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13Sep/13Off is BACK!

Posted by mothereel



That's right!  All you kids who swarm here looking for the oldest of grind news and the occasional gig update, you can now argue with some of the contributors on the forum they choose as 'best'!
What are you waiting for?!
I'm not sure why the website went down in the first place, but I do know there's not been another forum like it.  I was cold, empty and meaningless without it.  That's all about to change as strive to be the next Bukowski!!
Stop reading!  Go to now!!
Don't know anything about grindcore?  That's fine, this place is for you!  You'll be educated about what bands to name drop at parties, what albums are the ones to care about and which bass player is the most notable.  You might not even have to ever talk about grind!


I'm going there as we speak to start a thread about grindcore hairstyles.



I dare you to start a thread saying how good Nasum is.  If not that, maybe forming a poll for the best Nasum or Rotten Sound album.  I double dare you.


Rotten Sound (Finland) Sydney Show.

Posted by mothereel


Rotten Sound hits Sydney


Making their Australian debut, Finnish Grind legends Rotten Sound will be touching down in Sydney for a mid-week show to coincide with their 20th anniversary tour and new “Species at War” EP release.

Having built up a reputation as one of the most intense live bands within their genre, make sure you're there for Finland's finest and some of Sydney's grind offerings!


With Special Guests: 

Ether Rag

Roadside Burial

The Holiday Project

Tickets $24.50 + b.f., or $27 Door.  Get tickets here.

Thanks Coffins Slave!  (by the way, Coffins Slave are having a 25% off closing sale at the moment)

For those not in Sydney, there's always Obscene Extreme.  More on that soon (as if you don't know, I mean, c'mon, really...)


Nasum tour Australia / New Zealand August 2012

Posted by Lachlan

Nasum Australia / New Zealand tour August 2012 Pretty stoked this has happened. Grindcore legends Nasum are coming to Australia! Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound will be performing vocal duties (which ain't a bad deal in lieu of Mr. Talarczyk). Nice one Heathen Skulls.

And the main supports are Psycroptic! Wait, what?

Wednesday 15th Aug - Amplifier, Perth
Thursday 16th Aug - Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Friday 17th Aug - Hi Fi, Brisbane
Saturday 18th Aug - Hi Fi, Sydney
Sunday 19th Aug - Hi Fi, Melbourne
Tuesday 21st Aug - The Kings Arms, Auckland

Tickets on sale Monday 21st May, see venues for details. Facebook event here.

Who else do you want to see on the bill?


Rotten Sound’s new “Napalm” EP available from Relapse, and it’s sure to be boring as fuck

Posted by Lachlan

As you may be aware, Rotten Sound have recently joined the ranks of Relapse Records. Their first release for the label seems to be the unashamedly entitled "Napalm" - an EP featuring three new Rotten Sound originals and three Napalm Death cover songs. But the real clincher here is the bonus DVD which features a full Rotten Sound live set from the Obscene Extreme Festival.

The EP was released yesterday (March 30), so go pick it up at the Relapse store.

Personally I could not give a fuck about this. Rotten Sound seem so stuck in their ways. They are boring and uninspired and seem totally afraid to progress anywhere. I've heard every single riff, blast, breakdown and vocal pattern in a Rotten Sound song before it. Snore. You guys are boring as batshit. Either take a risk and write something different or just fuck off. What is the point just rehashing shit?

Don't get me wrong - I really, really dug Exit when it was released in 2005, but we are now in 2010 and you are boring me shitless. Vocalist Keijo Niinimaa's comments on the 3 new tracks was basically that "they're faster". FUCKING WOW. WHERE DID YOU GUYS GET THE IDEA TO PLAY FASTER?!??!?! YOU ARE SoOoOoOo fucking innovative!!!! I CAN BARELY KEEP UP!!!!!!!!!!! They've got 1 cover and 1 new original up on their MySpace if you're interested.

Has anyone heard any GOOD AND NON-GENERIC grind lately?? If so, please fill me in, because this shit is getting old.


REVIEW: Magrudergrind – Magrudergrind

Posted by Lachlan

For the most part, I don't like writing negative reviews. I seems a waste of my time and effort to go out of my way to write negatively about something. I would much rather spend my time building up bands and releases I truly believe are worthwhile and deserve all the support and attention they can get.

This is going to be one an exception to the rule.

Magrudergrind are a modern grindcore group from Washington D.C. who have built up something of a cult following over the years, and have been lucky enough to land the release of their debut full length album on the very well respected Willowtip Records. I had been meaning to check out this album for a long time; it was jotted down on my ridiculously huge 'to do' list as soon as they album was released.

I've spun the album three times this morning, and you know what? Fuck this album and fuck this band. This is nothing more than a blatant worship of the more prominent European modern grind bands. Aside from the mildly amusing hip-hop track, Magrudergrind do fucking nothing other than directly rip off Rotten Sound one track, then Nasum the next. They're not even clever about it; everything from the guitar tone to the production on the vocals is directly lifted from the modern grind style of Nasum.

Don't get me wrong; the song's aren't BAD - how could they be? Nasum and Rotten Sound can write a pretty good grind tune. I'm actually pretty certain that plenty of grindheads will love - or at the very least like this album, which is fine. It's not offensively bad; it's just offensively STOLEN MUSIC. Don't believe me? Listen to the third track Rejecting The Militant Promise. Poor Mieszko.

Personally I see no value in this band or this album. It is a waste of time, and will probably only be appreciated by those absolutely dying for a hit of modern grindcore. Please stop stealing music - or at least be clever about it.


Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD out now on Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead Records have just announced the release of the Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD entitled The Screaming Nightmare Continues. It is available from their website or MySpace for $12 AUD or $10 USD.

Plague Rages / Disturbance ProjectThe utterly intense barrage of merciless grindcore that is Spain's Disturbance Project have teamed up with the raw and immensely abrasive South American Plague Rages to create a monumental cranium exploding grind masterpiece!

For fan's of old Napalm Death, Rot, Warsore and Rotten Sound.

Download: Realidade Social MP3
Download: Jodida Estupidez Humana MP3

Grindhead Records

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