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Prime Cuts Closing Sale!

Posted by mothereel

After 15 years & 40 releases,  the time has come to wind the clock down on Prime Cuts Music & the next few months will see label closing down gradually. So in saying that, the rest of the year is a closing down sale & everything listed must go!! Thanks to everyone who has supported Prime Cuts Music in any way, shape or form over the years & if you can support just one last time & buy yourself a bargain at the online catalogue listed below. Help me offload what is left!!! Every purchase receives a free Prime Cuts Music cd release & eco friendly carry bag!

Loads of new cds listed, with a huge range of killer titles available plus a range of tshirts, posters, DVD's, collectable, rarities & picks,  Email to make an order or enquiries.

Cheers & Beers, Dysie.


Split My Bitch Up – 4 Way Split

Posted by mothereel

Album Artwork

Prime Cuts Music has announced their first 4 way split featuring Cuntscrape (Australia), Goresluts (Malaysia), Rezume (Indonesia), Morbid Vision (Japan)! Four purveyors of grinding filth from the Australasian region, insulting your senses with blast after blast of porno inspired depravity. With Cuntscrape squirting out a mixed bag, Gorelsuts squeezing the grind, Rezume crushing with the slam and Morbid Vision pumping with ferocious velocity, 'SPLIT MY BITCH UP' contains 16 tracks and 46 minutes of pure aural pleasure that will leave you intensely satisfied.
CUNTSCRAPE (Australia):
With a twisted blend of grind, death, thrash, rock & porn crazed humour, Cuntscrape have reached new levels of awesomeness on their second split and fourth release. With pure precision & expertise at scraping out the bottom of the barrel, Cuntscrape are proud to present to you 5 tracks of whallopping, trolloping, good times to make even the most hardcore of you gag.
GORESLUTS (Malaysia):
Goresluts rose from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in early 2007. Consisting of six members that totally have fun on their self claimed recipe of porno grindgore with death and thrash elements. Distinguishing themselves from being trapped in a corner with an identical copy of their influences, their fucking blended of music will surely rip your face off, semi-digest and regurgitate the pieces, then resemble them in a magnificent unrecognizable mess. Truly a barrage of bulleted beats guaranteed to explode multiple marks on the heads of the weak... listen to this eroticizing gore syndicate!!! 
REZUME (Indonesia):
Founded in early 2008 in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, Rezume is a pack of 5 personnel who share the same vision of Brutal Porn Slamming Death Metal music. Rezume has performed and satisfied Metalheads’ lusty desires in Indonesian big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Bali. Now, with their nasty concepts of Brutal Porn, Rezume is ready to plague international metal scenes. Slaughters, mutilations of women’s body, sexual deviations, and sperm floods are always parts of their gigs. Be ready for the unimaginably sex-licious orgasms and painful sufferings, as Rezume let you experience the mutilating slices on your body and never-ending brutal porn slaughtering!
The ugly, drunk, bastard-child that is Morbid Vision was spawned from a late-night drinking session between members of several stalwarts of the Tokyo metal scene (Defiled, Fastkill, Disconformity, Zombie Ritual, Detritum). Self-proclaimed spiritual leader of the 'drunk at maximum volume' generation (Tokyo chapter), Morbid Vision recorded these tracks in one take, testament to the bands ear-fucking precision and inability to remember the songs (the members having never actually met one another sober). Best served at maximum volume with a can of Asahi. 

PC072 “SPLIT MY BITCH UP” will be released by PRIME CUTS MUSIC, and self distributed nationally from April 2011 .  Do not miss out.  Orders can be made via Prime Cuts Music by emailing

Prime Cuts Records:


Aftermath of the Ebolie SA/WA tour

Posted by Lachlan

Alright, so my brain is still scrambled and I've spent most of the last few days trying to piece myself back together, but let's see if I can't churn out a quick little rundown of Ebolie's South Australian and Western Australian tour.


First off, Adelaide is fucking freezing. Kegan of Space Bong and Death-Cult Jock was nice enough to arrange the show, arrange a backline, put us up for the night, and tend to our various rockstar demands. He's always a very generous man which is very much appreciated. Anyone looking to play a show in Adelaide; you should speak to that man.

We played in some fucked up venue called Live On Light. Picture this: one half of the venue filled with scummy fans of doom and grindcore, dressed predominately in black and out of their minds while - the other half is an ultra-trendy pop/house dance nightclub. One room had Space Bong playing ultra-droning doom with an awe-inspiringly loud sound, while out the front door shitty little 90's dance tunes played. Slightly disconcerting. Even funnier was the fact that the vocals from the bands next door was coming through the PA in the dance club - and seriously who hasn't wanted to hear Daft Punk with guttural lows?

Death-Cult Jock were quite cool, even better than I'd remembered from Scumfest 2009. They play really tight punky Napalm Death and Terrorizer styled grindcore with some doom mixed in for good measure. One Step Beyond seemed a little distant from the crowd most of the night, but they put on an excellent show with an amazing mix of Morbid Angel, Macabre and Primus. That bassist can slap like a mutha-fucker and their more experimental moments were especially cool.

Space Bong. What can be said about Space Bong? I'm starting to think they might be my new favourite Australian band. They play droning Earth and Sleep Dopesmoker-era doom and they are fucking amazing. They are also incredibly loud. Guitarist Dave (who also plays in Death-Cult Jock and God God Dammit Dammit, not to mention he's ex-The Rivalry) is simply a fucking genius. Everything he touches turns to musical gold. Buy their album from Anno Vo's (Crux) label. See them play.

Finally God God Dammit Dammit came out to play to an absolutely sauced crowd at 2am; they're akin to the Sydney band Brass Knuckles. They are the ultimate 13 piece funk party band. The energy these guys inject the crowd with is absolutely amazing. Always a blast. Shortly after they finished up, the venue closed up but allowed the bands and our group of friends to stay to drink, smoke and party until the sun came up. God damn I love Adelaide.


Dyson (Soundworks Touring, Prime Cuts and Cuntscrape amongst plenty else) is the man with the plan when it comes to Perth. The first night he set up a killer metal gig then pulled through with an Extortion support slot the next night! The first night was opened by Death Fucking Cunt, followed by those lovable Carcass and Macabre perverted grinders Maximum Perversion. That actually marked the third tour which Ebolie has played with the Maxi P guys on (Exhumed 2003, Maxi P East Coast Tour 2007, Ebolie SA/WA Tour 2009). Cuntscrape closed up the night of depravity to a very solid crowd (I think around 140 payers?).

Afterwards we spent the night drinking Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and watching Kickboxer, John Rambo and Twins. After visiting Bon Scott's grave (which was as an anticlimactic event as they come), we played our last show on the Sunday. The gig opened up with Suffer who play noisy hardcore a la Breach which was quite cool. I didn't catch much of Agony or Arterial Heamorrhage unforunately since I was foraging for food.

By the time we played the crowd was quite intoxicated. Quite suprisingly we were received the best that night amongst a group of hardcore and powerviolence bands - better than we had the grind, doom, crust and death metal crowds. Extortion were fucking awesome. I sat back and just watched that powerhouse of a drummer absoutely destroy his kit - those guys are amazingly tight live. I saw these guys play in Sydney back a few months ago at the Bald Faced, but the larger venue really sucked out the energy of the band and to tell you the truth I didn't enjoy them on that occasion.

Killer tour. Much thanks to the likes of Kegan and Dyson for making it all happen, and for the hospitality of Maximum Perversion and Space Bong. I'll surely be back to your towns in the very near future (my new stoner project heads to Adelaide in October actually).