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REVIEW: The Arson Project – Blood and Locusts

Posted by Lachlan

Sweden's The Arson Project have long been on my list to keep an eye out for since the band sent me a copy of their impressive demo 'Good Morning Vietnam' back in 2005. Their demo debuted a fast paced, frenetic grinding style that was topped off with scorching vocals that made me envisage scenes of mass-destruction brought about by widespread napalm bombing in Vietnam. Their name fit the aural intensity perfectly which is a rare thing is seems these days.

The Arson Project - Blood and Locusts'Blood and Locusts' offered a similarly caustic experience; while the music is definitely more mature and developed, I was again met with an absolutely crushing wall of powerful blast beats from the second I pressed play, backed by those familiar raspy, scorching mid-range vocals and devastating guitars underscored by an appropriately thick distorted bass.

The Arson Project clearly owe a lot to the Nasum school of grindcore. I'm sure the band have a hard time avoiding such a comparison to their iconic countrymen. The main difference between Nasum and The Arson Project though are the song structures; The Arson Project are not content to let grooves settle, refusing to let listeners gain a sense of comfort. Their jagged song structures are aimed wholly at creating a volatile atmosphere of chaos and unpredictability. Listening to these short and potent grind tracks played at breakneck speeds with multiple tempo changes throughout is a thoroughly disorientating experience.

The Arson ProjectThis is the style of modern grindcore I really enjoy; while the songs are short (I'd say the average clocks in at around 1:20) they don't fall victim to lazy songwriting. Each song is structured in isolation without reverting to irritating and predictable punk beat-blastbeat verse-choruses - and each song borrows from a wide range of extreme genres from grind, various schools of death metal (old school, melodic, progressive), hardcore punk, and crust. The track 'Mentalt Avrättad' even has a slight doom and melodic post-metal meditation as both Nasum and Rotten Sound have had a tendancies to do.

While this MCD is sure to have old school grind fans in a huff (and seriously who gives a fuck about them anyway? Boo hoo it doesn't perfectly rehash your favourite sloppy, poorly recorded nostalgic grind release - what a travesty) fans of modern grindcore should waste no time in getting. If you're into Afgrund, Rotten Sound, Sayyadina or Gadget then grab this album as soon as possible, because I believe it just might top any of the past offerings from either band.

This is crushing, violent, high-intensity grindcore done right. The songs are poweful and potent; crafted for maximum impact. Congratulations guys. This is definitely going to be one of my premier grind releases for 2009.


DOWNLOAD: 32 MP3 Downloads from Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead recordsGrindhead Records have released a series of 32 FREE MP3 Downloads from their catalog of 27 death, gore and grindcore releases. For more information on any release be sure to visit - Grindhead releases are priced from $8 to $12 AUD within Australia or $6 to $10 USD worldwide with shipping inclusive.

Code of Lies - Swarm of Vultures: Modern groove-laden, hybrid technical death/grind hailing from Orange, NSW, Australia.

Gruesome Stuff Relish - Broken Gravestones: The quintessential Spanish gore band for any horror metal freak.

Subterranean Fecal Root - Digging a 40 Mile Hole To Live In: Ultra-offensive grinding metalin the vein of Anal Cunt, Undinism, Macabre and Gronibard from Waco, Texas.

Pathology - Defiled Autopsy Remnants: Superb Californian brutal death/grind from members of Cattle Decapitation, Disgorge, The Locust and Being Killed. For fans of Goratory.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Recycled Carnage: From the debut full-length from the most intense of the new wave of Australian grindcore for fans of Rotten Sound, Discordance Axis, Circle of Dead Children and Captain Cleanoff.

Long Pig - Leaving Barrel Influence: Incredibly battering, thick, raw grindcore infused with downtuned sludge, death and stoner metal from Hungary.

Sound of Detestation - Voided and Blind: Blistering modern Swedish grindcore with hardcore and death metal elements with stunning production values courtesy of William Blackmon (Gadget). For fans of Gadget, Rotten Sound, Nasum and Skitsystem.

