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Black Jesus: Everything Black, Everything Dead

Posted by mothereel
What did Samboy do?

The return of Black Jesus

The rotten-hearted men of Grindhead Records sacrificed themselves so that you might hear this chillingly morbid yet cacophanously brutal and relentlessly aggressive album of scrap metal by Black Jesus.

"Everything Black... Everything Dead" will mark a sign on thousands of maniacs by grinding out evil powerchords that move blazingly fast as the drums blast away into one's brain. The album fuses something already angst-driven like hardcore punk and thrash metal with all the brilliance of the left hand path followers of death metal.

For fans of Autopsy, Brutal Truth, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Repulsion, Terrorizer

Deluxe Double Sided Embossed Digipak limited to 500 copies!

Download the track: Born In A Tomb


Cosmic Vortex inflict some serious Chip Damage

Posted by Mathias

Cosmic Vortex are a 4-piece grindcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia, and have knocked out a tidy debut CD titled "Konspirasi Busuk".

Bearing blastbeats and rapid tremolo picked guitar, Cosmic Vortex, armed with their vocalist who finds a comfortable mid level shout to fill the space, with lyrics about capitalism, environmental issues and classic Street Fighter, are ready to hit you with a cross-up kick to your hapless face with their brand of Indonesian deathgrind.


Claiming to be influenced by Napalm Death and Terrorizer, Cosmic Vortex  have found a sound here that will be comfortably familiar for anyone who is a fan of the previously mentioned influences. The grind is broken up with some more head-bang friendly moments, that really emphasise the big crunchy guitar and bass rumble, and the polished overall sound of the recording.

Most of the ten tracks clock in between 1 and 2 minutes and roll along with great energy and focus, and while "Konspirasi Busuk" is an impressive debut, it does leaves room for growth and development that I look forward to listening to on future releases from this young band.

This 15 minute grindcore romp, released on Aunorysm Records, really  illustrates some of the great interesting music springing up out of one of South East Asia and is well worth checking out.

You can find Cosmic Vortex on the internet here



Terrorizer review of Code of Lies – The Age of Disgrace

Posted by Lachlan

The Australian grind scene is getting a lot of love from Terrorizer Magazine lately, which is fantastic to see and very much appreciated.

Here is a brand spanking new review of Code of Lies' The Age of Disgrace MCD:

Spasticated grindcore pumping in the vein of Insect Warfare, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and early Pig Destroyer, Code Of Lies play a tormenting and deranged breed of music with some hella guttural vocals - they're an acid tinged traditionally composed and relentlessly blasty on the trademark poppy snare. 7/10

The Age of Disgrace is available now on Grindhead Records for $8 AUD within Australia or $6 USD Worlwide (including postage). Click here to download an MP3 of the track  Swarm of Vultures.


REVIEW: Death-Cult Jock – West End Blast

Posted by Lachlan

Death-Cult Jock are a new South Australian grind band that - in typically incestuous Adelaidian fashion - features members of other noteworthy groups of various styles including; God God Dammit Dammit, Space Bong, Robotosaurus and The Rivalry. If you're familiar with any of the aforementioned bands, then you should already know this is going to be some serious grinding business.

Death-Cult Jock play a stripped back distillation of early punk-influenced Napalm Death and slightly more death metal influenced Terrorizer. Jock's appropriately metallic, crusty bass crackles underneath the mix of frenzied, blasting drums and tremolo picked, distorted guitars. Kegan's vocals are a combination of extremely harsh mids and low belows, appropriately tinged with a misanthropic gain-ridden crust/black metal edge that remind me ever so slightly of Tomas Lindberg's work in Lock Up, with the occasional Mitch Harris-esque high shriek.

Of the twelve songs that appear on the album, seven clock in at less than a minute. Infact, four songs only hit the 10 second mark, including the tracks Christian Punks Fuck Off, Uni Wankers Fuck Off and Death-Cult Jock Fuck Off. The group also expand the sound with a few brief nods towards old school doom - and let me clarify; we're not talking about the more modern European grind bands trendy penchant for a slowed down hardcore riff passed off as doom; I mean the REAL doom. The final track Numb ends with an absolute monster of a riff that would be appreciated by fans of Celtic Frost. An absolutely crushing way to end a relentless grind album (and the bands live set).

Death-Cult Jock's West End Blast is a solid piece of unabated aural aggressiveness; 17 minutes of channeled anger and brutality that comes highly recommended for fans of old school acts like early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, early Brutal Truth and Repulsion as well as more modern groups throwing back to the original premises of grind such as Lock Up, Captain Cleanoff, Insect Warfare and Kill the Client. There's also enough of a crust/punk element to interest fans of Phobia, Discharge and Unholy Grave.

Let's be thankful that in this era marked by the saturation and infilitration of Metalcore groups and Indie pop rockers in the local music scene there are still strong grindcore groups forming over Australia.


Captain Cleanoff Interview in Terrorizer

Posted by Lachlan

Captain Cleanoff head over to Euro to tear up the UK alongside Dutch grinders FUBAR in August as well as playing the awesome Obscene Extreme festival in July.

Old mate Muz provided this interview for Terrorizer's website.



Blood Duster on Obscene Extreme, new album and porn

Posted by Lachlan

Blood DusterTerrorizer magazine/website have just put up an interview with Jason PC from Blood Duster prior to their appearance at this years incredible Obscene Extreme Festival.

The guys talk shit about the festival, their favourite bands, hanging out with Kevin Sharp, the direction of the new album, pissing off Europeans, drinking Czech beer and sampling European porn. There's also the startling revelation that Dave Haley "can't play rock n' roll to save his life". You mean ultra-triggered fairy-tapping, one-dimensional tech/death drummers can't play rock n' roll with any feel, heart or soul? Who would've thunk it.

Check it out here old mate ehhh.

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