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DOWNLOAD: AusGrind’s Hits of the Summer (Australian grind compilation)

Posted by Lachlan

AusGrind hits of the Summer (Australian grindcore compilation)

The grind hit mix of summer, turn those summer blues around with some real party tunes!

Free download. Get it now. Australian blastbeat! Will! Warm! Your! Heart!

At AusGrind's recent annual shareholders conference (read: a messy drunken grindparty for two) the AusGrind board move to initiate a new social welfare initiative aimed at increasing the grindparty of our fellow Australians over this summer period.

It is in this spirit of charity that we are proud to present AusGrind's Hits of the Summer 2011 - a FREE digital compilation featuring 21 tracks of premium grindparty tunes from some of Australia's greatest grindcore, powerviolence and crossover bands - not to mention some awesome underground gems you might not yet know.

AusGrind's Hits of the Summer is great gift for your grind loving mother on Christmas Day. Please burn this mix to a CD, to place in your shitty car stereo, boost the Treble to 11 and let those buff Gaga-loving circle jerks know who's boss.

Featuring 21 'blastering' tracks from the best underground grindcore boybands Australia has to offer, including The Kill (VIC), Ether Rag (NSW), Death-Cult Jock (SA), Captain Cleanoff, NowyourefuckeD (TAS), Michael Crafter (NSW), IDYLLS (QLD), Night Hag (SA), Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt (NSW) and The Reverend Jesse Custer (ACT).



  1. Ether Rag - Mortal Combat of Light and Shadow
  2. Captain Cleanoff - Your Fate
  3. thedowngoing - hurtnone
  4. Serious Beak - Lähendama
  5. Death-Cult Jock - War Through Other Means
  6. IDYLLS - Tooth and Claw
  7. Michael Crafter - Tea O Ais
  8. The Kill - Shower of Bricks
  9. Nice Guys - Van Damnation
  10. Night Hag - Coolidge, Kansas
  11. Battle Pope - Heroin Jesus
  12. Jesus Christ Posse - Thou Shalt Not Spill
  13. The Reverend Jesse Custer - Outside of Everything
  14. ARSEHOLOCAUST - Japanese Nuclear Hero Brigade
  15. Machinoir - Song Written on a Scrap of Paper
  16. Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Breath Left Breathing
  17. Dyke Destroyer - Smooth Crotchless Operation
  18. Frank Rizzo - Left at the Door
  19. McLovin - White Livers
  20. NowyourefuckeD - Spasticated Milkman
  21. Michael Jackson's Doctor - Heil Oettinger

Shutup and download it, fool.

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Comadre Sydney shows this weekend – 30, 31st July and 2nd August (Secret Show)

Posted by Matt

Comadre are coming to Sydney this weekend, hooray the wait is over! If you are like Lachlan and don't know who Comadre are they are one of the hardest working DIY punk bands in America (think Graf Orlock, Punch, La Dispute etc). Playing catchy screamo thrash in the smallest rooms possible to the most people possible. If you feel like getting sweaty and partying definitely hit up one or all of these shows, and maybe spend all of today listening to their back catalog to get your singalongs going. They are fresh from touring South East Asia/Japan, getting their tans nice and brown for the Australian winter, but I guess flying into Brisbane would help lessen the shock of the cold.

The info for the shows this weekend are as follows:
Saturday 30th July
(18+) Town and Country Hotel, St Peters
Let Me Down Jungleman, Gently Gently
Facebook Event
15 bucks

Sunday 31st July
(AA) Blackwire Records, Annandale
Quiet Steps
Michael Crafter
Facebook Event
15 bucks

Tuesday 2nd August
(AA) Secret Show, Marrickville
Quiet Steps
Hira Hira
Nice Guys
Attend this event to find out more details.

