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DEAD, Michael Crafter, thedowngoing – NSW Shows October Long Weekend

Posted by Matt

It's the tour of the 2-piece. Melbourne DIY heroes DEAD (Fangs of..., Fire Witch, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour etc), Mathesons' Michael Crafter and newly reformed thedowngoing will be touring through NSW during the October long weekend. I am pretty excited to be on the road again with these grindpals, especially supporting the mighty Hard-Ons at Blackwire Records this Saturday, that should be earsplitting fun. They are the foundation of much punk to come out of Sydney over the past 20 years, and to be supporting them is a Dave Bate dream come true, especially if you believe the rumors that Muz (Captain Cleanoff, White Male Dumbinance, Conation) is filling in on drums.

Friday 30th September - Newcastle
This is not PART (b)
Hamilton Station Hotel - Hamilton, 10pm

Michael Crafter
Cock Safari
Granny Fist

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Saturday 1st October - Sydney
Blackwire Records - Parramatta Rd - Annandale, 7pm

Michael Crafter

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Sunday 2nd October - Woolongong
Yours and Owls - 95a Crown St - Woolongong, 6pm

Basil's Kite
Michael Crafter

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Monday 3rd October - Canberra
House Show, 2pm, Dunlop

with The Reverend Jesse Custer


Carcass Australian Tour – October 2008

Posted by Matt

Unquestionably one of the most important , influential & well favoured metal bands of our time, CARCASS have reformed in 2008 to perform at several prestigious metal festivals throughout Europe. Soundworks Touring is incredibly excited & honoured to announce that CARCASS will be performing in Australia to "Reek" havoc on our Carcass starved souls for the first time in 15 years!

Along with originators Napalm Death, Carcass pioneered the heavy metal subgenre of grindcore, a style that in its purest form consisted of extremely short, chaotic blasts of guitar/bass/drums noise overlaid with guttural, bleeding-throat vocals. Carcass eventually shifted towards more traditional song structures, and then into a more accessible yet still highly intense thrash/grindcore hybrid. Where Napalm Death concerned itself with social protest in its often barely comprehensible lyrics, Carcass' early vocabulary was taken straight from medical textbooks and glossaries, achieving a bizarrely humorous gore factor most metal bands could only dream of.

Carcass was initially formed in 1985 in Liverpool by guitarist Bill Steer, drummer Ken Owen, and an Indian vocalist known only as Sanjiv. Steer eventually joined Napalm Death, where he met medical student and Electro Hippies bassist Jeff Walker; Walker was added to Carcass' lineup in 1987 as both bassist and lead vocalist. Unable to pursue both musical projects at once, Steer left Napalm Death to concentrate on his original band. Carcass made its recorded debut in 1988 with the album Reek of Putrefaction, which made a strong impression in the metal underground with its astoundingly graphic artwork and lyrics, as well as the band's brutal musical attack. 1989's Symphonies of Sickness only upped the ante, throwing in enough multisyllabic medical jargon to lend an air of black humor to the band's tone. For 1991's Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious, Carcass added ex-Carnage guitarist Michael Amott, but it was apparent that the band was beginning to dig itself into a rut. After taking some time off, a reinvented Carcass returned in 1994 with Heartwork, a still crushing yet surprisingly accessible offering that introduced elements of melody and songcraft while toning down the cartoonish gore.

These exclusive shows will be your only chance to witness & digest in your own backyard, the complete symphonies of sickness collection from one of extreme metals true legends. With this announcement, Soundworks Touring anticipates these shows to sell out in a smash 'n' grab frenzy, so be sure to secure the meatiest, the heaviest & the most important metal ticket in Australia this year.


Thursday Oct 9th- PERTH, Capitol

Friday Oct 10th – ADELAIDE, HQ Complex

Saturday Oct 11th – BRISBANE, The Arena

Sunday Oct 12th – SYDNEY, The Metro Theatre

Monday Oct 13th – MELBOURNE, Billboard

TICKETS ON SALE from Thursday 26th June!!!