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How To Successfully Tour International Artists

Posted by mothereel

I thought this could be of some use and inspiration to some of you out there.  It's free, what's there to lose?  Thanks to Soundsworks for the information!

"How To Successfully Tour International Artists- A Step-By-Step Guide To Bringing International Acts To Your Country"

Music business educator Rodney Holder of & Internationally renown concert promoter Brad Wesson from Soundworks Touring will present a FREE online, highly educational music business lecture on “How to start, run and operate your own successful international touring company”.

The lecture will be presented live and online on Thursday the 6th of April at 8pm AEST.

During the presentation international touring expert Brad Wesson will unleash all of his knowledge & and high-level concert promotion expertise all in the name of educating the promoters of tomorrow.

This lecture is one of a series of free music business lectures to be presented as a part of Holder’s “Online Music Business Summit.”

If you’d like to attend this presentation you can register for free at


- For More details on the Free Music Industry Summit visit –


The Exploited Tour Australia & New Zealand

Posted by mothereel

Total Punk Rock

This April, riot starting, bouncer bashing, cop baiting, hotel trashing, foul talking, noise making, chaos causing, venue wrecking, government hating, rule breaking, piss taking, unrelenting, punk rock band THE EXPLOITED bring their politically charged live show to East Coast Australia and Auckland. 

The Exploited are not 'punkers' or any of the other cutesy, watered down, TV friendly names you might want to call them.  The Exploited are punk rock.  

Formed in 1979, the quartet created a simple, no-frills sound characterized by speed and aggression.   Led by vocalist Wattie Buchan, The Exploited is one of the UK’s most politically outspoken thrash bands, who has built a strong and loyal following both at home and abroad for its anti-authoritarian stance and criticism of the government, particularly in the Reagan/Thatcher era.   

 In 1980, the group founded its own independent record label, Exploited Record Company, and immediately released their debut EP Army Life, which was #6 in the independent charts for eight weeks, and the top 20 for an amazing 18 months. They then released another single, "Barmy Army", which immediately jumped into the independent charts and remained there for 53 weeks, peaking at #4.  In 1981 the band signed to Secret Records and released the single "Dogs of War", which peaked at #2 in the independent charts and #63 in the national charts.

 1982 saw the release of The Exploited's first genuine classic album 'Troops Of Tomorrow' (#17), which ten years later was to see a medley of three tracks (most notably 'UK82' changed to 'LA92') covered by thrash metal band, Slayer, and US rapper Ice-T, for the 'Judgement Night' soundtrack. The homage was just further proof of the immeasurable influence that punk bands like The Exploited have had on the thrash metal scene.  In fact, it can be argued that without them, there would be no Metallica, Slayer or Slipknot.

 In over two decades The Exploited have been tear gassed by German cops, banned from Holland, arrested in Spain, declared that the Falklands are British forever whilst on stage in Argentina and have caused more carnage than a multi-car pile up on the M1. Throughout that time they have remained steadfastly true to their roots, never selling out, never splitting up (despite numerous line-up changes) and never bowing down. They've been accused of being dumb (yes, sometimes, but wilfully so) and causing trouble (guilty again, but smashing stuff is fun and punks are supposed to be obnoxious). But The Exploited are also fiercely (not to mention bluntly) socially and politically aware, covering everything from the Criminal Justice Act to the increasing use of Big Brother CCTV and never wavering from their anti-authoritarian, anti-war stance.

Australian & New Zealand Tour Dates:


Tix from

Tickets from &

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Tix from Real Groovy & Under The Radar
Tickets On Sale From Today Thursday DEC 15 |


Napalm Death / Dying Fetus 2010 Australian Tour

Posted by Lachlan

It's been three years since Napalm Death's first ever Australian tour in their 28-year grind career. Now those grindcats are coming back for an Australia tour in September 2010 - and they're bringing Dying Fetus with them thanks to Soundworks Touring.

Interestingly enough, they'll be playing The Factory in Sydney. Hmm... I wonder who the supports will be this time around?

September 1st - Amplifier Bar, Perth
September 2nd - Fowler’s Live, Adelaide
September 3rd - The Hifi, Brisbane
September 4th - The Factory, Sydney
September 5th - The Hifi, Melbourne


Aftermath of the Ebolie SA/WA tour

Posted by Lachlan

Alright, so my brain is still scrambled and I've spent most of the last few days trying to piece myself back together, but let's see if I can't churn out a quick little rundown of Ebolie's South Australian and Western Australian tour.


First off, Adelaide is fucking freezing. Kegan of Space Bong and Death-Cult Jock was nice enough to arrange the show, arrange a backline, put us up for the night, and tend to our various rockstar demands. He's always a very generous man which is very much appreciated. Anyone looking to play a show in Adelaide; you should speak to that man.

We played in some fucked up venue called Live On Light. Picture this: one half of the venue filled with scummy fans of doom and grindcore, dressed predominately in black and out of their minds while - the other half is an ultra-trendy pop/house dance nightclub. One room had Space Bong playing ultra-droning doom with an awe-inspiringly loud sound, while out the front door shitty little 90's dance tunes played. Slightly disconcerting. Even funnier was the fact that the vocals from the bands next door was coming through the PA in the dance club - and seriously who hasn't wanted to hear Daft Punk with guttural lows?

