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REVIEW: Dumbsaint – Something that you feel will find its own form

Posted by Lachlan

Dumbsaint - Something that you feel will find its own formJust who are this trio of blokes? Dumbsaint are a Sydney-based group that combine elements of post-metal, post-rock and progressive music genres. They are unique in that they give equal weighting to the visual aspect of their live performances. Two of the three members are film students, so each song they create will have a visual accompaniment that is usually projected on-stage with the band.

While Dumbsaint have been around and playing in Sydney for a long time, this is their debut album.

So, what of it? Well, let's start off with the production. Simply put, the production is GORGEOUS. I've long been a fan of the production work that Tim Carr does over at Studios 301, but I think this might be the nicest thing I've heard from him. He's done a magnificent job. His incredible ability to capture the vibe of whatever music he is engineering, his work ethic, and his tireless attention to detail really shine through on this album.

The production maxim of the band seems to be a focus on organic, dynamic and natural sounds. Nick's drum sound is the most open I think I've heard. There's just so much room to breathe, and it really lets Nick's outstanding dynamic playing shine through the mix rather.

The guitar and bass tones show a similar merticulous attention to detail and texture. The guitar is crisp, clean and clear when it needs to be, and explodes into a wall of monolithic fat fuzz when tracks peak.

The first track 'Rivers Will Be Crossed' perfectly presents what I love about this band. The song-writing is outstanding. The musicianship of each individual is stellar - and as a trio they really know when to pull-back what they're playing to let other instruments ebb, flow and take the centre point when they need to. The song just continues to builds and weaves beautifully. The structure is just really engaging and very intelligent compiled.

And yet, as I finish listening to the entire album for perhaps the 30th time, I still feel like something is missing to make this an incredible, coherent album. Most of the tracks are great - if not awesome - but occasionally a track or section emerges the reminds me perhaps a little too much of the premordial slime and eggshells Dumbsaint have brought with them from the beginning - the stamp of some of influences perhaps being a little too great in a few select moments.

Ron Prince of DumbsaintAfter speaking to the band I think I can pinpoint why this is. These songs were not written as 'an album'. They are essentially a collection of songs written over the last 8+ years that have happened to be on an album together, and I think the coherent concept of an album suffers as a result of that.

Now, for the mostpart the band really manages to hide this fact from the listener with some very smart song ordering -- but every time I reach the final movement of the final track off the album, I can't help but feel the lack of a final penultimate moment, a clear album closer to end the listening experience coherently. I keep expecting the next song to kick in any second. The last track 'I am an image' really fails to properly bookend the journey, and I'm just left hanging, a little confused as to why the music has stopped coming from my headphones.

Now these criticisms should be taken into context. This album is still incredible. What Dumbsaint have achieved has personally made me very jealous - and I think there should be clear recognition of this. However, that said, I do believe that the bands best compositions are ahead of them. Now that they have a solid, consistent line-up they can focus on constructing new material for the format, rather than having to select an albums worth of songs from a back-catalog amassed over many years.

It is Dumbsaint's mature songwriting, precise, dynamic musicianship, and attention to detail that puts this trio far beyond another cookie-cutter post-rock or post-metal offering. Fans of ISIS, Red Sparrowes, Mogwai, Russian Circles, sleepmakeswaves, Pelican and Tool should love this album. Infact, I would be willing to say that 'Something that you feel will find its own form' might just surpass, say, the latest Russian Circles album.

This is an extremely impressive album and I can't see where these guys take their music next. It has replaced Helm's debut album 'Keehaul... Volume 1' as my favourite Australian release within the style. I foresee a bright future for Dumbsaint, and I would implore you to go and check out their debut album over at Birds Robe Records.


