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Hydromedusa release their rockin’ stoner debut!

Posted by Lachlan

Hydromedusa: seriously classy swinging stoner groove.South Australian seems to be producing some serious fucking stoner doom these days between Space Bong, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Iron Worzel and Bronze Chariot. Now there's a new name to add to that list: Hydromedusa.

The new Adelaidian doom quintet have just released their self-titled debut. The album is a piece of seriously rocking stoner for fans of Church of Misery, Looking Glass, Blood Duster and the like.

These guys manage to pull off swinging stoner rock with class, precision and groove that puts them right up there with some of the big names in the genre. This album is well worth your time. What's more, these guys have been nice enough to let you download the whole album for free.

Go give it a spin. If you dig it, donate some cash to the band. They fucking deserve it. The band might have some physical copies left too. Just ask them on Facebook.

Hoping to get these dudes over to Sydney late 2011.


Powerviolence and the Pope: Michael Crafter and Battle Pope Adelaide tour

Posted by Lachlan

Michael Crafter at Hot Damn!Adeladians; best prepare yo-selves for two nights of toe-tapping, hyper-sexualised swing/grind and inane positive powerviolence partying, because Michael Crafter and Battle Pope are coming to town.

This weekend the two proponents of the flailing  Sydney grind scene will combined their blasting power for two South Australian shows, joined  by an array of Adelaide's finest.

Battle Pope will use the shows to launch a special, limited-run tour EP in anticipation of their debut album later this year.

Friday 17th June at The Squatters Arms

- Prisonbitch
- Michael Crafter (NSW)
- Poisonous Viper Gang
- Battle Pope (NSW)
- Guantanamo Bay City Rollers
- Death-Cult Jock
Doors 9pm. Entry $10.

Saturday 18th June at Live on Light Square
- God God Dammit Dammit
- Battle Pope (NSW)
- Micheal Crafter (NSW)
- Iron Worzel
Doors 7pm. Entry $8.

Facebook event.

Powerviolence and the Pope: Michael Crafter and Battle Pope Adelaide Tour


13 piece party funk holocaust at Dirty Shirlows tonight!

Posted by Lachlan

Tonight the 13+ piece party funk holocaust that is Adelaide's God God Dammit Dammit will funk the fuck out of Dirty Shirlows warehouse in Marrickville this evening.

You should most definitely be there. Dirty Shirlows is at 32 Shirlow Street - just off Sydenham Road near Sydenham station.

God God Dammit Dammit features members of South Australian staples Space Bong, Death-Cult Jock, Meat Wallet, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers and countless others. Also playing are Day of the Meerkat and Rockethead.

Come awnnnn let's hit it.

God God Dammit Dammit - Jimmy Sings the Hits Tonight

God God Dammit Dammit at Black Wire Records


New music for your facehead, starring The Kill, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Helm, Phobia, Altars and more

Posted by Lachlan

THE KILL: Melbourne's The Kill could be one of the most intense grindcore bands on earth (alongside the likes of Gridlink, Agents of Abhorrence, Discordance Axis, early Pig Destroyer and the like). They're about to release a live album they did for PBS Radio on No Escape Records. You can listen to two tracks Needs More Napalm and Fuck the Olympics on their MySpace page.

THE GUANTANAMO BAY CITY ROLLERS: There is a cool live clip up from the awesome South Australian grinding stoner/hardcore punk rock band The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers. It's one of those funky Facebook video things, but hopefully you can see it here (you may need to be logged in).

AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE / ROSKOPP: The awesome Agents of Abhorrence have teamed up with fellow Australian grinders Roskopp to release a split 7" from Crucificados, apparently.

HELM: Queensland's Helm have 4 of 5 new tracks off their upcoming album Volume 2... The Winter March - which is quite a lot when you consider their songs are all in the vicinity of 7+ minutes. Their new album is due out early 2010, and their debut album Keehaul... Volume 1 has been in almost constant rotation in my CD player since I purchased it. It is beyond highly recommend for fans of Cult of Luna, Isis and the like.

ALTARS: South Australian death metal band Altars have a new song up, which will form part of their split with Tzun Tzu. I'm not a fan of too many death metal bands these days, but these guys seem to have the whole Morbid Angel vibe going with an evil-as-fuck atmosphere to accompany it. Sounds promising.

GENE POOL SHARKS: Sydney thrashing 90s hardcore punkers Gene Pool Sharks have two demo tracks up.

