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East West Death Grind Fest 5 This Weekend!

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Next week!



This is happening this weekend.  So many quality interstate bands and all for only $20.

For info on the line up and set times go to the facebook event page.  Tickets are still onsale through gobookem.


See all of those game enough at Ulcerate and then this.


Slaughterfest VI – First International Announced

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Slaughterfest VI, now with more French

Brought to you by Grindhead Records and Von Grimm Records, the sixth installment of the mini fest continues to be one of the most intense and diverse in the country.  This year sees a huge line-up of 14 bands including the fests first international act, Monarch from France.  Destroying the rest of the night are Australia's finest: Clagg, from Victoria, who've not played Sydney in a while, old mates Throwdown, the much talked about Broozer, Ether Rag following up their killer show in support of Rotten Sound, At Dark, Arrowhead, Roadside Burial, Mish, Yanomamo, Frank Rizzo, Islands, Nursing Home Stalkers & 100 Years Of Solitude.

Grindhead Records & Von Grimm Records will have their full stores set up including merch, vinyl, cd's and more!

For more information:
Facebook event page:
Grindhead Records:
Buy Tickets:



Rotten Sound (Finland) Sydney Show.

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Rotten Sound hits Sydney


Making their Australian debut, Finnish Grind legends Rotten Sound will be touching down in Sydney for a mid-week show to coincide with their 20th anniversary tour and new “Species at War” EP release.

Having built up a reputation as one of the most intense live bands within their genre, make sure you're there for Finland's finest and some of Sydney's grind offerings!


With Special Guests: 

Ether Rag

Roadside Burial

The Holiday Project

Tickets $24.50 + b.f., or $27 Door.  Get tickets here.

Thanks Coffins Slave!  (by the way, Coffins Slave are having a 25% off closing sale at the moment)

For those not in Sydney, there's always Obscene Extreme.  More on that soon (as if you don't know, I mean, c'mon, really...)


East West Death Grind Fest IV (4): the return of Intense Hammer Rage & The Kill!

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East West Death Grind Fest 4 at The Valve Bar, Tempe


Grindhead Records Presents East West DeathGrind Fest 4!
Saturday the 1st of December at The Valve Bar, Tempe.

Consistently showcasing Australia's best Death Metal and Grindcore bands over the last 3 mini fests, the line up for this year is definitely no exception.
Heading up from down south for the first time in over 6 years is the legendary Intense Hammer Rage! Now a 4 piece with the new addition of a vocalist adding to the already heavy duty tech grinding arsenal.
Co-Headlining the Event is Australian blast masters The Kill! Their infamous live set of 1 pedal metal is sure to absolutely tear your face off!
Rounding out the line up is the mind altering Odiusembowel from Victoria, the death metal merchants Laceration Mantra from Queensland, Canberra's death/grind contingent: Wretch, Throat Of Dirt & Inhuman Remnants, as well as Sydney's finest: Roadside Burial, Hell Itself, Mother Eel, New Blood, Burial Chamber, Exekute & To Engineer An Exorcist.
Doors Open 1pm.  Tickets were onsale, but are now closed.  You can still pay at the door.


An Interview with Irie Ploog of Kangaroo Kebab

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Kangaroo Kebab are supporting Intense Hammer Rage this Friday

Irie Ploog, the son of The Chuch's Richard Ploog, plays in surfgrind band Kangaroo Kebab.  It is Irie's birthday this Friday, so I thought I'd pad out this gig announcement with the birthday gift of a stupid interview.
Ausgrind (Ag): Tell us about your band: who is in it, what do they play, how did you all meet and what bands are you guys are influenced by?

