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Expect to see a The Kill / Captain Cleanoff split 7″ in 2010

Posted by Lachlan

Well there you have it. Two of Australia's (and arguably the entire world's) very best grindcore bands - The Kill and Captain Cleanoff - have teamed up for a split 7". Both bands will be contributing new material.

The guys from The Kill say "it should be out in a month or two" with all the artwork allegedly finalised. The frenetic three-piece (which features Jay from Fuck... I' m Dead and Nik from Super Fun Happy Slide, not to mention the shred-work of Roby Blastasfuk) recorded 6 tracks for the split at Jason PC's (Blood Duster) Goatsound Studio. They tracks they recorded were entitled Pub Brawl, Passed Out in 30 Seconds, Trolly Pushing Zombies, Lobotomised by Chinwag, Utterly Unimportant and Shower of Bricks.

The split will be released within Australia by Blastasfuk Productions, as well as by Give Praise (US) and Psycotherapy (Czech Republic). Keep your ears out for some new emissions from Australia's premier grindcore acts!

The Kill - Fuck Emo (at Grindhead Records' Slaughterfest 2010)


The Kill – Blast Beat’n the Shit Outta PBS MCD OUT NOW!

Posted by Lachlan

Without fear of hyperbole I can safely say that The Kill are one of the most unabatedly intense grindcore bands in existence. These guys specialise in stripped back abrasive grindcore played at an abrupt and break-neck pace, with angular and dissonant shredded riffing, caustic throat-shredding vocals and an unrelenting blasting pace.

On Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS, Jay (Fuck... I'm Dead, Open Wound), Roby and Nik (Super Fun Happy Slide) tear through 16 tracks of caustic violent grindcore in 16 minutes. This is how grindcore SHOULD be played - and it's all recorded live and incredibly tight.

An unmissable release from Australia's most intense grind band. Own this if you like Insect Warfare, Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Pig Destroyer, Agents of Abhorrence or Captain Cleanoff.

Out now on Blastasfuk for $11 AUD (worldwide postage paid).



13/11 Gig Guide: Ebolie Sydney Harbour Cruise

Posted by Lachlan

Wow... it's a pretty dead weekend for gigs in Sydney it would seem.

Down in Melbourne you've got Roadside Burial and Beer Corpse on tour, playing alongside Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Super Fun Happy Slide and Garbage Guts over two shows. In Canberra you've got the almighty Looking Glass playing with LORD and the VeeBees (what an odd bill...).

In Sydney, the real deal is of course the Ebolie Sydney Harbour Boat Cruise on Saturday. This is the first boat cruise in recent memory; so get off your couch and support it. There will be alcohol, sun and grindcore against the background of Sydney Harbor (the Opera House and all that sentimental rubbish). Booze - of course - will be on sale, as will some light snacks and shit.

These things usually get pretty fucking chaotic. Should be a good'un. Also playing is Nobody Knew They Were Robots, Fallen Dominion and One Time Menace. Tickets can be purchased for $30 (yeah I know it's expensive) before we depart at 11:30am at Pyrmont Wharf (next to the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour). Here is the Facebook event, nerds.


REVIEW: Super Fun Happy Slide – The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario

Posted by Lachlan

Super Fun Happy SlideSuper Fun Happy Slide are one of the cooler new grindspawn of the healthy Melbourne grindcore scene. Having caught their intense live shows a few times in their hometown, I'd been waiting for their Bizarre Leprous debut ever since the group announced they had finished up recording (the first time around). To say this album is belated would be an understatement; Super Fun Happy Slide somehow actually managed to lose their entire first recording only to have to start it all again, opting for a much more lo-fi approach the second time around.

There are two reasons why I dig Super Fun Happy Slide; first of all they have a sense of humour, which I find essential when you're playing metal's retarded epileptic cousin (grindcore). Any band that takes their sloppy blastbeats, thirty-second songs and shoddy rehashed punk riffing too seriously sickens me. Secondly, these guys are not afraid to mix things up. For the mostpart Super Fun Happy Slide play an amalgamation of raw, old school grindcore, crusty powerviolence and filthy gore/grind with a few hardcore, punk, thrash and rock elements thrown in for good measure. In their debut album The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario (we've all been there man) you'll hear everything from old school Napalm Death punk riffing, rockin' The Day Everything Became Nothing gore grooves, a few Gronibard shrieks, some 80's divebombs, some left over Slayer riffs and smatterings of L.D.O.H. gorefilth.

Nik of Super Fun Happy SlideSimply put; these guys mix up some of the best forms of extreme music to stave off monotony. Now, I don't mind myself a little bit of Insect Warfare, but to call those guys dynamic or varied is a fucking joke. They have their one style and they stick to it. Super Fun Happy Slide at least aren't afraid to throw a cheesy rock riff into a song or blatantly send up The Day Everything Became Nothing. The variation is quite refreshing; and what really comes across in listening to this album is that these guys are having a shitload of fun playing their music.

