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A New Grindcore Zine

Posted by mothereel

Grinded Into Sludge, the newly established Zine based in Spain,  dedicated to everything close to Grindcore and Sludge has just come out.

Hey!  This is an Australian Grindcore blog, why should I care?  Because they interview Australian bands dammit!  Are you so self-centred on your grindr account that nothing makes sense to you anymore?

The fanzine is pro-printed and includes 52 pages written in English, on which you'll find interviews with P.L.F., Sakatat, thedowngoing, Massgrav, Grime, Primitive Man, Roskopp, Dead Instrument, Gets Worse and Lycanthrophy as well as  columns, reviews and more.

Find them through:
Big Cartel

There's at least 5 zines

You cannot dispute the evidence!


5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Blastasfuk Grindcore, WeEmptyRooms and Animal House

Posted by Lachlan

Alright; a new regular feature. We sling 5 questions at a range of underground labels, distros, venues and bands to get their take on the best and worst of 2011, and their outlook on the health of underground music in Australia.

This edition features:

  • Roby of all-blasting, all-grinding Melbourne underground label Blastasfuk Grindcore (and also the fucking incredible The Kill).
  • Jem of Melbourne underground label and promoter WeEmptyRooms (also of DEAD, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour and many others).
  • Joey of the Adelaide-based underground venue Animal House (who also happens to play in Hydromedusa and Prisonbitch).

5 Questions with Roby, Blastasfuk Grindcore (Melbourne)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Wadge - Grindcore Lu'au on Grindcore Karaoke. Lucifer D Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death 7" 666 EP on Must Play Fast Records.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Wadge - Discography CD. Roskopp - Mutation Voodoo, Deformity or Disease CD.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    Noisear and The Communion at Shea Stadium, New York.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    Doomed. Way too many trendy she males floating about. All image and fuck all good bands.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Robert Doyle will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Blastasfuk!

5 Questions with Jem, WeEmptyRooms (Melbourne)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Unstoppable Death Machines cassette (self released).

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Vaz - Chartreuse Bull.

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    Total Fest in Missoula, Montana, USA. In Australia - every time Wicked City play.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    The outlook is great. We have great bands and most of them know we can only do it for the love here and will never make it big. But people need to stop moving to Melbourne so the other scenes can grow too! Melbourne is not the be all and end all.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    People who go to live shows will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out WeEmptyRooms!

5 Questions with Joey, Animal House (Adelaide)

  1. Favourite releases in 2011 so far?

    Graveyard - Hisingen Blues and Royal Headache - LP. There are clearly heaps more but this is all I can think of off the top of my head.

  2. Most anticipated upcoming release?

    Pusha T - Fear of God II and Space Bong's new album (when it's Chinese-Democracy-like extended editing stage wraps up).

  3. Best live show of 2011?

    I played show with Hydromedusa a few days after new years in the East Gippsland forests. That was one of the strangest gigs I've ever played but it was incredibly well received. Plus we were in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, drinking heavily and with good people. Seeing Earthless a few days before that in Geelong was also mind-blowing.In terms of Animal House shows: Stolen Youth's 'last show before Europe' gig was incredible. We maxed the place out with just under 250 people. Other notable gigs were Iron Lung, Fleshworld + The Zingers, Extortion.. Can't narrow it down, I've had too much fun this year.

  4. Is the outlook for underground Australian music dandy or doomed? Why?

    That question is HUGE. Music will always exist. People will always write it. Individuals that are into live music will always encourage artists to perform. It'll go up and down definitely in terms of how enjoyable it is for bands to play live and how easily it is to pull numbers. Venues in Adelaide can be hard to come by, and barely anyone really gives a fuck about organising anything for themselves.I am confident however that no amount of tumblr, destroy all lines clubs, dub step parties or inner-city noise restrictions will be able to kill off Adelaide any time soon. A lot of people are getting their shit together and making interesting things happen. This isn't just people writing cool music, it's people who are booking shows, who are endorsing the idea of watching a band on a Saturday night. I respect people who get over themselves, realise Adelaide is very small and therefore don't bother trying to acknowledge any clicky scene. Instead they support the idea a musical community, where people engage with all sorts of individuals, helping each other in sharing venues/spaces/equipment.

  5. Complete this sentence: _______ will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Giving all your money to ANIMAL HOUSE will save the Australian underground music scene.

    Check out Hydromedusa!

That's it for this edition. Plenty more to come. Running count: 1 doomed, 2 dandy.


Interview with Christoph of No Escape Records and Roskopp

Posted by Matt

Tell us a bit about yourself? What bands do you currently play in?

