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VIDEO: Battle Pope at Repressed Records

Posted by Lachlan

Battle Pope at Repressed Records 11/02/2012. Go download their album for free.


I’m back, baby (with Space Bong tour photos)

Posted by Lachlan

Alright so I've been absent the last two weeks in the Hunter Valley and the Barossa, swilling fine wine and surveying the distant horizon. I left Matt to do what he does best (not post much) but now I'm back, baby. Expect a return to form.

Apart from spending too much money on fine wine, I played with Space Bong at each of their three NSW shows - all of which were  a great success. The Town & Country isn't a bad venue apart from the non-central location; the first night with Captain Cleanoff, Space Bong and Ebolie went off, and I thank everyone who made it down.

The second night my new unnamed stoner/doom band debuted - it all went reasonably well until our 2nd guitarists amp blew up, then it went downhill from there. It's a shame that Space Bong and Looking Glass had their sets cut short, but it was a fun night nonetheless.

The Sunday show at Repressed Records was awesome. Is there a better way to spend a Sunday than standing around drinking longnecks and listening to grind and doom? If there is I don't think I wanna hear it. The guys at Repressed Records are awesome for putting these all ages in-store shows on, and the support is very much appreciated. I was surprised to see how much the CD and vinyl stock had improved since last time I got down there - I think I have some shopping to do in the near future.

One small bit of local news; Beyond Terror Beyond Grace are tracking vocals this week with Tim Carr. Apparently they have a total of 5 guest vocalists (I hear Chingy and Chris Brown might be some of them). I can't wait to hear the finished product; I get the feeling these guys are going to blow everyone away with their follow up to Extinction | Salvation. While they have recently left Grindhead Records, I'm sure they will find a suitable international label to help provide them with the larger distribution platform their music deserves.

Keep an eye out for the killer Looking Glass track I'll put on YouTube shortly.


Space Bong NSW Tour July 10-12

Posted by Lachlan

The monolithic South Australian juggernauts of cannaboid-soaked, THC-drenched, filth-encrusted epic stoner doomsdayers Space Bong are coming to Sydney.

If you pay any attention to the general rubbish that I write, you'll know that I'm a big fan of these guys. They are a 6 piece (two guitarists and two vocalists) who play Eyehategod styled sludge, but at the epically slow tempos you'd expect from Earth with an excessive dose of doom. They're also loud as fuck.

Anyway, Grindhead Records is very, very stoked to get these guys out to Sydney. Space Bong will be playing three shows over the weekend, each with killer line-ups.

Captain Cleanoff headlines a show on Friday the 10th of July at the Town & Country before they piss off to Europe to play Obscene Extreme (those lucky assholes). We've also got Space Bong, Ebolie, Roadside Burial and Nothin' Suss. Entry $10.

On Saturday the 11th of July, the equally incredible Looking Glass headlines another Town & Country gig alongside Space Bong, Summonus, Nothin' Suss and Kill A Celebrity. You might want to bake some cookies for that one.

Then finally Space Bong, Ebolie and Roadside Burial are doing an all ages instore at Repressed Records from 4pm on the Sunday.

Three killer shows and plenty of doom to go around. The dudes will also be selling their new epic full length The Death of Utopia, out on Anna Vo's (of Crux) label An Out Recordings. And if you're a nerd, there's a Facebook event here so you can publicize your poor taste.


Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Repressed Records Interview

Posted by Lachlan

Alex, the bottom end of Beyond Terror Beyond Grace was recently interviewed by the great Penrith based CD store Repressed Records. Check it out:

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction | Salvation1. The new cd is pretty relentless and a real leap forward. You must be happy with the way it came out? Bart's vocals have improved a heap.

Cheers dude - we are pretty proud of it, especially considering the circumstances. We had a really short amount of time to record so it was an endurance test for all of us. Chad and Erik (the guys who engineered it) fitted the recording session in around their hectic schedules, Chad is the house sound guy at the Manning bar amongst other things, so we had just a couple of days to bust all 23 songs out as best we could - 17 of which made the album.

The recording side of things was out of the way in the blink of an eye but it took most of this year to have it mixed and mastered. It worked out for the better in the end though because having the interim period between the recording and the actual release has allowed interest to grow a bit and we've now got the time to do some good shows in support of it.

2. Tell the people what you're about.. Some thought has obviously gone into your lyrics and you have something to say.

We put a fair bit of work into our lyrics, Bart and myself split it about 60/40. There's been a few songs which have been written really quickly musically whereas the right lyrics have taken months, and then even longer still just to find the right title haha. I think at the end of the day it just comes down to observing the bigger picture of whats going on around you and drawing inspiration from it. Like the political process, the environment, greed etc..and if by reading our lyric sheet someone realises 'hey maybe democracy IS fucking dead' and thinks about how that can be changed thats cool. Thats what we're about I guess.

3. Live, you guys come across really well. Steve your drummer is a machine and the intensity really comes across. How did the support with Black Dahlia murder go? Tell us about your shows coming up with Insect Warfare and the mighty Extortion too.

It was a real buzz just to be a part of it! We had a 20 minute set but we played it safe and played 16 minutes, no song explanations, no breaks - just grind. and it was fun as. And they came up to us after the show and gave us some advice which was cool too. It gets a bit weird sometimes like I was in a newsagent back here in the mountains the day afterwards and the Black Dahlia guys were on the front cover of Decibel magazine and its like 'hey i was just hanging out and playing with those guys'. Surreal.

The whole Extortion thing came out of left field a few months ago when we'd just got a mastered copy of the album we burnt up a CD-R and mailed it to Rohan (Extortion singer). I forgot all about it and then the other week we got emailed saying they'd asked for us to be on their show at Maggotville. They are an awesome band and heaps well respected so for them to request us personally was really cool.

We're looking forward to the Insect Warfare show too the whole bill is awesome. Ebolie and Agents of Abhorrence are on it as well. We've been wanting to play with AOA for awhile. Its a good gig to get '08 rolling.

4. For the beginner, they should start their grind collection with...

I can only speak for myself here but I would say Rotten Sound - Exit. Great riffs, lyrics, song structures, insane drumming but not in a wanky way, brutal vokills..A masterpiece really. Check it out if you haven't heard it.

Thanks a lot for the questions and interest!

Repressed Records
4/521 High St Penrith
Ph 47318955 Fax 47318966


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