What really stood out about these guys live is the multi-faceted vocal style; vocalist Nik (who has since succeeded Tony of Blood Duster and Neil of Undinism in the incredible grind three-piece The Kill) holds two mics live - one running through a pitch-shifter and the other a dry mic. Nik provides the band with solid gore/grind bellows (a vocal style I'm usually fairly indifferent to), high-pitched shrieks and throaty hardcore yells. Their hyper-active drummer Brad doesn't seem content with trying to dismantled his drumkit and pushing his body to it's physical limit - opting to provide powerviolence-esque back-up vocals. Ever seen a dude push himself as hard as possible into a blast beat while simeltaniously screaming his head off? One serious customer.

Super Fun Happy Slide: the serious tech businessThe Undislodgable Nugget Scenario features 19 bursts of thrashing, grinding, rockin' power-violence gore with each track clocking in at an average of 75 seconds. The mix of styles makes this album instantly lovable - but it will have one major drawback for some: it is recorded like shit. Now the dudes insist they went for a 'raw, live feel' for the album, and the production is definitely not without it's charm, but it's no doubt going to piss a few people off. I'm still a little bit on the fence about the production; a times I love the stripped back feel and the fact that the drummer doesnt have to hide behind a shitty, beat-replaced drumkit. It's purely a matter of taste; if you prefer the ultra-fake Rotten Sound beat-replaced drums backed by 35 guitar tracks then maybe you'll have a problem with this album. If you're not a production snob and enjoy the raw, crusty punk, powerviolence and grind albums of yesteryear then chances are you're going to love it.

If you dig the likes of early Napalm Death, Regurgitate, Captain Cleanoff or any number of grinding powerviolence bands, get your shit together and grab this. It's a guaranteed shortlist for one of the years best grind albums. Word on the street is the band is already sorting out their next recording; a split 7" with Tasmanian band Now You're Fucked.

Super Fun Happy Slide


Lachlan’s Top 5 Australian grind albums

Posted by Lachlan

It's been a slow news week and I can't find shit to post, so here are my Top 5 Australian grind albums I recently had to compile for a magazine interview with some additional explainatory bullshit attached. Why not list your favourite 5 Australian grind albums too so we all feed like one big warm, happy eFamily (or is that iFamily?)?

In no particular order;

Captain Cleanoff DiscographyCaptain Cleanoff - Discography (No Escape Records): Insanely catchy punk-influenced grindcore; the perfect distillation of Napalm Death style grind coupled with truly infectious grooves. The original pressing of Captain Cleanoff's self-titled was one of my first ever encounters with grindcore, and still remains one of my favourite grind albums of all time. Grindhead sells it.

The Kill Hate SessionsThe Kill - Hate Sessions (No Escape Records): Blisteringly intense, caustic and relentless single-pedal grindcore which has featured at various times members of Fuck... I'm Dead, Blood Duster, Undinism and Super Fun Happy Slide. This three-piece are up there with Gridlink, Pig Destroyer, Discordance Axis and Insect Warfare in their ability in creating fast, violent and stripped-back grindcore. Grindhead sells it.

Agents of Abhorrnece Earth.Water.SunAgents of Abhorrence - Earth.Water.Sun (Numerical Thief): Frantic Discordance Axis-styled discordant guitar riffing fused with chaotic song structures and delivered with absolutely crushing intensity. To be completely honest, these guys even showed up Insect Warfare when they supported them in Sydney. A wall of chaotic grinding noise.

Blood Duster str8outtanorthcoteBlood Duster - Str8outtanorthcote (Relapse Records): This is THE Blood Duster album to own. It captures the band at their most stoner-rock orientated moment, melding incredible blues-baked stoner riffs and psychedelic grooves with erratic bursts of blast beats and Blood Duster's hilarious sense of humour.

Five Star Prison Cell The Complete First SeasonFive Star Prison Cell - The Complete First Season (Faultline Records): An absolute oddity in the world of grind. These guys mix grindcore with The Dillinger Escape Plan-esque rapid-fire syncopations and complex Meshuggah-influenced polyrhythms with a vocalist that constantly conjures up references to Mike Patton's experimental approach to vocals. Incredibly awesome, complex and unique. You could argue this isn't strictly grindcore, but I don't care. It rules.

This weekend Ebolie and Kill A Celebrity triumpantly return to the stage at Bald Faced Stag. Be there.


Such Is Life Festival 2009 (VIC)

Posted by Lachlan

PisschristWe've got the final line-up for Victoria's awesome Such Is Life festival. This year the event is taking place on the 27th and 28th March at Truganina, about 19km west of Melbourne CBD (on the Werribee train line).

While the bands kick off at 7PM each night, shit will be going down from 1PM on the Saturday. Food is available and camping is welcomed. There will be pick ups from Laverton train station on both days at prescribed times.

Blah blah blah just check out their site for more of those tedious details. Now onto the good stuff:

Friday the 27th of March
Straightjacket Nation
Walrora (NSW/VIC)
Super Fun Happy Slide
All My Circuits
Stab Cult (ex-Cut Sick)

Saturday the 28th of March
Captain Cleanoff (SA/NSW/VIC)
Crux (NSW)
The Once Overs
Shitfight (NSW)
Taipan (NSW)
Scum System Kill (NSW)
Crossed Lines

For more information:

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