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Grindpal merch made by grindpalz for grindpalz

Posted by Matt

Celebrating the bond between one grindcore lover and another.

These grindcore t-shirts were made with a love and commitment to grindcore. Primarily inspired by this blog as well as the general boozing that occurs when long distance grindpalz get together, I thought I would post the links to purchase them up here in case you had an itch to also proclaim your love for your grind fiend friends. This is available as a very limited run of raglan/baseball style t-shirts. A split release between the interstate grindpalz The Reverend Jesse Custer (ACT) and Michael Crafter (Syd), who love nothing more than hanging out, drinking beer and blasting grindcore.


Available from the Michael Crafter bandcamp or Reverend Jesse Custer Bigcartel


DOWNLOAD: Indonesian Powerviolence: Ah-!!!

Posted by Matt

Lo-fi Indonesian poverviolence band Ah-!!! have all their past recordings up on their bandcamp for free download. For lovers of drum and bass powerviolence, their stuff reminds me much of Spazz, that first wave PV shit. These dudes hail from Bandung, Indonesia and it's thriving DIY musical culture. They often play with Iron Lung when they tour SE Asia.


New grindcore releases from Czech grindcore label – Dead Heroes

Posted by Matt

Dead Heroes brothers are at it again (Who are they? Interview coming soon on the blog) with more amazing vinyl for your unique collection of rare grindcore, powerviolence and doom vinyl.

SheevaYoga have finally recorded their new 20 tracks {17minutes only} for their debut long-length 12" wax, but you have to add lots of crazy noisy intros and intermezzos which were made by freaky harsh-noise team called Sklo from Ostrava steel capital city. More power-violence riffs than even before but still in a similar vein to Spazz, Guyana Punch Line!!!! Ex members of legendary Czech's Social Deformity band, xDisneyx band, Coconut Bulldozer band, Krupskaya band {UK}, Kulma band, Vocatio Interna band {SK}, Prugelknabe band etc!!! Out now on Dead Heroes with international co-operation between 625thrash, Killing Art records, Olga Hepnarová & and more, ....

Listen: SheevaYoga - jako skinnerovi holubi

TUMMO was formed in 2007 by five wretched persons in Brno-hell city (Czech Republic). With the band-members of Thema Eleven, Ema Camelia, See You In Hell, ex- members of Gospel of the Future, Space to Being and on the ashes of More Bad News and The Loudest Silence Never Heard, a new chapter of creativity, passion and rage. The word "Tummo" usually means the intense sensations of body heat or an inner body fire. Playing down-tuned hardcore/punk/stoner with personal/political lyrics and a DIY attitude.

TUMMO - debut 12"LP of dark hardcore / stoner inspirated by Entombed, Disfear or Coliseum bands from Hell Brno feat. ex/current members of MORE BAD NEWS, EMA CAMELIA, GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE and SPACE TO BEING bands. They're coming to destroy your ears by six brand-new tracks mastered at Jámor studio by Ondra Ježek.

Dead Heroes - vinyl only czech grind label


Who are The Afternoon Gentlemen?

Posted by Matt

The latest buzz I have been hearing all around the traps is this new grindcore band called The Afternoon Gentlemen. Widely raved and discussed, this early grind influenced band has been popping up on multiple radars all over the world, most probably a cause of their recent US tour with Weekend Nachos, to celebrate the release of their 3rd album. So who are they? Just a bunch of lovers, lovers of the 90's powerviolence scene. With influences clearly noticeable of Charles Bronson & Spazz! Seting themselves apart from the multiple bands ripping off early PV is the serious talent these boys have.

A bit of History
Hailing from Leeds, they began their romp in 2007, their name taken from a Cricket terminology for drunkards. Since then The Afternoon Gentlemen have played live over 150 times, with bands such as Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos, Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Insect Warfare, Nails, Suffering Mind and many more.

Skipping forward to 2011 the Gents did a three week US tour of the Mid-West and West coast with the crushing Weekend Nachos, and to coincide with this RSR released The Afternoon Gentlemen/Cyborg split 7", Cyborg being a side-project of Weekend Nachos members. THEN the Gents went to Europe for a three week tour with Boston HC veterans Psycho, ending with a raucous early-morning set at Obscene Extreme festival in Czech Republic (the OG grind fest of the world). The summer of 2011 also yielded two more releases; combining all past releases since 2007, 'The White Cider Chronicles part II' tape (Keep Screaming recs) and 'Pissedography' CD (Give Praise recs), collecting all of The Afternoon Gentlemen's studio recordings.

The frenzied year's activities continued with the band heading straight to the studio after touring to record 16 new tracks, some of which will feature on the forthcoming split 7" with French stop-and-go grind geniuses Chiens. This will be coming out on Give Praise recs, Dead Heroes Bros recs and other DIY labels tba.