Comadre Australian Tour Facebook Event


New Track: Nice Guys

Posted by Matt

It has been rather quiet lately for the Sydney thrash/grind/dirtcore band Nice Guys, they have been hunkered down recording their debut EP "Shoot Out The Lights" with Tim Carr down the road from mine at 301, Alexandria, Sydney. The EP is due to drop May 30. Their record label Beard of Bees, run by the bearded men from Totally Unicorn, and have pre-released a single track from the said up and coming release called "Electrolyte Orchestra".

The song is a lot more atmospheric than I expected, using noise samples and tones throughout the song unseen in their live show. Saying that the crisp overall sound really helps lift the song up, the vocals use a really nice amount of distortion, singer Nick tried to find a similar effect experimenting with a variety of mic's in their earlier live shows but never pulled it off, I'm glad the recording has this, very listenable. The drums and poppy structure draw you into and along with the song. The feature of the song is the layered guitars, synchonised in their mess of up and down scales from the 2 pedal nuts in the band, the atmospheric tones and harsh distortion work nicely to create the final, polished product.

Nice Guys - Electrolyte Ochestra

Electrolyte Orchestra by "Nice Guys" by Beard Of Bees Records

Nice Guys on Facebook


Nice Guys – Live @ Hot Damn

Posted by Matt

Nice Guys recorded their set off the sound desk at Hot Damn! last week. It is now available for download (exclusive to Ausgrind!) for free through Megaupload. Nice Guys put on a great show that night, as a band have tightened up their songs a whole deal, the 2 guitars adds an extra thickness to all their riffs, plus using a whole range of vocal techniques they are able to create a wall of noise. They have improved in leaps and bounds from their first show, and have gotten that little bit crazier. It is very awesome (not to mention Totally Unicorn and Handsome were also totally rad).

The set included:
Tomorrow's Season Finale, Today's Spoiler
Radio Larry Birdman
Get Up There Music
I Keep Telling You I'm Not A Pilot
Shitty Rainbows
Guy Party
Electrolyte Orchestra
Van Damnation!




Video from the weekend – Nice Guys

Posted by Matt

I took a video on the weekend of Nice Guys when they played The Townie with Thycaline and Surprise Wasp. The video didn't turn out as good as the gig was (its freaking loud and the audio sounds rather like sticking your head in a washing machine), was an awesome set by them, halfway through a strong smell of fish came my way and the PA I was standing directly under started smoking, I was kinda drunk and had no idea what to do so started fanning it with my hand, safe to say probably didn't help much. Anyway... Nice Guys play their own style of fast hardcore/grindish sorta stuff. Not sure what you would call it, but its awesome.
Check it.

usprise wsap


Sydney Gig Guide 26/02/2010: Agents of Abhorrence, Wolves in the Throne Room, Monarch, Conation

Posted by Matt

It is one of those busy weekends, one of those weekends where you think you will get some time to lounge in front of the idiot box watching old reruns of Maxwell Smart, but noooo, on top of the fact it is the Mardi Gras there is about a million shows going on. Making it that little bit more insane to be travelling through the city trying to catch them all. Conation is touring their post-humus EP and have last shows in Sydney the same time as Little Lungs from New York doing their yellow ghost thingo and Wolves at the Throne Room are also in town with s Heathen Skulls tour, fuck last weekend nothing was happening and now they bombard us with awesome shows. Fark!


Conation, Pure Evil Trio, Lungs, Nice Guys - The Sandringham Hotel

Wolves at the Throne Room, Monarch, Agents of Abhorrence, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Bald Faced Stag

The Snoozefests, Whipped Cream Chargers, Capo a Capo - The Lansdowne Hotel


Beatdisc instore - The Snowdroppers

Halal, How Are You, Sleep Debt - The Lansdowne Hotel

Little Lungs, Bare Arms, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Alphabet Snakes - Jura Books

Conation, Lungs, Hira Hira - Oxford Tavern, Woolongong


Conation, Little Lungs, Alphabet Snakes, Thylacine - Red Rattler 1pm Show


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