I have been doing No Escape Records for 6 or 7 years, I'm helping out with Dave who was doing it for 2-3 years before that, I play in Roskopp, been doing that for about 8 years, as well as Doubled Over, Trench Systems, Sun of Dad in NZ whenever either of us are in the country, all bands are either hardcore and grindcore, and a bit of metallic hardcore.

Can you remember the first grind gig you went to?

My 1st grind was most probably Fallout and Heads Kick Off back in 98, used to go to a lot of all ages hardcore shows, including bands like Warsore, Open Wound in 98, Fuck... I’m Dead and The Kill started out a bit after that, Blood Duster and Damaged in the mid 90’s.

What got your first excited about grindcore?

Listened to death metal early on, Damaged is similar to death metal. I used to go to heaps of Mindsnare all ages shows and moved on from that, lots of crust and grind.

What are some of the standout pieces of grindcore you’ve heard coming up through the ranks in the last couple of years?

Super Fun Happy Slide are the most exciting, always put out good records, new songs are great, they produce a good balance of ripping off Napalm Death and Regurgitate, they are true grind without being generic, and now with The Kill coming back, Captain Cleanoff and Fuck... I'm Dead are sick as well as Now You're Fucked from Tasmania.

Have Now Your Fucked come over to play on the mainland?

Now You're Fucked played over a year ago on the mainlaind, and hopefully they will play Grindcore fest this year.

How is Grindcore fest going this year?

I forgot about it for too long last year, this year I want to bring an overseas band and build it up, I want to bring Machetezo over but I don't have enough money at the moment, hopefully late this year or early next year, I have worked with them closely in the label. Things have gotten a bit quiet lately. The tours coming through has delayed things. The Corner Hotel loved Grindcore fest last year we had a 350-400 turnout and they were really happy with that, no bar fights and all great fun.

With the latest closure of Melbourne music pubs, how is this affecting the grind scene in Melbourne?

The closing pubs has caused a bit of a problem for Grindcore, The Green Room going, making things rough, we still have The Pony. But when trying to put on a predominately Grindcore bill things get tough, venues need to bring in more crowds and venues would only book out with bigger bands as there is less venues to go round for all the bands. It has become tricky to convince venues that need to pull numbers.

We need to bring in more all ages shows, in the Grindcore scene everyone's getting older and people are fading away slowly over time which seems to happen every 5 or so years, its is a cycle things go through, things wind down and come back back up. People get over coming day and day again to see the same bands, although they are great bands it can become quite stale but i am positive it will pick up again.

Hardcore is a growing scene and young aged scene, it is at the moment very all ages focused which is awesome in its own way, and we should make that same effort, it seems like in the hardcore community money flows more freely round between hands, they are more organised with all ages shows, put on shows kids can get to, we should take a leaf from their book. Saying that some grind bands are getting on these shows and getting a great following, Pathetic Human always play all ages shows, and are getting good following, Agents of Abhorrence are a great band that do this also.

What countries do you think unleash the best grind bands in the world?

Australia – I believe that Australia higher overall standard than many overseas countries, it seems like every song put out in Australia has a lot more thought put into it. Not as many bands but a higher standard, more variation and creativity flows in Australia.

Japan – pump out too much stuff, a lot of it is awesome but a lot of it can be much filler as well.

Sweden - Have some great bands

America - In the 90’s America seemed to have some awesome rough heavy Grindcore, bands started to spring up, California and Texas bringing out some great shit but i am not too sure about the rest of the country.

Holland actually have a good scene going at the moment, riffy sludgy grind. Bands like Bile and Last Days of Humanity.

Lachlan: Hey baby, do you like jazz/grind?

Jazz grind – Generally I like my music heavy the whole time through, but I do appreciate other styles of grind from a creative standpoint. Don’t really listen to it.

Hows the new Beyond Terror Beyond Grace album! Do you dig?

Beyond Terror boys are great – I like it, it is full on and sonically brutal, they have done some great stuff and I look forward to more.

One final note, would you like to plug anything coming up?
Lachlan: When is Roskopp coming up to Sydney?

Roskopp, well the album is album finishing up very soon, the CD will be out through No Escape Records in Australia, vinyl will be out on Floodgate Control in Europe + US distribution also, it should be done the first half of this year. Split with Hymen Holocaust coming up as well which i am very excited about. And just some demoing with other bands.

Sydney, well we have been talking and Ben wants to come up in April. A member of Roskopp has been overseas for 5 months halting a lot of things but now he is back so March and April are looking really promising.

