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It’s called ‘Smooth Crotchless Operation’

Posted by Lachlan

Sydney noise supergroup Dyke Destroyer want to share something with you:

That track sort of reminds me of Naked City's more insane moments. The group have their debut album The Saga of the Necropants available for free download. You can also like them on Facebook if that your kinda thing.


Taking over FBI Radio – Monday 23rd May

Posted by Matt

Lachlan and myself jumped at the opportunity to spin some grindcore in the name of AusGrind late one night on FBI Radio, Sydney's best radio station by miles (for example, album of the week this week is the new Battles album, holy shit so happy). So anyway we set out to inform the general Sydney public of the awesomeness of grindcore, and although my mum still hates it we had a ball.

With Scott Fitzsimons manning the buttons we played a nice cross section of grind with a few other random gems thrown in for good measure and plenty of shameless self promotion. You can now stream the full two hour show below (language warning).

Segression - Never Dead
Death-Cult Jock - War Through Other Means
Captain Cleanoff - Chemical Imbalance
Pig Destroyer - Cheerleader Corpses
Gronibard - March of The Gronibard
thedowngoing - Bad Machette
Ether Rag - V
Battle Pope - Cocaine Yeeha Motherfucker Yeah
Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline
Michael Crafter - On Tour A Job Is Called A Gig
Family Man - Left For Dead
Naked City - Skatekey
Blood Duster - Instrumental
Nowyourefucked - Gary Coleman
Agents Of Abhorrence - Agents Of The Sun
Orlacs Hande - ?
Kill the Client - Moneywhore
Genghis Tron - Rock Candy
Acid Tiger - Feel It
White Male Dumbinance - Forced Vengeance
Discordance Axis - Castration Rite
thedowngoing - Iambecome
Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid
Log - Dirt House Boogie
Comadre - Sabado Gigante!
Fuck... I'm Dead - Barefoot And Shitfaced
Aborted - Surprise! You're Dead (Faith No More cover)
Reuben Ingall - Flight Of The Basement Bee
Halo of Knives - Watch The Red Devil Burn
Insect Warfare - Mind Ripper
Ironhide - Doom
Dillinger Escape Plan - Mullet Burden
Damaged - Nails
Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers
Naked City - Batman
Michael Crafter - Drum Circle
Throwdown - Sure Hope It Feels Good
Mindsnare - Bulldozed
Agents Of Abhorrence - Sentimentality & Nostalgia
The Atomic Bitchwax - The Local Fuzz

Full info on the Dead Air website or you can stream the whole program below.


Shitloads of free downloads!

Posted by Lachlan

Well, I really can't be fucked tracking down some kind of cool download for today, so instead I'm going to feed through links of some of the past downloads we've featured. If you'd like your band featured for a download, just hit me up at criticalzombieholocaust (att) gmail (dott) com

Agents of Abhorrence - Live at the Pony: two piece violent grind from Melbourne
Anal Discharge - Swallow or Die Bootleg: maniacal booze fulled punk chaos from Newcastle
Crab Smasher - The Picky Eater: Newcastle noise
Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing: Sydney grinding powerviolence
Grindhead Records Release Sampler: 10 free tracks from 10 releases off Grindhead Records
Kill A Celebrity - Grindslaughter: Sydney caustic grind three piece
McClane - Push Start: killer energetic punk/hardcore from Canberra
Mother Eel - A Slut Is Not A Bad Thing: heavy mental grind and metal from the Blue Moutains
ROFL / Frank Rizzo - The Crash That Ended In E: An awesome out of print split from two Sydney punk/powerviolence bands

Fantomas / Melt Bannana - Split Single
John Zorn / Napalm Death - Split: Chaotic avant-garde jazz meets grind!
Magrudergrind - 62 Trax of Thrash
Naked City - Radio: Ultra fucked up genre skipping jazz grind!!!
Nasum / Agathocles - Split
Various - Anti Nazi Compilation
Various - Spains Early Noise/Grind History
Virulence - A Conflict Scenario: Incredible jazz powerviolence grind (think Dillinger but more violent... and more jazzy)

Dont say I dont do nothing for yah.


Five Star Prison Cell to reissue ‘The Complete First Season’

Posted by Lachlan

A young Five Star Prison CellFive Star Prison Cell are planning to reissue their incredible genre-splicing debut 'The Complete First Season'. They however, are unsure of which label the reissue will appear on (any label but DW Norton's is my guess).

Personally The Complete First Season is my favourite Five Star release to date. If you're a fan of bands like Mr. Bungle, Naked City, Dog Fashion Disco, Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch (etc) and you dont own this album, then pull your head out of the sand and experience one of Australia's most overly talented, promising and unique bands in the extreme scene!

The Complete First Season by Five Star Prison Cell


Download: Naked City – Radio

Posted by Lachlan

My favourite Naked City release. Not the easiest to get unless you fork out for the 'Complete Studio Recordings'. A word of advice: if you're thinking about getting Black Box like I did (Torture Garden/Leng T'che) just man up and go The Complete Studio Recordings, its well worth it.

Now when some jerk tells you that Mike Patton is a genius and the most original, most amazing creative musical mind on earth, you can tell em to get a clue. Ask em who they think that 'John Zorn' bloke who produced Mr. Bungle's first album was. Enjoy!

Download it from Rapidshare or from FileFactory.


Naked City - Radio1. Asylum
2. Sunset Surfer
3. Party Girl
4. The Outsider
5. Triggerfingers
6. Terkmani Teepee
7. Sex Fiend
8. Razorwire
9. The Bitter and the Sweet
10. Krazy Kat
11. The Vault
12. Metaltov
13. Poisonhead
14. Bone Orchard
15. I Die Screaming
16. Pistol Whipping
17. Stakekey
18. Shock Corridor
19. American Psycho


And now for something completely different

Posted by Lachlan

John Zorn's Naked City - now available - where Blood Duster, Leng T'che and Fuck the Facts took their names.



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