Eyetofuk - Unifuk Zombie: A severely warped, hallucinogen-induced and LSD soaked alien nightmare of electro cyber porno gore/grind for fans of Gigantic Brain.

Putrid Whore - XXX: The Number of the Bitch: Punishing downtuned Italian gore/grind for fans of Gruesome Stuff Relish and Mortician.

Maximum Perversion - Snowdropper: Fun, porn-obsessed and grooving Australian death/grind with flavours of Macabre and Carcass.

Ebolie - 1800 Fashioncore Kids Helpline: Mind-melting, cranium-crushing, alcohol-fuelled and slightly quirky modern Australian grindcore drawing from Cephalic Carnage, Napalm Death and Nasum.

Guild of Destruction - Kill! Kill! Kill!: Old-school all-blasting, no-frills, thrashing intense death metal from the bowels of Melbourne Australia. Ripping heavy riffs and screaming solos make this essential for any 1990s death metal fan!

Malignant Germ Infestation - Zombie Outbreak: Complex yet sickening bile-drench brutal gore/grind with electronic elements.

Mangled Whore Flesh - Labia Jerky: Grooving, thrashing raw death/grind in the vein of Intestinal Disgorge.

Embalming Theatre - He Raped His Dying Daughter: The infamous Switz grinders Embaling Theatre return with another intense slab of crusty, raw and violent Switz grind.

Hacksaw Surgery - Severed and Eaten: Tongue-in-cheek Australian brutal death/grind with elements of Dismember and Incarnated.

Gutted With Broken Glass - Headfuck: Absolutely traumatic, hyper-violent brutal cyber-death/grind, taking the music of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fuck I'm Dead to chaotic new extremes.

Roadside Burial - Vengence is Mine: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Exhibit A - Urination Contest Disorder: Fast, crusty punk-influenced ear-bleeding Australian grindcore.

Devoured Flesh Regurgitation - Bones, Flesh n' Partysnacks: Depraved catchy punk and gore influenced Dutch grindcore, complete with the neck-snapping groove of Regurgitate to the tune of Napalm Death and L.D.O.H.

Roncsipar - Kibera: A viscious hybrid of experimental influences from stoner rock to industrial metal. A unque and obscure listening experience from Hungary with dark and droning textures offset by haunting ambient undertones. For fans of Neurosis, Godflesh, Ministry and Scorn.

Aeturnus Dominion - Traumatic Amputation: Heavy metal from Australia.

Roadside Burial - This Hammer has a Date with Your Forehead: Beer and meat fuelled no-bullshit grooving gore/grind brutality from Australia.

Corpsickle - Zombie Flesh Eaters: The Australian undead desecrators of death metal rise from their fetid tomb to unleash their plague!

Sordid - Mix 106.Fuck You: Crustier than a pregnant crack-whore with a yeast infection. A whirlwind of filthy grind infused crust in the vein of Phobia, Infest and Unholy Grave from Australia.

Halo of Knives - Watch the Red Devils Burn: Battering, violent, extreme Australian grindcore of absolutely ear-splitting intensity. Think Napalm Death with the intensity and chaos turned up to eleven. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Silovanje - I Raped A Rapist: A brutal brand of depraved and sadistic cyber-gore/grind influenced by Fuck I'm Dead, Mortician, Gut, Disgorge, Beheaded and Abuse. Features members of Captain Cleanoff.

Aeturnus Dominion - Meathook: Heavy metal from Australia.

Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Murderer: From the debut MCD of this young grind act that are fast becoming one of Australia's most talked about grindcore band! See where it all began. A mix of Rotten Sound, old Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Circle of Dead Children, Discordance Axis and Discharge.

Hailstones Kill 200 - I Am Not Afraid: Total and utter chaos. This Australian band has all the ferocity and intensity of deadly jagged sheets of ice raining from the sky. Ultra-violent power-violence/grind beyond all reasonable level. Comparisons can be made to Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Locust infused with the pace of extreme grindcore. Features members of the almighty Extortion.

