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7 Australian bands you should know about

Posted by Lachlan

Back in 2008 I wrote a piece called 'New bands you should know about in the Australian scene'. Since then, that piece has consistently been one of our highest traffic drivers.  So, I've resolved to update my list to tell you a little bit about the Australian bands that are rocking my world now in 2012.



These Adelaide-based stoner/doom merchants and quite simply one of the fastest rising stars in Australia's underground. They Combine incredibly classy, high-energy blues-based rock with thc-drenched, psychedelic sensabilities, and an apprenticeship from our nation's greatest doom band, Space Bong, these guys are one hell of a dynamic and versatile

unit. They can make you tap your does, wallow in drugged-out bliss, or drop you into a pit of droning despair - like a magicial amalgammation of Church of Misery, Bongzilla, and Space Bong.

Go download their debut album for free. Word is they've been working on a new one; and I'm hoping they're a staple for this years Doomsday Festival.

The Reverend Jesse Custer

The Reverend Jesse CusterThese Canberra grindpals are awesome, awesome, AWESOME. Seriously, I struggle to think of a more exciting Australian live band at this point in time. Every single time I've seen these guys play, I've been blown away -- and they just keep getting better.

The Reverend Jesse Custer mix up seething metallic hardcore, with gritty sludge, frenetic grind, feedback, fury and groove. As a band they're never sitting still. Their compositions are as intelligent as they are enjoyable. A single-tempo genre band these guys definitely are not.

Just fucking awesome. I don't feel like their recording fully does them justice, but you should check it out regardless. A new one has apparently already been put to tape.


Man, has these been a buzz about these guys! I'm writing this a few days before IDYLLS hit Sydney as part of their 2-week tour of Australia. Their new album "Farewell All Joy" has been kicking peoples asses for the last few months, and I simply cannot wait to see them unleash their bizarre form of aural carnage live.

These guys play unique, furious metallic hardcore here in the vein of Dillinger Escape Plan, Agents of Abhorrence and early Converge. Awesome. Go get it.

In Trenches

In TrenchesIn Trenches play seething metallic hardcore from Melbourne. These veterans have been instrumental in leading Australia's new brand of hardcore - focused on infusing complex rhythms, post-metal, sludge and even psychedelic and blackened elements.

Their recent album Sol Obscura is a cracker. Check it out.


And now for something completely different. These guys remind me of the multi-headed beastfuck spawn of a smokey, seedy jazz band, a rock opera, a group of sketchy gypsy circus toughs, a brilliant improvised spoken-word poet descending into madness, and a degenerate that is forced to clown for meth. Essentially they're indescribably brilliant. Their music / performance is theatric, musically impressive, comedic, and generally just mind-blowing. Absolute insanity.

Features members of Squat Club, Darth Vegas, Gauche, The Bznzz, Slimey Things, Rica Tetas and other awesome things. They've got some live bootlegs up on their Soundcloud, but their debut album should be out through Art As Catharsis a little later in the year.

Jesus Christ Posse

Jesus Christ PosseSydney old school hardcore punk rock executed brilliantly, and with a hilarious militant Christian schtick. Apparently at their last show they begun by reenacting the crucifixtion of Jesus on a giant cross, then raised their front man from the dead to start the first song.

Another one thats more of a live band, but check out the album.

Space Bong

Still the best droning doom band on the planet. Definitely up there with Yob, Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Sunn O))), Earth and the like. They've got a new album coming out a bit

later in the year, but for now you can enjoy 2010's The Death of Utopia (though I'm not sure if 'enjoy' is the right word if we're talking one of the darkest and most depressive bands on earth).


Saturday night: Serious Beak, Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne

Posted by Lachlan

Serious Beak album launch with Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne HotelThis Saturday 26 November, Serious Beak will be launching their debut album 'Huxwhukw' at a free show at the Lansdowne Hotel, joined by their progressive pals Pirate and Dumbsaint.

The even kicks off at 8pm and is absolutely free. More info over at the Facebook event.

Haven't heard Serious Beak? You can stream the album here. The band features members of Squat Club, Adrift for Days, Slimey Things, Battle Pope, Squid, Ebolie, the Mabobs, Push Air and the Puffy Jackets, Dyke Destroyer and many more.