Lachlan’s best of 2011

Posted by Lachlan

Eagle fucking Twin at Manning Bar. Incredible.Well, 2011 was yet another year dominated by souless, watered down music in the mainstream music industry. Bland garage/indie and horrid R&B-pop were, once again, the order of the day. Perhaps more disturbingly, some styles previously associated with underground music continued to be watered-down and repackaged into acceptable pop culture products - namely hardcore and metalcore, who have now seemingly completed their transition into music forms completely devoid of any human emotion or feeling. The post-rock scene similarly provided an endless supply of bands that sound exactly the same.

In spite of my general misanthropy towards the wider music scene, there were still some more unique gems to be had if you dug deep enough. What's more, I really felt like this was a great year for the various underground music scenes in Australia. I feel like there are more bands of more diverse styles going the DIY path, putting on great shows and releasing original, soulful music.

What more, Sydney was lucky enough to have Black Wire Records to actually support underground punk, hardcore, crust, powerviolence and grind.

Here's what I dug in 2011.

Top 5 releases of 2011

  • The Devin Townsend Band - Deconstruction: Brilliant. Possible Devin Townsend's very best.
  • YOB - Atma: If anything just for Before We Dreamed of Two and Adrift in the Ocean. An incredible doom record.
  • Bjork - Biophilia: The best Bjork release since Homogenic.
  • Graveyard - Hisingen Blues: I struggle to think of a better rock album released in the last decade.
  • La Dispute - Wildlife: An honest and genuine emotional catharsis. Honest and genuine.

Top 5 grind(ish) releases of 2011

  • The Kill - Shower of BricksThe Kill - Shower of Bricks: the perfect distillation of intense grindcore.
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer - The Reverend Jesse Custer: sludgy, raging metallic grind and hardcore.
  • Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt - Counter Transference: techy polyrhythmic, sporadic math/grind bliss.
  • IDYLLS - Amps for God / Plague Hell: furious fucking grinding metallic hardcore.
  • Wormrot - Noise: blistering and intense.

The 10 albums I couldn't stop playing all year

  • Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - Knives Don't Have Your Back
  • Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand
  • YOB - Atma
  • Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Black Earth
  • Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission
  • Dax Riggs - Angel in the Dopesmoke (live bootleg)
  • Neil Young - Dead Man soundtrack
  • Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm
  • Worlds End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland
  • The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day

The 10 Australian releases you really should have heard

  • Hydromedusa's debut albumHydromedusa - Self-titled: Adelaide stoner rock that just oozes bluesy class. (It's FREE! Get it!)
  • sleepmakeswaves - And So We Destroyed Everything: An interesting post-rock record? Well I never!
  • Pirate - Left of Mind: Fantastic Sydney instrumental prog.
  • An Emerald City - The Fourth: Technically Kiwi, but a great, cinematic album.
  • Tangled Throughts of Leaving - Deaden the Fields: These guys came outta nowhere (Perth)! Incredible progressive, piano-driven music mixed with progressive and post music.
  • Mother Mars - Fossil Fuel Blues: Perhaps Sydney's greatest stoner/desert rock band.
  • Arrowhead - Atomsmasher: Or perhaps these guys are?
  • Serious Beak - Huxwhukw: Okay it's my band, fuck you.
  • Squat Club - Corvus (remixed, remastered and re-released): Now with even more mind-bending polyrhythmic clarity!
  • Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt Counter - Transference

My favourite live shows of 2011

  • Portishead at Sydney Harvest Festival
  • Eagle Twin at Manning Bar
  • Gotye at Angel Place City Recital Hall
  • Kyuss at The Big Top
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer at Town Hall Hotel
  • Captain Cleanoff and Death-Cult Jock at Black Wire Records
  • Ruins, Darth Vegas, Slimey Things (Featherfest 2011) at TONE
  • Clagg and Agonhymn at The Pony
  • Space Bong, Looking Glass and Hydromedusa at The Sando

Australian grind hero of the year

  • Jack of Die Pigeon Die. Just an all around good bloke who never relents in his selfless passion to support Australian grindcore.

You disagree? Oh what a surprise! What did you guys dig this year? Was it a good year? A shit year?


