touring Australia?
My favourite bands that I have discovered since arriving here are Altar Of Plagues, Battle Of Wolf 359, Resurrectionists, Fall Of Efrafa, Trainwreck, The Fight and Insuiciety. I've been listening to some Russian and Ukrainian black metal too. There are tonnes of new grind and powerviolence bands starting up now, as well, since the pv comeback, originating in North America a couple of years ago.

What are some current projects you have been working on?
Uhm I have a few bands on the go, two in Berlin (one is hardcore/doom/epic crust/whatever, and the other is black metal), and four bands in London so far. One is fast screamo, another is black metal, another is pretty screamo, and the last is an all-girls hardcore band called Sick Cunts, for which I'll be drumming. I've been playing solo noise and folk shows, and I'm recording an album next month, of the folky/psyche stuff, so that will be good to finally complete that and put it behind me.

What is Australia's best Grindcore band?
Halo of Knives is my favourite grindcore band (!!!!).
And Warsore is Australia's best grind band. No question.

Do you ever plan to come back to Australia?
Yeah I gotta go back there some time next year to renew my working visa, and sell the rest of my stuff. Thanks heaps!