Press release to follow:

"Huxwhukw" is an eccentric amalgamation of mind-melting, toe-tapping, psychedelic, progressive and poly-rhythmic discordant music, sure to please fans of Meshuggah, Mastodon, Botch, The Mars Volta and King Crimson.

Huxwhukw is the supernatural long-beaked cannibal bird and servant to Baxwbakwalnuksiwe, the Cannibal-at-the-North-end-of-the-world in Kwakwaka'wakw mythology. Huxwhukw uses his long, snapping beak to crack open the skulls of men to eat their brains and pluck out their eyeballs.

All hail Huxwkwux and the Crooked Beak of Heaven.

Serious Beak album launch with Pirate and Dumbsaint at the Lansdowne Hotel


Tonight at the Lansdowne Hotel

Posted by Lachlan

A bit of an off-beat event is going down tonight at The Lansdowne Hotel. The line-up features;

- A cock rock revivalist band called Jimmy Swouse and the Angry Darts, featuring members of bands like The Bakery, Brian Campeau, Squat Club, Brass Knuckles and the like.

- A obscene experimental 2 piece dubbed THE BZNZZ, featuring members of Ebolie, Brass Knuckles, Squat Club, Gauche, The Colours Tribute Band, Keating! the Musical and Darth Vegas amongst many more.

- A 15 piece noise band loving named Dyke Destroyer, featuring members of most of the aforementioned alongside Slimey Things, Kill A Celebrity, Anklepants, Day of the Meerkat, Cherry 2000 and many more.

You'll be there if you have poor taste in music, enjoy free gigs or have nothing better to do. I know I don't.


Weekend gig guide featuring Deathcage, McCane & Hospital the Musical

Posted by Matt

Party SquidAlright there are a few cool gigs spread about the place this weekend. I myself will be splitting my presence between The Sandringham Hotel to see sleepmakeswaves and Hospital the Musical - and the Lansdowne Hotel to see the fucking awesome Mars Volta inspired psychadelic prog-rock stylings of Pirate (who are on at 10:15PM I think).

Saturday night I'm heading to Louie's in Marrickville to watch the likes of the killer deep sea jazz prog rock of Squid as well as Day of the Meerkat, Captains, Toecutter and The Fuji Collective at Deja Boo!

Gigs for Friday the 31st of October
'Kurt's Place'
with Deathcage, Taipan, Crosscheck, Onslaught, Repoman

The Sandringham Hotel
with Hospital the Musical, Slimey Things, Sleepmakeswaves, Eleventh he Reaches London

Gigs for Saturday the 1st of November
Catfood Press, 7:30pm
Worms of the Earth, McClane, Luca Brasi, Fireships, Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour

Deja Boo!, Louie's at Marrickville
Squid, Day of the Meerkat, Toecutter, Captains, The Fuji Collective, Brackets, Two Fat Bastards
Facebook event

Gigs for Sunday the 2nd November
Taipan, Repoman, Earthlings + TBA

Eleven he Reaches London tour


Two gigs you should watch tonight… simultaneously

Posted by Lachlan

Birds Robe CollectiveTwo cool gigs around Sydney tonight. I'll be heading down to The Annandale Hotel to watch my band-crush Squat Club. I've also wanted to check out young post-rock kiddies I Like Cats (horrible name) and the funky psychedelic rock styling of Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes for some time now.

Birds Robe Collective - The Annandale Hotel - FREE!!!

10:40 Super FLORENCE Jam
10:00 Triangle
9:20 I Like Cats
8:40 Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes
8:00 Squat Club

The Birds Robe Collective Facebook Group

Consolador de dos Caras - La Campana - $5

Popolice (NZ)
Delarge's House of Mirrors
Slimey Things

Consolador de dos Caras Facebook group

Slimey Things at Consolador de dos Caras


I Wank to Slimey Things – and they are playing tonight

Posted by Matt

If I wasn't such an alcoholic I would have time to go to this, and I know a few of you reader people regularly go to Club Gay anyway so if you are there, check out Slimey Things, they will blow your mind.
Don't know much about the other bands except for Bad Art, and their name speaks for themselves.

Grind this weekend, pick of the litter:

Sat 27th....TOMORROW..... 8 bands.....8 bucks

2pm-11pm 4 Talbot street St Peters.

Free barbie......

Cunt Butcher
Beer Corpse
Cause and Effect
Black Elvis
Kill A Celebrity
Vae Victus

Bus 422 from Newtown or walk from Sydenham station

Slimey Things


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