Ebolie - Blood Tapped Skull: Ebolie combine the humour of Blood Duster and Gronibard with the intensity and groove of Napalm Death and the intensity of Nasum and Fuck I'm Dead with sporadic flirtations with jazz and funk. Killer Australian death/grind.

Ebolie - Rape of Sanity

Grindhead records


This is what you’re doing saturday

Posted by Lachlan

This weekend $2 will get you:
66% of a shit 'meat pie'
57% of a schooner of Carlton Draught
31% of a glass of Wild Turkey & coke
4% of 5gm of weed
2.1% of a ticket to the Future Music Festival
0.8% of a decent prossie

OR 4 violent NSW grind bands this Saturday night!!!!!!

We've got the frenetic Blue Mountains grinders Beyond Terror Beyond Grace headlining with their blistering Rotten Sound and Discordance Axis influence modern grind assault. Beyond Terror will be playing BRAND NEW MATERIAL for the majority of their set.

Matt Discharge - GlassedThen we have the always punk fuckheads of Anal Discharge who always make chauvantism, alcoholism, drug abuse and general apathy and anarchy look like a load of fun. Their live shows are loose - I still remember their lead singer Matt glassing himself in from of 12 people at @Newtown on a tuesday night because he was bored.

Kill A Celebrity have now been banned from Club Blink (who fucking cares?) and most recently Maggotsville for their violent grind stylings, chaotic live show and loud, obnoxious, roid-munching singer.

And finally we have Bulemaconda (whos name I always fuck up) - a crazy new experimental death/grind band from the Southern Highlands. These guys showed a lot of promise last year at A Grind Before Grindmas, so get off yah fucking arses and come down early to see them.

Four grind bands for two fucking dollars. How good is that? Get down and support it, because the more people who come, the more chance there is of more $2 Grind, Punk, Crust and Hardcore gigs promoted by yours truly. In a period when a lot of grind and extreme music venues are dropping off the map (The Empire Hotel, Bar Broadway, The Annandale Hotel) getting behind shit like this is fucking important.

But more importantly, come down, get fucked up, talk shit, throw cunts around and enjoy four crazy young local bands going insane.

See yah there.

$2 Grind at the Sando

Here's some of what you can expect:
Matt glassing himself


REVIEW: Rotten Sound – Cycles

Posted by Lachlan

Rotten Sound Cycles2007 has been something of an anti-climatic year for releases from some of my favourite grind bands - and Rotten Sound's new full length album Cycles isnt going to change that (mind you, thats because the album is scheduled for release in 2008, not because its no good).

Through the beauty of the stealing, piracy and internet (apparently not just used to steal porn nowdays!) I have managed to obtain a copy of Rotten Sound's forthcoming full length Cycles, due out January 9th on Spinefarm Records. Herein contains my short review and first impression.

'If we cant live in peace then lets die in peace.'

First up, the production. I have to say this is honestly the cleanest sounding Rotten Sound record I have ever heard... not that its all that clean, but it seems like the group actually want their riffs and drumming to be heard! If we jump back to Exit - while undoubtedly one of the greatest pieces of the modern era of grindcore - production wise it was a total fucking shitfight of massively loud, distorted bass guitars, noisy guitar tracks, pummeling double kicks and a snare that absolutely obliterated the entire mix during blast beats (in true Mieszko style of course). It sounded killer, but no doubt 2 or 3 more albums of noisy, chaotic, undefinable grind would've been monotonous.

After losing the production talents of Mieszko as well as the drummer services of Kai Hahto, the group resolved to show the world they still 'had it' by releasing their impressive though all-too-short Consume to Contaminate EP. That production style was marked very much by a more dominant Dismember / Swedish death metal guitar tone, and new drummer Sami Latva getting totally lost in the mix.

Think of Cycles production as a nice balance between the two - instead of raping the mix with stupidly distorted lead and bass guitars, the guys have shown some restraint. You can actually discern 95% of the riffing! Not only that, but the drum sound kicks fucking arse - nice meaty kicks that dont sound overly fake, a nice, strong blasting snare and well balanced overheads.

