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A Tribute to Torpy

Posted by mothereel

So many good bands, such a good cause, you'd be a fool to resist.


On the 26th of April, We Lost The Sea are hosting a special show with a bunch of friends, bands and fans to come together to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2012. It is a night for coming together as a community and a local music scene to remember and share some laughs and memories of the person he was and what he was passionate about.

The show will also be a fundraiser for the charity beyondblue who provide support for people who suffer any form of depression and anxiety, empowering all Australians, at any life-stage, to seek help. beyondblue raises awareness, reduces stigma and ensures people have access to the information they need to support recovery, management and resilience.

Not a day goes by that we all don't think about him. To pay tribute to Chris we could think of no better way than to get together a bunch of bands full of people that he loved and who loved him.


There's also a download of some bands that Chris was a part of, tracks that he collaborated on and other bands that wanted to pay tribute to him.

All the set times and things for the gig are on the facebook event page.


Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse Australian tour; split LP out now

Posted by Lachlan

Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse - Fuck armageddon this is JCPThe new Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse split 12" LP is out now and available for free download over at Art As Catharsis.

If you haven't heard them, Battle Pope describe themselves as "Little Richard wildly fucking Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff and Elvis at a hedonist coke-orgy". Jesus Christ Posse sound like Black Flag with Billy Graham on vocals, or D.R.I. fronted by Pat Robertson.

Tour dates below. Facebook event here.

Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse Australian Tour

Fri 18 Jan - Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane (AA)
w/ Machina Genova, Fvck Mountain, Ritual Harm

Sat 19 Jan - Rhys' House, Sunshine Coast

Sun 20 Jan - Wasp Factory, Lismore

Tue 22 Jan - Venue TBC, Byron Bay

Wed 23 Jan - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

Fri 25 Jan - The Pot Belly Hotel, Canberra
w/ Wretch + TBC

Sat 26 Jan - The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
w/ The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers (SA), Peter Brock (SA), Snakes Get Bad Press

Fri 1 Feb - Venue TBC, Melbourne
w/ We Lost the Sea, Fully Cooked + TBC

Sat 2 Feb - Scumfest 2013, Old Queens Theatre, Adelaide
w/ Totally Unicorn, Captain Cleanoff, Space Bong, God God Dammit Dammit, We Lost the Sea, The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers and many more

Battle Pope vs. Jesus Christ Posse Australian Tour


REVIEW: In Trenches – Sol Obscura

Posted by Lachlan

In Trenches - Sol Obscura: out now on MonolithThe sound of Australian hardcore is changing. The music seems to be getting darker and heavier with every passing year.

Australian hardcore today seems to be a long way from the days of old Toe to Toe - or even the polished hardcore offerings of later-era Mindsnare. Today's scene is being shaped and driven by like In Trenches, Lo!, Totally Unicorn, Robotosaurus, The Rivalry (I miss you), Night Hag, No Anchor, IDYLLS, The Matador and At Dark. These bands are embracing experimentation, complex rhythms, noise, dissonance, dirging drone and ambience in a move away from the sterile 'one mood, one volume' sound of overcompressed modern hardcore - and this makes me exceedingly happy.

Melbourne's In Trenches really represent a lot of the best progressive elements in modern Australian hardcore. Their music has a basis in seething, noisy hardcore sludge with a slight black metal tinge and occasional departure into spacey post-metal meditation. They're forging a more dynamic and progressive style of heavy music that owe as much to bands like Isis, Cult of Luna, and Wolves in the Throne Room as they do Converge and Eyehategod.

Sol Obscura also represents a complete rejection of the sterile production of modern hardcore. There are no close-mic'd, beat-replaced drums to be found here, and the guitars are cold, squashed and over-compressed. Instead, In Trenches have opted for a far more organic approach, which allows for far more life, more feeling and more dynamics in the music. (Insert a recognition that recording/mixing was handled by a Joel Taylor at Three Phase Studios.)

If this is where hardcore music is moving - into more progressive and dynamic territory - then I can't wait to see how the style progresses. And it would seem that, once again, Australia is on the very cusp of a new development in underground music.

Do yourself a favour. Listen to In Trenches and support Australian underground music.

Nice one, Monolith.

