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REVIEW: The Arson Project – Blood and Locusts

Posted by Lachlan

Sweden's The Arson Project have long been on my list to keep an eye out for since the band sent me a copy of their impressive demo 'Good Morning Vietnam' back in 2005. Their demo debuted a fast paced, frenetic grinding style that was topped off with scorching vocals that made me envisage scenes of mass-destruction brought about by widespread napalm bombing in Vietnam. Their name fit the aural intensity perfectly which is a rare thing is seems these days.

The Arson Project - Blood and Locusts'Blood and Locusts' offered a similarly caustic experience; while the music is definitely more mature and developed, I was again met with an absolutely crushing wall of powerful blast beats from the second I pressed play, backed by those familiar raspy, scorching mid-range vocals and devastating guitars underscored by an appropriately thick distorted bass.

The Arson Project clearly owe a lot to the Nasum school of grindcore. I'm sure the band have a hard time avoiding such a comparison to their iconic countrymen. The main difference between Nasum and The Arson Project though are the song structures; The Arson Project are not content to let grooves settle, refusing to let listeners gain a sense of comfort. Their jagged song structures are aimed wholly at creating a volatile atmosphere of chaos and unpredictability. Listening to these short and potent grind tracks played at breakneck speeds with multiple tempo changes throughout is a thoroughly disorientating experience.

The Arson ProjectThis is the style of modern grindcore I really enjoy; while the songs are short (I'd say the average clocks in at around 1:20) they don't fall victim to lazy songwriting. Each song is structured in isolation without reverting to irritating and predictable punk beat-blastbeat verse-choruses - and each song borrows from a wide range of extreme genres from grind, various schools of death metal (old school, melodic, progressive), hardcore punk, and crust. The track 'Mentalt Avrättad' even has a slight doom and melodic post-metal meditation as both Nasum and Rotten Sound have had a tendancies to do.

While this MCD is sure to have old school grind fans in a huff (and seriously who gives a fuck about them anyway? Boo hoo it doesn't perfectly rehash your favourite sloppy, poorly recorded nostalgic grind release - what a travesty) fans of modern grindcore should waste no time in getting. If you're into Afgrund, Rotten Sound, Sayyadina or Gadget then grab this album as soon as possible, because I believe it just might top any of the past offerings from either band.

This is crushing, violent, high-intensity grindcore done right. The songs are poweful and potent; crafted for maximum impact. Congratulations guys. This is definitely going to be one of my premier grind releases for 2009.


Obscene Extreme report from Diabolical Conquest

Posted by Lachlan

Obscene Extreme fansThe killer extreme webzine Diabolical Conquest have put up a fairly comprehensive run down and review of this years Obscene Extreme festival over in the Czech Republic. I know I'm pretty obsessed with the festival, so I found this to be pretty interesting stuff.

Bands such as Macabre Minstrels, Hell Show, Poppy Seed Grinder, Ass to Mouth, Keitzer, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Fucksaw, Disturbance Project, Cerebral Turbulency, Malignant Tumour, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Mesrine, Splitter, Putrid Pile, Cock and Ball Torture, Regurgitate, Agathocles, Namek, Dead, Pisschrist, Impaled Nazarene, Extreme Noise Terror and Macabre were at the festival, and Baz also managed to catch up with Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth) for a quick ad-hoc interview.

Check it out at Diabolical Conquest by clicking here!


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