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Idylls Hold Funerals In Tasmania

Posted by mothereel

After what was a great Bastardfest in Brisbane, Idylls, one of Lachlan's current crushes are hitting the wing of a plane, bouncing off and landing to play a few shows.  Perfect score!

Idylls 'Funerals Of Tasmania' Tour

Idylls 'Funerals Of Tasmania' Tour

The first show sees Idylls land in Sydney* on Thursday, where they treat all those in attendence to the chaos that they'll be unleashing in Tasmania.  This sees Idylls play another Bastardfest and Matt's Michael Crafter then takes or follows them around Tassie and there better be photos!

Idylls In Sydney
Idylls In Sydney

If you're attending, make sure you pick up some music, they've been getting good reviews (I'm not going to baby you too much, you look for the reviews yourself), which seems important to many people.

Sydney Show Facebook Event Page:
*Mother Eel isn't actually playing this show.  Meel, which is part of the band, is.

REVIEW: In Trenches – Sol Obscura

Posted by Lachlan

In Trenches - Sol Obscura: out now on MonolithThe sound of Australian hardcore is changing. The music seems to be getting darker and heavier with every passing year.

Australian hardcore today seems to be a long way from the days of old Toe to Toe - or even the polished hardcore offerings of later-era Mindsnare. Today's scene is being shaped and driven by like In Trenches, Lo!, Totally Unicorn, Robotosaurus, The Rivalry (I miss you), Night Hag, No Anchor, IDYLLS, The Matador and At Dark. These bands are embracing experimentation, complex rhythms, noise, dissonance, dirging drone and ambience in a move away from the sterile 'one mood, one volume' sound of overcompressed modern hardcore - and this makes me exceedingly happy.

Melbourne's In Trenches really represent a lot of the best progressive elements in modern Australian hardcore. Their music has a basis in seething, noisy hardcore sludge with a slight black metal tinge and occasional departure into spacey post-metal meditation. They're forging a more dynamic and progressive style of heavy music that owe as much to bands like Isis, Cult of Luna, and Wolves in the Throne Room as they do Converge and Eyehategod.

Sol Obscura also represents a complete rejection of the sterile production of modern hardcore. There are no close-mic'd, beat-replaced drums to be found here, and the guitars are cold, squashed and over-compressed. Instead, In Trenches have opted for a far more organic approach, which allows for far more life, more feeling and more dynamics in the music. (Insert a recognition that recording/mixing was handled by a Joel Taylor at Three Phase Studios.)

If this is where hardcore music is moving - into more progressive and dynamic territory - then I can't wait to see how the style progresses. And it would seem that, once again, Australia is on the very cusp of a new development in underground music.

Do yourself a favour. Listen to In Trenches and support Australian underground music.

Nice one, Monolith.

In Trenches in action


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