Thanks a lot for the interview man, your support of the Australian grind scene is very much appreciated.


Pig Destroyer Show Videos

Posted by Matt

Here are a couple videos from the Pig Destroyer Melbourne Show, The Arthouse, October 30th, 2008 recorded and recently uploaded to the internetz by KingBean. Pig Destroyer were supported by Grey Daturas, The Kill and Roskopp.

Roskopp - Cystic Flip-Out

The Kill - Trolley Pushing Zombies

Pig Destroyer - Cheerleader Corpses / Terrifyer


Terrorizer magazine exposes Australia’s furious Grindcore scene

Posted by Lachlan

The Australian Grindcore special of Terrorizer magazine (issue #185) comes out in Australia on August 24th.

Those crazy cats over at Terrorizer were nice enough to give a 4-page run down of the state of Australian Grindcore, including Captain Cleanoff, The Bezerker, Blood Duster, The Kill, Fuck... I'm Dead, Roskopp, Extortion, Audiablos and NowyourefuckeD as well as AusGrind, Grindhead Records and No Escape Records.

It's a pretty decent read, so I'd suggest you go out and grab your copy now - if for nothing else than my dreamy headshot which you can feel free to bring along to my next gig and beg to be autographed. Seriously though I am very happy to see Australian Grindcore covered in such a way by a major metal publication, and was glad to help out in any way I could.

I only hope this kind of support will continue for all the hard-working Australian grind bands and record labels.

Here's the press release spiel:

Terrorizer, the only extreme metal magazine with a a genuinely global perspective, has cast its gaze to Australia's gruesome grindcore underground, exploring the scene and introducing its key players in issue #185.

Best known internationally for former Earache industrial/grind road-warriors The Berzerker and Relapse-endorsed grind 'n' roll perverts Blood Duster, Terrorizer examines their global status before turning to the scene they sprung from and unearthing a host of vital rising bands and record labels.

Whilst other magazines look exclusively to the US and Scandinavia and wait to be told about the next big thing, Terrorizer goes looking for it, introducing eager metalheads worldwide to bands such as Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, F*ck... I'm Dead, Roskopp, Extortion, Audiablos, Nowyouref*ckeD, and labels like Grindhead and No Escape Records.

With Captain Cleanoff making their European touring debut this summer and Extortion endorsed by the frontman of John Peel-approved legends Napalm Death, the time to celebrate Aussie grind is now!



Injury to Eye – Path Pathology Pathos out now on No Escape Records

Posted by Lachlan

Injury to EyeNo Escape Records have just released "Path Pathology Pathos" by the now defunct Melbourne death metallers Injury to Eye (which features members of Roskopp and Aeroflot).

"Path Pathology Pathos" was originally released as a demo in late 2003; but this raw slab of old school death metal has been resurrected, repackaged (and one can only imagine re-mastered) and given the full release treatment by the passionate staff at No Escape Records. These guys play death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Incantation, Abramelin, Acheron, Necrotomy and Disembowelment with that uncomfortably dark atmosphere most overproduced modern death metal bands seem to miss.

Here's the official release description from No Escape Records:

In late 2003, seemingly from out of nowhere, the Path Pathology Pathos demo by a totally unknown band mysteriously made its way into the hands of various people among the Melbourne death metal and grindcore underground and basically tore everyones' heads clean off! Who the fuck were Injury To Eye, and where the hell did they come from?

This was an incredible demo containing five tracks of raw old school death metal that were obviously crafted by persons very well versed in the schools of Autopsy and Incantation, and their Australian forebears Abramelin/Acheron, Necrotomy and particularly Disembowelment. It was dark, violent, heavy and had a distinctly original quality that separated them from legions of homage bands, melding monstrous death metal with primitive 80’s style grindcore, ominous doom metal and a fractured and almost abstracted approach.

The sprawling instrumental centrepiece Mysteries even evokes the unnerving audial menace of Today Is The Day’s debut album Supernova, with its unsettling construction of discordant, jagged doom and an obscure found monologue that gives it an even more sinister and disturbing effect. Unfortunately after only two live shows the band folded, but despite the criminally short lifespan of Injury To Eye, this demo remains a singularly unassailable musical document and is bound to attain the cult status it deserves as one of the very best demos, or even death metal releases, of the past decade! No Escape is thrilled to finally crack open the cryptal vault and expose the rest of the world to this foetid piece of elusive underground death metal history!

With members going on to form Aeroflot and join Roskopp, Injury To Eye may lay lifeless, but its loathsome bloodline will continue to course through the veins of others and spread its contaminative legacy for years to come! Head to to order your copy .

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