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New releases from Space Bong and Cuntscrape

Posted by Lachlan

Two very cool Australian bands have put out new releases in the last couple of weeks; Adelaide's filthy merchants of nihilistic doom Space Bong and Perth's depraved, porn-obsessed Cuntscrape.

Space Bong are a South Australian doooooooom band featuring members of a number of very talented groups, including Meat Wallet, Death-Cult Jock and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers. Their debut album The Death of Utopia is now available from An Out Recordings (which is a label run by Anna Vo of Crux).

The Death of Utopia is a four song, 70-minute odyssey of noise-laden doom/sludge, made in part in collaboration with Die Like A God. It comes in a nice smick little digi-pak and is currently available from Big Star (SA), Repressed Records (NSW), Paint it Black (NSW) and Missing Link (VIC). I'm fucking very keen to get my hands on this; Space Bong fucking destroyed at Squatfest 2009.

Next up, Western Australia's Cuntscrape have released a new split CD "Split Roast" on Prime Cuts with Deathfuckingcunt. You can always count on these dudes to pull out some groovin', rockin' tunes that will transform even the most virginal angel into a filthy slab of depraved meat.

Old mate Lord Labia knows his shit, so get your gesticulating headcunt listening flaps around this Split Roast. I promise I won't film, sell and distribute the ensuing orgy that would put even the ancient cult of Dionysus to shame.


Sadistik Exekution to play at the 2009 Australian Heavy Metal Awards

Posted by Lachlan

Sadistik ExekutionI'd first like to state that I think the idea of the Australian Heavy Metal Awards is stupid; as is the Association for Australian Heavy Metal. They have some 2009 "Heavy Metal Awards" thing coming up at The Forum on November 7th.

Now, I'm not sure anyone cared about these awards, so they've announced that the renown, reviled and infamous Sadistik Exekution are (allegedly - source) playing at the awards.

It is worthy to note that the judging panel is made up of some meaningful individuals in the 'metal community'; Glenn Dyson (Prime Cuts / Soundwork Touring), Rok (of Sad Ex fame) and a bunch of people I don't know from Riot, Stomp, Blunt Magazine, Inside Out Webzine and the head of the Music Business JMC Academy. They will be judging on a series of standard type awards, as well as totally trivial crap like "best band name" and "most popular merch".

Tickets go on sale on May 1st. Now I face a very difficult question: do I even care?


Psycroptic sign to Nuclear Blast Records!

Posted by Lachlan

PsycropticHuge news: the astoundingly technical Tasmanian death metallers Psycroptic have been signed to Nuclear Blast Records! This is great news for the band and all of their fans, and we all congratulate the guys for breaking through to this level - the level of sheer dedication and professionalism that Psycroptic have shown over the years is downright impressive.

Psycroptic are currently on a 'Summer Slaughter' tour with an amazing roster of bands; The Black Dahlia Murder, Kataklysm, Vader, Cryptopsy, The Faceless, Despised Icon and Aborted!

Here's the press release:

Psycroptic & Soundworks Management are proud to announce that as of Friday June 20th 2008 Tasmania's own Psycroptic are officially signed to Nuclear Blast Records worldwide and Stomp for Australia for the new full length album due out this October!!!!

The band is ecstatic about this signing and the possibilities it is about to bring... let the brutality begin!

PsycropticNuclear Blast have signed the Tasmanian Technical Death Metal band PSYCROPTIC. US A&R Gerardo Martinez about the signing: "We are beyond excited to be working with one of the BEST Technical Death Metal bands in the world right now. We feel the band will reach the status they deserve in a short period of time. Also the band is euphoric about the cooperation.

Currently on tour in the USA as part of the massive Summer Slaughter package, the band themselves had this to say:

"To say that all of us in Psycroptic are excited to be working with Nuclear Blast is quite an understatement .. we're over the moon!!!! Nuclear Blast has always been the pinnacle of labels within the metal realm, and to be signed with them is a huge honor for us...and to be the first Tasmanian band to ever be on the label is a pretty awesome bonus as well. The artist roster is nothing short of amazing, and for Psycroptic to be added to it...well, we couldn't be happier!!" – Dave Haley (Psycroptic)

Stomp Australia had the following comments:-
Label Manager Darren Cherry commented. "Psycroptic are a pioneering and ever progressing force in extreme metal and Stomp are proud to be releasing their upcoming fourth studio album which we believe will take them to an entirely new level on a global scale".


A Blaze in the Southern Skies – CD Launch

Posted by Matt

Prime Cuts Music in association with Brash Group & Soundworks are currently producing a double compilation CD of Australia's biggest & most exciting metal acts. Entitled 'A Blaze In The Southern Skies' & featuring 32 tracks, this double CD will showcase the vast & diverse metal talent this great country of ours has to offer. Although being primarily used as a promotional tool to market these acts overseas, the CD will be made available to the Australian metal public via two massive launch shows in both Perth & Melbourne in celebration of this release. The shows will only feature bands that have contributed to the CD. 'A Blaze In The Southern Skies' will be available at these launch shows only or from any of the bands featured on the compilations.

Details for the Melbourne shows are:
Friday January 11th at The Peninsula Lounge,
Mornington Peninsula

Saturday January 12th at The Corner Hotel,

Line Up (Both Shows)
Five Star Prison Cell
Darkest Dawn


Disk 1
PATHOGEN - Identity Theft
FRANKENBOK - Failure to Learn
GROTESQUE - Pulsating Cosmos
DAWN OF AZAZEL - Fornication Revelation
VESPERS DESCENT - Reality Disfunction
THE FUROR - Rebirth Mark
PSYCHONAUT - Rosemary's Baby
LEFT ABLAZE - Step Inside
HUMONIC - The Prayer
NOCTIS - Remembrance Of Death
HUMAN EXTINCTION PROJECT - Consequence (Thanks For Fuck All )
CLAIM THE THRONE - Triumphant March Of The Draconic Legion
CUNTSCRAPE - Cactus Sack

Disk 2
PSYCROPTIC - Alpha Breed
PICTURE THE END - They Swarmed Like Locusts
ALCHEMIST - Tongues & Knifes
TERRORUST - Harvesting The Blood
CHAOS DIVINE - Still Bleeding
DOUBLE DRAGON - Dead But Still Killing
RUINS - Suicidal Pulse
8FT SATIVA - Emancipate
MORTAL SIN - Tears Of Redemption
DARKEST DAWN - Inflection In Bloom
TZUN TZU - Kunoichi
BE'LAKOR - Neither Shape Nor Shadow
SYNTHETIC BREED - Techno Sedation
BLACK ASYLUM - Don't Beg For Mercy

A Blaze in the southern skies