The Best of 2008 – Lachlan

Posted by Lachlan

Tim from EbolieThe year is nearly fucking over and I am glad. I am done with this year. Despite that pessimism, there have been a few highlights. Doing this AusGrind thang with Matt has been pretty fun as we slowly build up our jerk base.

We really hit our stride this year with Grindhead Records and released some of my favourite albums to date; Gruesome Stuff Relish, Pathology, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace’s amazing full length, Long Pig and Sound of Detestation. We also put on an amazingly successful Slaughterfest II, with the Canberra show selling out at The Basement. Thank you to everyone who helped out or came to a show.

Ebolie recorded a full length album that I am very proud of. Kill A Celebrity managed to put together a split with my favourite chaotic grinders Krupskaya. I got to see Pig Destroyer, Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, Grave, Against Me!, Graf Orlock and many others, and even got to play with the mighty Insect Warfare - twice. Meanwhile local Sydney bands like The Crooked Fiddle Band, Hospital the Musical, The Bakery, Pirate, Squid, Club Consolador and Squat Club reinvigorated my love for the local music scene.

All I want to do with my life is play music and tour, so lets hope 2009 brings more of that. I’m a total fucking narcissist, so while here are my top albums of the year, expect a more verbose bat-off in the next few days with a description of each.

What albums did you guys really enjoy – inside and out of the grind scene? I’m curious.

Lachlan’s top 10 albums for 2008

1. Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
2. Secret Chiefs 3 - Xaphan
3. This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You
4. Gridlink - Amber Gray
5. Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist

6. Meshuggah - Obzen

7. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath

8. A Storm of Light - And We Wept the Black Ocean Within

9. Kill the Client - Cleptocracy
10. Ef - I Am Responsible

Lachlan’s top 5 grind albums for 2008

1. Gridlink – Amber Gray
2. Kill the Client – Cleptocracy
3. Agents of Abhorrence – Earth.Water.Sun
4. The Kill – Hate Sessions
5. Phobia – 22 Random Acts of Violence

Lachlan’s top 5 Australian albums for 2008

1. The Bakery – The Bakery and the Beast
2. Pirate – Demo
3. The Kill – Hate Sessions
4. Agents of Abhorrence – Earth.Water.Sun
5. Sleepmakeswaves – In Today Already Walks Tomorrow

The Biggest Disappointments of 2008

Fuck these goddamn safe-playing pandering shitheads - especially bands as fucking innovative and original as the first two. Way to ruin a good thing.

1. Genghis Tron – Board Up The House
2. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works
3. Gronibard – We Are French, Fukk You



Weekend gig guide featuring Deathcage, McCane & Hospital the Musical

Posted by Matt

Party SquidAlright there are a few cool gigs spread about the place this weekend. I myself will be splitting my presence between The Sandringham Hotel to see sleepmakeswaves and Hospital the Musical - and the Lansdowne Hotel to see the fucking awesome Mars Volta inspired psychadelic prog-rock stylings of Pirate (who are on at 10:15PM I think).

Saturday night I'm heading to Louie's in Marrickville to watch the likes of the killer deep sea jazz prog rock of Squid as well as Day of the Meerkat, Captains, Toecutter and The Fuji Collective at Deja Boo!

Gigs for Friday the 31st of October
'Kurt's Place'
with Deathcage, Taipan, Crosscheck, Onslaught, Repoman

The Sandringham Hotel
with Hospital the Musical, Slimey Things, Sleepmakeswaves, Eleventh he Reaches London

Gigs for Saturday the 1st of November
Catfood Press, 7:30pm
Worms of the Earth, McClane, Luca Brasi, Fireships, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour

Deja Boo!, Louie's at Marrickville
Squid, Day of the Meerkat, Toecutter, Captains, The Fuji Collective, Brackets, Two Fat Bastards
Facebook event

Gigs for Sunday the 2nd November
Taipan, Repoman, Earthlings + TBA

Eleven he Reaches London tour


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