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Infested Entrails: Defiling a Piece of the Deceased

Posted by mothereel
Poor tit

Infested by festies.

The pure bile of Grindhead Records brings you this rotten offering by Infested Entrails. "Defiling a Piece of the Deceased" is a platter of masticated music, with demented guitars pinned down by slobbering bass and hammered in by the drums.

Giving a knowing nod to the grandfathers as they pump out death metal while thrusting in their own tastes, their debut album is a strong entry into the depraved world of extreme music, showing a professionalism beyond their years.

For fans of Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Embalmed, Cannabis Corpse, Pathology

Download Track: Woo There, Lassie!


Black Jesus: Everything Black, Everything Dead

Posted by mothereel
What did Samboy do?

The return of Black Jesus

The rotten-hearted men of Grindhead Records sacrificed themselves so that you might hear this chillingly morbid yet cacophanously brutal and relentlessly aggressive album of scrap metal by Black Jesus.

"Everything Black... Everything Dead" will mark a sign on thousands of maniacs by grinding out evil powerchords that move blazingly fast as the drums blast away into one's brain. The album fuses something already angst-driven like hardcore punk and thrash metal with all the brilliance of the left hand path followers of death metal.

For fans of Autopsy, Brutal Truth, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Repulsion, Terrorizer

Deluxe Double Sided Embossed Digipak limited to 500 copies!

Download the track: Born In A Tomb


The Kill / The Communion split 7″ OUT NOW!

Posted by mothereel

The Kill Split Artwork

Just released through Fat Ass Records is a great grindcore split featuring the Australian terrors of single pedal metal The Kill and New York's The Communion who on this release are having a crack at some sludge styled grindcore.


According to my source, The Kill's side of the split contains 5 tracks of extremely fast grind, and includes a cover of the Napalm Death song 'Dead'.  The Communion's side has 2 tracks of sludgey grindcore that combines elements of EyeHateGod, Buzzoven, Assuck & Phobia.


A good mix, with a little of something for everybody.


You can purchase it now through Fat Ass Records for 8 Euros / $10 with postage worldwide.


Mother Eel Loathes Dicks

Posted by mothereel
Mother Eel's Loathes Dicks

Mother Eel's Loathes Dicks

Agitator Records has recently released Mother Eel's Loathes Dicks.

Presently there is no functional way to capture and distribute the complete, intense and disturbing experience of Mother Eel live... this is something the band thinks is a pleasingly, unpleasant representation.

Featuring 12 crushing works over 15 ear tearing tracks in 38 minutes, pieced together from three or so recordings made live in the venue, at the Lewisham Hotel, Sydney, 2011.   Each recording comes with its own balance based on the location of the recording device.  

Loathes Dicks boasts:

  • vocals from Adrian Johnstone, the departed drummer who returned to do some vocals
  • full booklet artwork with Mother Eel logo by ashcroft (, ruined by semenstorm, notes by semenstorm, kenna, & cunningham
  • a solid sense of loathing and disgust.

The track listing includes songs such as Sucking To Gain (Like Leeches),  Tomarchyoo, Another Face For Beating & The Erection Of Pain

It is intended that this record be played loud.  Experiencing the record at the 'minimum listening volume' will require you to significantly raise your voice if you were to try to conduct a conversation whilst listening.  The ideal listening can be achieved at a volume you can feel, or on headphones, loud, curled up at the bottom of an inky black, damp & crawling, pit. with your eyes wide open.

Agitator Records also offers live bootlegs from bands like Ivan & The Backpackers, Dark Horse and Black Jesus as well as numerous other releases, including Mother Eel's back catalog.  All for free, all to agitate.

Go to Agitator Records to download.

Mother Eel Loathes Dicks Facebook


Beer Corpse 7″ out now on Give Praise Records

Posted by mothereel
Click to be taken to artist's blog

7" Artwork and more oh my!

The Beer Corpse 7" is now out on Give Praise Records!!!!!!

Theres 500 on black vinyl and its got 10 songs and comes with a 10" poster!
$10 including postage... probably give it to you a bit cheaper if you grab it in person.

The band has a couple available (with a few more to come in a week or so) so send an email to brent068 AT hotmail DOT com if you're keen... comes with a free coaster if you get it from them!

Also, an old rehearsal they did is finally coming out on WITCHHAMMER PRODS via tape. Still have not received any though...

A Great Review of the 7" here:
Paul from Give Praise talking about the 7":
Ben Corio did the cover:
Give Praise Records:


Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD out now on Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead Records have just announced the release of the Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD entitled The Screaming Nightmare Continues. It is available from their website or MySpace for $12 AUD or $10 USD.

Plague Rages / Disturbance ProjectThe utterly intense barrage of merciless grindcore that is Spain's Disturbance Project have teamed up with the raw and immensely abrasive South American Plague Rages to create a monumental cranium exploding grind masterpiece!

For fan's of old Napalm Death, Rot, Warsore and Rotten Sound.

Download: Realidade Social MP3
Download: Jodida Estupidez Humana MP3

Grindhead Records

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