Death-Cult Jock were quite cool, even better than I'd remembered from Scumfest 2009. They play really tight punky Napalm Death and Terrorizer styled grindcore with some doom mixed in for good measure. One Step Beyond seemed a little distant from the crowd most of the night, but they put on an excellent show with an amazing mix of Morbid Angel, Macabre and Primus. That bassist can slap like a mutha-fucker and their more experimental moments were especially cool.

Space Bong. What can be said about Space Bong? I'm starting to think they might be my new favourite Australian band. They play droning Earth and Sleep Dopesmoker-era doom and they are fucking amazing. They are also incredibly loud. Guitarist Dave (who also plays in Death-Cult Jock and God God Dammit Dammit, not to mention he's ex-The Rivalry) is simply a fucking genius. Everything he touches turns to musical gold. Buy their album from Anno Vo's (Crux) label. See them play.

Finally God God Dammit Dammit came out to play to an absolutely sauced crowd at 2am; they're akin to the Sydney band Brass Knuckles. They are the ultimate 13 piece funk party band. The energy these guys inject the crowd with is absolutely amazing. Always a blast. Shortly after they finished up, the venue closed up but allowed the bands and our group of friends to stay to drink, smoke and party until the sun came up. God damn I love Adelaide.


Dyson (Soundworks Touring, Prime Cuts and Cuntscrape amongst plenty else) is the man with the plan when it comes to Perth. The first night he set up a killer metal gig then pulled through with an Extortion support slot the next night! The first night was opened by Death Fucking Cunt, followed by those lovable Carcass and Macabre perverted grinders Maximum Perversion. That actually marked the third tour which Ebolie has played with the Maxi P guys on (Exhumed 2003, Maxi P East Coast Tour 2007, Ebolie SA/WA Tour 2009). Cuntscrape closed up the night of depravity to a very solid crowd (I think around 140 payers?).

Afterwards we spent the night drinking Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and watching Kickboxer, John Rambo and Twins. After visiting Bon Scott's grave (which was as an anticlimactic event as they come), we played our last show on the Sunday. The gig opened up with Suffer who play noisy hardcore a la Breach which was quite cool. I didn't catch much of Agony or Arterial Heamorrhage unforunately since I was foraging for food.

By the time we played the crowd was quite intoxicated. Quite suprisingly we were received the best that night amongst a group of hardcore and powerviolence bands - better than we had the grind, doom, crust and death metal crowds. Extortion were fucking awesome. I sat back and just watched that powerhouse of a drummer absoutely destroy his kit - those guys are amazingly tight live. I saw these guys play in Sydney back a few months ago at the Bald Faced, but the larger venue really sucked out the energy of the band and to tell you the truth I didn't enjoy them on that occasion.

Killer tour. Much thanks to the likes of Kegan and Dyson for making it all happen, and for the hospitality of Maximum Perversion and Space Bong. I'll surely be back to your towns in the very near future (my new stoner project heads to Adelaide in October actually).


Cannibal Corpse Australian/New Zealand Tour 2009

Posted by Lachlan

Cannibal Corpse thank DethklokThose cannibals of corpses Cannibal Corpse are headed to Australia and New Zealand during Septemeber 2009 thanks to Soundworks Touring. Man do those guys ever take a break!?

Full information and press release below.

What more can be said, in this Year Of The Corpse 2009, that hasn’t already been whispered, grunted or screamed about the almighty Cannibal? They’ve smashed—nay, hammer smashed—every boundary set before them, defied every censor set upon them, and besmirched every country that would have them. After two decades of unending death metal torment, the band’s calling cards are many: the depraved lyrics, the blinding technical prowess, the dominating stage presence, the legions of dedicated fans, the million and a half albums sold. Cannibal Corpse are slashing their way back to Australia and New Zealand to skewer us as all from ear to ear in support of their new album "Evisceration Plague"!

Mon September 7th - Transmisson Room, Auckland, NZ (Lic / AA)
Tue September 8th - The Bedford, Christchurch, NZ (Lic / AA)
Thu September 10th - Capitol, Perth, (18+)
Fri September 11th - Fowlers Live, Adelaide (Lic / AA)
Sat September 12th - The Roundhouse, Sydney (Lic / AA)
Sun September 13th - The HiFi, Brisbane, Brisbane (18+)
Tue September 15th – Billboard The Venue, Melbourne (18+)


Auckland - ,, Real Groovy
Christchurch - ,, Real Groovy
Perth -, 78 Records, Mills Records
Adelaide -,
Sydney -
Brisbane -, Rockinghorse Records, Moshpit Music
Melbourne -,,, Missing Link

Cannibal Corpse


Sadistik Exekution to play at the 2009 Australian Heavy Metal Awards

Posted by Lachlan

Sadistik ExekutionI'd first like to state that I think the idea of the Australian Heavy Metal Awards is stupid; as is the Association for Australian Heavy Metal. They have some 2009 "Heavy Metal Awards" thing coming up at The Forum on November 7th.

Now, I'm not sure anyone cared about these awards, so they've announced that the renown, reviled and infamous Sadistik Exekution are (allegedly - source) playing at the awards.

It is worthy to note that the judging panel is made up of some meaningful individuals in the 'metal community'; Glenn Dyson (Prime Cuts / Soundwork Touring), Rok (of Sad Ex fame) and a bunch of people I don't know from Riot, Stomp, Blunt Magazine, Inside Out Webzine and the head of the Music Business JMC Academy. They will be judging on a series of standard type awards, as well as totally trivial crap like "best band name" and "most popular merch".

Tickets go on sale on May 1st. Now I face a very difficult question: do I even care?

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