Irie Ploog (IP): Kangaroo Kebab, Surfgrind, Tex Houdini, Heaps Gay Ray, Gold Jwrry Gold and me (Irie Shire)

Grindcore like Napalm Death, The Kill, IHR, Nasum, Flesh Parade, Garbage Guts, Discordance Axis, Fuck...I'm Dead, Exhibit A, Decomposing Serenity

Punk like Royal Headache, The Cramps, The Minutemen

Surf like The Ventures and Dick Dale

Ag:  Your Dad was in The Church back in the day, aside from being one of your only fans, how else has he helped out?  Have you used his status to get chicks yet?  If not, why not?

IP: Being our only fan, yeah I go hunting for milfs who liked the Church back in the day, none of the young sluzza's know the band.
Ag: Friday night is apparently your birthday and you're playing a show with Intense Hammer Rage.  Do you have any friends (facebook doesn't count) that will attend that normally wouldn't?  Are you going to do anything different to any of your other shows?  What do you want for your birthday?

IP: One of me best mates Matty AKA Cunthead is going down for the brutality and to kill off his brain cells, I was considering playing naked for this one, just this once, It would be great if someone could get me the mastertapes of Blood Duster's new album KVLT.

Ag: Your knowledge is unmatched about some stuff and you're heaps awesome, what's the best band to name drop to show that you're more underground than anybody else?  What do you like about them?

IP: That's gotta be Garbage Guts, one online demo, no facebook, no metal archives page, no photos of them pretty much anywhere, I'm glad I got to see them live before the singer went to the states, also Exhibit A because their one and only album is so fucking brutal and groundbreaking but no one knows it, oh and Super Fun Happy Slide too fuck they're awesome.
Ag: What would you like to hear in a band to make them your favourite?  What's your favourite Sydney extreme band currently and why are they so good?  What's your favourite extreme Australian band and why are they so good?  What's your favourite extreme band in the world and why are they so good?

IP: Extreme, different sounds, insane vocals,killer guitar riffs,a standout snare sound etc.

This is a hard question to ask, it'll change all the time.

by currently I'm going to assume you mean newish band well I'll go with Brazen Bull, their new release is a winner of brutal technical stop/start grindcore

Favourite Extreme Australian band will allways be Fuck...I'm Dead because they are extremely brutal.

There's too many extreme bands in the world to choose from, but I'll go with Nasum because they were amazingly crushing when they played Sydney this year.

Ag: Anything else you'd like to say?

IP: Come down this Friday to see Kangaroo Kebab, come fucking early and no smoke breaks because we will probably only play for 10 minutes (no way we're doing 30).

also Nathan, can you please fix up my spelling and grammar because I am tired and cant be fucked doing it my self.

Ag: No.
IP: Yeah thanks
An artist's interpretation

An artist's interpretation - not to scale


Roadside Burial Return: New Blood Album Launch

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New Blood Album Launch
New Blood Album Launch
Grindhead Records Presents a night of head splitting death metal @ the Valve Bar in Tempe on Saturday the 23rd of June.

Launching their devastatingly intense and crushing debut album "Subsistence", New Blood emerge a band who have have trimmed the fat, honed their skills and have become a finely tuned, precise and focused death metal machine.

Headlining the event will be Sydney's own death blasting grind merchants, Roadside Burial. This is their first show back in year with the new vocalist,... Sabz, from Lower Back Problems. A shitload of beer swilling and shredding riffs will be a plenty.

Festering Drippage are quickly becoming known as one of the best death metal acts to be doing the rounds. With an impending Ep to be released and a string of high profile shows in the wake, the lads will definitely not disappoint.

Wretch are a new death metal from Canberra featuring members of the legendary Psychrist and Futility. With the experience under their belt, they are sure to deliver the goods.

Exekute who are quickly gaining a name for themselves around the traps as a killer live band, will be kicking off the night with their brand of face melting death metal.

Roadside Burial 11:15 - 12:00
New Blood 10:15 - 11:00
Festering Drippage 9:30 - 10:00
Wretch 8:45 - 9:15
Exekute 8:00 - 8:30

Doors open at 7:30pm and entry is $10.

As always Grindhead Records will have a stall with all CD's on sale for $5.

Facebook Event Page Here.

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