What can you expect on this album? Well the vocals of Keijo Niimimaa (dont even bother trying to fucking pronounce that) are as strong as ever, utilising good range and rhythm, and the guitar chops of Mike Aalto still pack a punch. There are more absolutely monostorous break-down grooves (as per Exit and Contaminate to Consume) that somehow avoid feeling stale or contrived - and there are some Songs as mindblowingly intense as anything the group has ever written (see: Alternews and Victims).

As far as riffing goes it seems like Aalto has experimented a bit more with Nasum-styled harmonies, and with a slightly wider European punk/crust influence. A handful of tracks sound like straight hardcore/punk/crust rather than grind, which fits well into the overall flow of the album. Unfortunately the new man behind the skins will never be Kai - but you cant win em all, ey? He's more than acceptable.

Overall I'm more than impressed. Rotten Sound dont play the most flexible or dynamic style of grindcore, but my fucking god have they mastered it. This release is every bit as solid as we had all hoped it would be. Waste no time in picking it up as soon as its released - unlike the releases from Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer and The Dillinger Escape Plan I have not hesitancy in saying - fuck yes.

1. The Effects 01:55
2. Prai$€ the £ord 01:23
3. Blind 02:19
4. Units 01:08
5. Corponation 01:18
6. Colonies 01:30
7. Poor 01:46
8. Days to Kill 01:02
9. Deceit 01:42
10. Caste System 02:25
11. Alternews 03:23
12. Simplicity 01:21
13. Enigma 02:36
14. Decimate 01:53
15. Victims 01:28
16. Sold Out 01:09
17. Feet First 01:47
18. Trust 03:55
Total playing time 34:00


Rotten Sounds New Album Complete

Posted by Lachlan

Thats right muthafuckers! We're a few steps closer to a new Rotten Sound album!

The next Rotten Sound full-length, "Cycles", is ready for releasing. The album was recorded and mixed with Janne Saksa in Kantola studios and Sound Supreme studios. Mastering was done by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Studios. Release date is January 9th 2008 and the album will be released by Spinefarm Records.

I can hardly wait - but can anyone else actually believe they used the title "Prai$€ the £ord"?!

01. The Effects
02. Prai$€ the £ord
03. Blind
04. Units
05. Corponation
06. Colonies
07. Poor
08. Days to Kill
09. Deceit
10. Caste System
11. Alternews
12. Simplicity
13. Enigma
14. Decimate
15. Victims
16. Sold Out
17. Feet First
18. Trust

Rotten Sound Cycles Cover Art


Kill A Celebrity News and New Track

Posted by Lachlan

It's a sunday afternoon, I'm hungover and we need a new post. I have no choice but to revert to shameless self promotion. (For those unaquainted, I play guitar in the fast, violent and abrasive three piece Sydney grind band Kill A Celebrity).

Kill A Celebrity have a new song online on their My Space profile. Check it out. This track is the first of four new songs recorded for the purposes of tiding over our legions of adoring fans until we go into the studio to record. They're like animals they are. In the coming weeks we will post up three new originals that are sure to go down in the annuals of history as grindcore classics - Dying for Meth, The God Delusion and Genocidal Superstar.

We're scheduled to go into the studio to record our label debut with the UK experimental noise/grind band Krupskaya. If you like intense, spastic grindcore and havent heard these guys - do yourselves a favour and check them out. Their debut Clouds Over Pripyat is on constant rotation in my playlist. The rumour is these guys are going to come over and grind up Australia after they've finished with Europe and Asia.

We are recording in Janurary with the help of Tim Carr of Soviet Records and 310 Studios - who will also engineer our side of the split. Tim has recently worked with our label mates Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, mastering their incredible new full length album (which is going to pressing this fucking week!!!). He has also worked with Slowly Building Weapons, Hospital The Musical and Dining In Tuscany. He seems like a really switched on bloke who is sincerely passionate about all forms of music and we look forward to working with him.

Stay tuned for new recordings - and dont miss us when we play with INSECT FUCKING WARFARE and Australia's best in experimental grindcore AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE in Feburary! Check it out cunts.

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