EYETOFUK: LSD-soaked rocking cyber-grind whack Lithuanian cunts Eyetofuk are letting you download their Grindhead Records split with Putrid Whore for free.

PIRATE: Sydney prog wizards Pirate have some new songs off their latest release. I will go ahead and say these guys shit all over anything The Mars Volta could have hoped to achieve in the last few years.

KYU: kyü are an extremely promising new Sydney duo who you should all listen to.

PHOBIA: Orange County grinders Phobia have a new video clip up on their MySpace page for their track Rise Up.

- In other more important news, some vapid chick wants me to 'comment her truth box' as she is 'is bored and wants to know secrets'. I have something for her truth box right here.


New releases from Space Bong and Cuntscrape

Posted by Lachlan

Two very cool Australian bands have put out new releases in the last couple of weeks; Adelaide's filthy merchants of nihilistic doom Space Bong and Perth's depraved, porn-obsessed Cuntscrape.

Space Bong are a South Australian doooooooom band featuring members of a number of very talented groups, including Meat Wallet, Death-Cult Jock and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers. Their debut album The Death of Utopia is now available from An Out Recordings (which is a label run by Anna Vo of Crux).

The Death of Utopia is a four song, 70-minute odyssey of noise-laden doom/sludge, made in part in collaboration with Die Like A God. It comes in a nice smick little digi-pak and is currently available from Big Star (SA), Repressed Records (NSW), Paint it Black (NSW) and Missing Link (VIC). I'm fucking very keen to get my hands on this; Space Bong fucking destroyed at Squatfest 2009.

Next up, Western Australia's Cuntscrape have released a new split CD "Split Roast" on Prime Cuts with Deathfuckingcunt. You can always count on these dudes to pull out some groovin', rockin' tunes that will transform even the most virginal angel into a filthy slab of depraved meat.

Old mate Lord Labia knows his shit, so get your gesticulating headcunt listening flaps around this Split Roast. I promise I won't film, sell and distribute the ensuing orgy that would put even the ancient cult of Dionysus to shame.


The Aftermath of Scumfest (SA)

Posted by Lachlan

Scumfest 2009This will just be a quick self-indulgent write up to cover the Scumfest 2009 festival that took place over the Australia Day long weekend in Adelaide. All I can say is that it was fucking awesome. From the venue Worldsend, the crowds and the mix of bands that played, the festival really exceeded my expectations.

Kill A Celebrity was invited alongside Dining in Tuscany to participate in Scumfest, and I can recall from memory that Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (NSW) was invited over last year as one of their first interstate shows. What I was really impressed with was the vibe of the festival; the promoter Kegan (vocalist of Space Bong and Death-Cult Jock) goes out of his way to invite bands that he is truly passionate about rather than fill up the bill with token acts. Not only is he a great promoter, but he is extremely hospitable - offering us free accommodation and even food from his kitchen. We made sure we sent him something as a token of our great appreciation.

Scumfest 2009As for the bands themselves there were a few solid standouts. Death-Cult Jock and Corruptors both stood out as two extremely fast, tight and violent new old-school grind bands to look out for. Dining in Tuscany delivered their typically energetic and ultra-tight brand of epic blackened grindcore to an absolutely mesmorized crowd. Captain Cleanoff and Robotosaurus absolutely destroyed the fucking venue as the headliners of each night, boasting enormous live sound and ridiculously catchy mid-paced mosh-friendly grind. Unfortunately the killer Zappa-meets-Parilament-esque party band God God Dammit Dammit wasn't able to play on the Sunday night, but we were able to catch them in a jam earlier in the day.

The highlight of the weekend for me by far was Space Bong. Man did they fucking CRUSH me (and why wouldnt they with members of no less than FOUR killer SA bands; The Rivalry, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Meat Wallet and God God Dammit Dammit). A sledge hammer of some of the heaviest, vile, sludge-ridden stoner doom I have ever heard. Rumour has it that Anna V of Crux is releasing their upcoming album, and I for one am extremely jealous. These guys are no doubt one of the best doom bands I have seen in Australia - so don't miss a chance to catch them. If I have my way we should hopefully be seeing them in Sydney before the year is out.

Scumfest is another welcome addition to the growing mini-festivals across Australia (a la East/West Death Grind Fest, Grindcore 2009, Devils Kitchen, Chaos ACT, Slaughterfest, Brutalfest and so on). I definitely endorse it and urge anyone keen to attend. We're going to have to see if we're welcome back for Scumfest 2010.

Dave from Space Bong

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