Little known facts
-The Gents favoured food of choice when on tour is boogle.
- Guitarist Mick received a Wharfedale award for his performance in an amateur production of The Little Shop of Horrors, a doo-wop musical.
- In childhood Smith was convinced he was Sherlock Holmes, and used to regualrly attend school in a deerstalker, tweed jacket, and sporting a Meerschaum pipe.
- K cider (8.5%) actually tastes good.
- The guitar amp used for the last TAG studio recording was previously used on the Wishbone Ash reunion tour.
- We are all tossers.

The Afternoon Gentlemen/Warboys split CD-r, 2007 (175 copies, 25 w/ red covers, self-released)
The Afternoon Gentlemen/Khunnt split CD-r, 2007 (175 copies, 25 w/ purple covers, self-released)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - No Messin' About Style EP CD-r, 2008 (175 copies, w/ green covers, self-released)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'White Cider Chronicles' Tape, 2008 (200 pro-pressed clear tapes, Keep Screaming records)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Afterdoom' CD EP, 2009 (100 hand-numbered copies, self-released)
'European Fastness compilation' featuring Ocksen, Xaros, A Den of Robbers, The Afternoon Gentlemen + Ablach, 2009 (1000 copies, 9 label release)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Pissed Again' 7'', 2010 (520 copies, 25 w/ cotton screen-printed sleeves, Active Rebellion, Beefy records, Cat and Owl records, Divergent Series, Keep Screaming records, Undislessed records)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Live Booze/Booze Live' 3'' CD-r, 2010 (45 numbered copies, self released)
The Afternoon Gentlemen/OSK split 7'', 2011 (520 copies, Active Rebellion, Dead Heroes Bros records, Just Say No! records, Rawer Breath records, Undislessed records)
The Afternoon Gentlemen/Cyborg split 7", 2011 (500 copies, 50 w/different sleeve - US tour edition, RSR)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'White Cider Chronicles II' Tape, 2011 (200 pro-pressed white tapes, Keep Screaming records)
The Afternoon Gentlemen - 'Pissedography`CD, 2011 (500 copies, Give Praise records)

Facebook info:

The CD discography coming out via Give Praise and you can stream here:

The online press pack thingo:


A Hessian’s Confession

Posted by Matt

Michael CrafterMichael Crafter has a new 7" out now! Get ready to blow your aural load all over the newest release by the powerviolent boyband. Launching it this Sunday in the Hessain quarter of Sydney.... Marrickville for a free punk show so you can bring your little crusties with you.

Fame, pressure and the posterboy of Australian hardcore, Michael Crafter's autobiography “A Hessian's Confession” is out now on a limited edition 7 inch vinyl. Michael Crafter reveals all with honest and moving emotive grindcore penetrating through his punk roots.

The songs tell the story of a private man who is equally compelling and complex; “Chicks Dig Me” explains Michael Crafter when asked to delve deeper into his 7 inches of powerviolence glory, obviously struggling with his raw talent and the mistakes that nearly cost him everything.

Out now through tenzenmen limited to 100 hot pink and 150 black vinyl.

7" Launch Show
Punk Outside #9 - This Sunday, 17th April
Sydney Steel Rd, Marrickville
with Mr Sterile Assembly (NZ), No Such Luck, Black Vat Trio, Slogan Free Youth and Glory Hole
Facebook Event



Download: Dot Dot Dot – Fits of Nothing

Posted by Lachlan

Not the cover for Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing (but still a very good album)Ahh now here is a rare gem from Australia's extreme scene - so rare, I doubt even fans of the band would've heard this. This is Dot Dot Dot's never-released album 'Fits of Nothing' from 2002.

Dot Dot Dot (or ...) are/were a spastic, ear-piecing Sydney punk/powerviolence band with a bit of grind and noise thrown in for good measure. They played around 25-30 shows from 2000 to 2003, and it's members would go on to form the likes of Baltic, Guts, Altered Beast, ROFL*, Vae Victus, Predominant Slug, Maus and Sirens of IO.

The lineup was: MICKO (vocals), SHOGUN (guitar), ROCKY (bass) and DEANO (drums).

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me, well worth a listen, especially for fans of powerviolence like Spazz and Man is the Bastard, as well as every fast, angry punk band. It's a cross between fast screamy punk and powerviolence with some spastic and discordant shit thrown in with a few suprises and played with a sense of humour. There are some guest vocals from Troy (ROFL) and Ari (Nintendo Police, Baltic) in the mix as well.

Download action cop: Dot Dot Dot - Fits of Nothing

Now lets see if I can't back this up with some downloads in the coming weeks.

*Who have a killer out-of-print split with the very cool Frank Rizzo hovering around in DIY second hand CD stores - maybe I should see if the guys'll let me throw that up here sometime?

Dot Dot Dot Live Dot Dot Dot