In Trenches in action


Matt’s best of 2011

Posted by Matt

Being inspired by Lachlan's comprehensive list of his favourite 2011 hits I though I would put together a small list of my own. Personally I thought while trying to filter through the sheer volume of stuff coming out to find albums you actually enjoy, there was quite a few goodies to come from 2011, although often over hyped and just generally over saturated these days its hard to tell whats a hit and whats shit. I would like to read more about different music and original new releases but everyone gets the same press releases, the same promo CD's and writes the same shit about the same overworked bullcrap. My list might not be that surprising for those who know me, but hey, I can't help like what I like. That being said here's my lists.

Top 5 releases of 2011

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra: After seeing them live this month I couldn't go past including this album. Just some great fuzzed out pop.
  • Tyler, The Creator - Goblin: Possibly over-hyped yes, but on first listen I fell in love, it gave me hope for the future of music.
  • The Middle East - I Want That You Are Always Happy: Great album full stop.
  • Adalita - Adalita: Sad chick music, sounds awesome and gives me goosebumps.
  • Anchors - Bad Juju: Aussie melodic punk, I listen to this HEAPS and it never gets old.

The best extreme music of 2011

  • The Kill - Shower of Bricks: Noone says no to The Kill
  • The Reverend Jesse Custer - S/T: Great grindcore from Canberra, straight up awesome.
  • Totally Unicorn - Horse Hugger EP: Party dudes, party metal, and are even better live.
  • Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti: To help you get heaps excited for the Jan tour!
  • Ironhide - Create/Collapse/Repeat: Good album! I like listening this to psyche myself up.

Best gigs of 2011

  • Defiance, Ohio - Secret Show @ Sham Haus (January)
    Defiance should only ever be seen in a house show circumstance, where their music most makes sense, support by the Smith Street band and a whole bunch of acoustic locals. Heaps sweaty and awesome.
  • Iron Lung - Dirty Shirlows (January)
    Finally I got to see Iron Lung, as powerful as predicted. They need to play for longer, I don't care, I loved it.
  • Bluesfest - Byron Bay (April)
    Fishbone and The Aggrolites, need i say more?
  • Yo Gabba Gabba - Opera House (June)
    Front row brilliance and DJ Vance getting those toddlers screaming for more
  • Family Man, Atomgevitter - Bandung, Indonesia (July)
    I chose this show because it was a true underground Indonesian venue, sweaty, full of punks getting stoked on all things Kontrasosial and raging D-beat. A great show.
  • Artless Armchair 7 (December)
    Grindcore, folk, party rock and DJ's playing music on a remote farm for a whole weekend. My favourite weekend of the year... every year.

What I would like to see come out of 2012

  • More Weezer
  • White Male Dumbinance playing more shows
  • The new Agents of Abhorrence album
    I get a little hard every time I think about this new album finally coming to fruition.
  • More people finding great albums and sharing them.
    So more great music is heard.

Australian Grind Hero of the Year

Tom Scott for his tireless effort letting us play in his shopfront every weekend, feeding us veg pies and putting on great shows week in week out.


Totally Unicorn – Daddy’s Stabby Surprise Video Clip

Posted by Matt

Disclaimer: Heaps of dick, definitely NSFW unless you wish turn turn you boss ON.!/pages/Totally-Unicorn/331868764913


4 Dead / Robotosaurus April East Coast Tour

Posted by Lachlan

Four fucking deadI have been an enormous fan of 4 Dead since Ebolie played with them back in 2005. It is therefore with great joy that I am able to pass on news of the upcoming 4 Dead / Robotosaurus East Coast Tour in April.

Wed 13th April - Canberra: Bar 32, with Love Shy and Mammon
Thu 14th April - Sydney: The Townie, Newtown with Totally Unicorn and Fixtures
Fri 15th April - Melbourne: Gasomoter with Agonhymn and In Trenches
Sat 16th April - Melbourne: Catfood Press with Encircling Sea and Useless Children
Sun 17th April - Adelaide: Animal House with Coerce and Dickwolf

Thank Kahn 4 Dead have returned - it has been far, far too long. The guys have a new album coming out *sometime* in 2011. Just get yoself to a show and you will not regret it.

Facebook event.
4 Dead on Facebook.
Robotosaurus on Facebook.

4 Dead / Robotosaurus East Coast Tour 2011

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