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Converge and Napalm Death Split 7″ EP Teaser

Posted by Matt

Stream the Napalm Death/Converge teaser track below, out soon on Deathwish Inc.


Free Download: Vendors Rich//Shut In – Digital Split

Posted by Matt

Vendors RichDudes split their songs for a release, Melbourne math metal band Vendors Rich and Shut In (Diploid, World at a Glance and Idle Minds). For free download now on the good ol' trustworthy bandcamp. Two very different approached to music, Shut In offers more soundscapey songs, as well as layering some lo-fi brutal downtrodden noises and d-beat, contrasting with Vendors Rich energetic metal/thrash. Never let genres get in the way of a good friendship I say.


With Michael Crafter, every party is a P.V. Party

Posted by Matt

PV PartyNorthern beaches sweater's Michael Crafter (the band) are not previous fans of prom queen, they are a bunch of club hopping, pill popping powerviolence partiers. Their newest release is proof to that fact, release a split tape with DJ JAWA. The other side includes a mashup remix of all the other tracks on side A. Most definitely a very self obsessive move by this duo, but i guess when your band name is called Michael Crafter a split with yourself seems rather appropriate, keeping to the theme of that hardcore tosser. Songs were originally scheduled for a split seven inch release on the now spent Six Nightmares Label (more info about that here), they are finally out and about on the cassette due to drop mid December. It has some great cameo's from Iain "Gilbo" Gilbert himself so keep an ear out for those on the tape, after all he did produce it.

Michael CrafterThe other side by JAWA sees an experimentation by himself using only samples from the songs, jumping between different dance genres that I have limited knowledge on stretching as far as from Dub-step to Moombahton (some crazy hyper tribal stuff). And the other side more straight up lo-fi punk/powerviolence one can come to expect from Michael Crafter with songs about youth crews holding hands under the cubicle to take shits, smoking bongs on DY beach and the usual references to Michael Crafter's gym regime.

Listen/Pre Order:

Michael Crafter - Live @ Blackwire supporting The Hard-Ons


Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD out now on Grindhead Records

Posted by Lachlan

Grindhead Records have just announced the release of the Plague Rages / Disturbance Project split CD entitled The Screaming Nightmare Continues. It is available from their website or MySpace for $12 AUD or $10 USD.

Plague Rages / Disturbance ProjectThe utterly intense barrage of merciless grindcore that is Spain's Disturbance Project have teamed up with the raw and immensely abrasive South American Plague Rages to create a monumental cranium exploding grind masterpiece!

For fan's of old Napalm Death, Rot, Warsore and Rotten Sound.

Download: Realidade Social MP3
Download: Jodida Estupidez Humana MP3

Grindhead Records


Download: ROFL / Frank Rizzo – The Crash That Ended In E

Posted by Lachlan

Frank RizzoAlright, so a while ago I promised I'd try and track down The Crash That Ended in E, the out-of-print split from Frank Rizzo and ROFL (two killer Sydney punk bands) originally released by DIY or Die Records. One of the members (and Aus Grind forum lurkers) has been kind enough to allow me to post it up here (just like he did his old Dot Dot Dot recording).

ROFL play fast, spastic, discordant, rocking Charles Bronson and  Spazz-inspired powerviolence hardcore, while Frank Rizzo play fast, screaming, and somewhat catchy hardcore punk. I'm a very big fan of both bands and always try and check 'em out when they play. Infact, Frank Rizzo have a show coming up on Friday the 17th of October at The Harp Hotel with Grannyfist, Code of Lies and Fuck Oath which I should be heading down to.

Anyway enough small talk. Let's fuck.

Download it!

Frank Rizzo live at SAS Studios in 2007


No Escape Releases: Exit Wounds, Skullhog/Coffins and Gruesome Stuff Relish Reissues

Posted by Lachlan

There are three piping hot new releases from No Escape Records, now available through their official website.

Exit Wounds - Self Titled CDEXIT WOUNDS - Exit Wounds CD + T-shirt OUT NOW!!
No Escape Records has the morally questionable, yet callously pleasurable task of sanctioning the debut full length offensive from Poland's masters of total grinding chaos and violent sonic psychosis! Exit Wounds stampede through 30 tracks of their ruthless and primal grindcore that is even heavier, faster, more intense and more deranged than their already terrifying “17 Wounds Of Exit” MCD!

This barely controlled cacophony is an avalanche of barbaric chainsawing riffs crossing the sociopathic hardcore of Cripple Bastards with Warsore’s detuned regressive grind, frenzied and inelegant drumming like Yacopsae gone feral and starved of any concern for the safety of itself or others, and utterly throat shredding vocal abuse spanning strangulated howls, animalistic snarling, pestilent retching and menacing barking. This unblinking chronicle of agony and degradation includes a brutish Retaliation cover and a blurr-grind take on Haymaker’s classic ’Another Shit Movie’! Truly, truly savage!

We've put together a CD and T-shirt pack for $30AUD which you can check out in the E-store here.

Skullhog/Coffins 7SKULLHOG/COFFINS - split 7" OUT NOW!!
After many years in the wilderness, No Escape returns to the primordial format of the split 7” with this fittingly unholy union of the goat and the hog, which has finally been unveiled after predictably being cursed by an endless succession of delays, indicating that someone or something somewhere did NOT want this beast set free!

Coffins, Japan's leading force in old school death-doom serve up 2 cavernously grim tracks of slow motion and mid-paced skullcrushing blasphemy, following on from the colossal legacies left by Winter, Hellhammer and Nihilist and including a cover of Carnage’s ‘The Day Man Lost’!

Holland's most primitive threesome, Skullhog return to the front with 1 crawling and sprawling epic of menacing and knuckle-dragging neanderthal cruelty fusing the plague-ridden dirge of Autopsy with the thuggish, swinging sludge of Iron Monkey and the Hog’s horrific grind roots from years gone by when they committed their grisly deeds under the Bile moniker.

This is definitely one of the heaviest and most brutal alliances in recent years, and limited to 500 copies so you’d better get in fast, with 200 on red wax available only from the bands and No Escape mailorder!

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH ‘Horror Rises From The Tomb’ and ‘Teenage Giallo Grind’ re-animated by No Escape records!
September will see the twitching corpses of Gruesome Stuff Relish’s two full lengths rise from their sodden and maggot-ridden resting places with 2 doses of Trioxin administered by No Escape’s unskilled and unlicensed practitioners of medical quackery and back-alley voodoo.

This Spanish trio has been performing cannibalistic ritual sacrifices and resurrection ceremonies for the past 8 years and have mastered the ancient art of morbid and malicious old school goregrind, and to cement the band’s legacy, their 2002 debut album ‘Teenage Giallo Grind’ and their 2008’s ‘Horror Rises From The Tomb’ will both be reissued by No Escape Records with added bonus material to feed the undead legions’ ravenous appetite for carnage and bloodshed!

Check it all out and more at the No Escape Records website.

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