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The visuals behind Australian grind: Glenno launches his new site

Posted by Lachlan

Municipal Waste design by Glenno / Glenn SmithIf there is one single visual artist that has been most strongly associated with the Australian grindcore scene above all others,  that would have to be "Glenno" (Glenn Smith).

Glenno has been creating brilliant illustrations for the Australian underground music scene for countless years. I can remember when I joined on to Grindhead Records back in 2005, Glenno was always our go-to man for incredible artwork at an obscenely reasonable cost.

This man has the utmost respect of the Australian underground for good reason, having worked with the likes of Captain Cleanoff, Blood Duster, Agents of Abhorrence, Ebolie, Grindhead Records, 4 Dead, Pisschrist, Volatile, Pure Evil Trio, the Sydney underground zine staple Unbelievably Bad, Obscene Extreme festival, Slaughterfest, East/West Death Grind fest, Monster Sessions, Hard-ons, Meatlocker, Insect Warfare, Electric Wizard, Pod People, Municipal Waste, Willie Nelson, Black Sabbath and countless others.

In any case, old mate has a brand spankin' new website up, so go check it out, admire his work and commission him for all your grind-art needs! Oh, and be sure to like him on Facebook.

Keep up the great work pal! Love from your AusGrind pals.


DOWNLOAD: Audiablos – The World Through Blood Covered Glasses

Posted by Lachlan

Aww yeah, the AusGrind free Sunday download is BACK after having been temporarily put on hold due to my current lack of internet at home (and hence no way to host). While I am still netless, Rapidshare has come to the rescue.

Audiablos - The World Through Blood Covered GlassesThis time around we have a delightful 10 track demo from Audiablos from Western Sydney entitled The World Through Blood Covered Glasses.

Audiablos seems to be the one man cyber-grind project of Ross Diablos - and hey, I know what you're thinking right now ("aww but one man cyber-grind bands usually suck") and hell, I agree. But this is not one of those bands. Infact Ross has put together a pretty fucking impressive piece of fun and distinctly Australian cyber-grind EP, mashing funny as hell samples with almost dance-y drum samples and some killer fucking brutal death/grind.

Audiablos - The World Through Blood Covered GlassesThis is not your run-of-the-mill one man MySpace grind project. It's like some kind of unholy beast - some form of gigantic half-goat/half-horse/half-man - and 150 percent motherfucking hellspawn. Ross pools in a whole range of metal influences in Audiablos. The songs are well structured and well thought; sometime silly, other times just fucking crushing.

The music kind of reminds of a cross between Grindhead Records' Eyetofuk (who's Grindhead release remains one of my favourites to this day) with the likes of Gronibard and The Bezerker. The influences listed on his MySpace site ring pretty true - I can definitely hear the influences from Zimmer's Hole, Volatile and Devolved.

Anyway, this lad has produced some cool tunes I'd like to hear more of (and next time with a bass guitar to fatten up the sound). Killer stuff, download it right...... HERE!


Roadside Burial Interview on Extreme Aggression

Posted by Lachlan

Karkuss from Roadside Burial (with hair)For those of you who mightn't be familiar with Roadside Burial, they are an Australian old school veteran death/grind band in the vein of Napalm Death and Terrorizer that formed out of the ashes of the awesome Sydney death metal juggernaut Bludgeoner and featuring members of intense Newcastle noise/grinders Grannyfist and mongo yobbo grinders Volatile.

They are currently signed to Grindhead Records and have put out two split releases out through the label (one with zombified drunken death metallers Corpsickle and the other with local cult punk/grind legends Exhibit A). The group are expected to record 16 new songs in June.

Having seen these guys live, I can tell you they're a band you want to look out for. Their live sound is absolutely fucking MASSIVE, and between Karkuss's vocals and Macca's seemingly endless blast-beat endurance they'll tear more than a few heads off.

Roadside Burial - Such is LifeEnough talk. Check out the Extreme Aggression interview here.

More info on their split with Exhibit A Such Is Life
Download "Vengence is Mine" MP3

More info on their split with Corpsickle Blood Binge
Download "This hammer has a date with your forehead" MP3


Tonight: Grannyfist & Frank Rizzo at The Harp

Posted by Lachlan

Grannyfist LiveQuite a cool little Grindhead Records show on tonight which will be no doubt enhanced by the simplistic beauty of pints at an Irish Pub.

Grannyfist, Frank Rizzo, Code of Lies and Fuck Oath will all be grinding up The Harp Irish Pub at Tempe from 8:00pm. I recommend some form of steak/pint combination for maximum enjoyment (is there a bistro there?).

In case you don't know these bands; Grannyfist play Anal Cunt-inspired screeching breakneck grindcore, with an extremely talented drummer (who also plays in Roadside Burial with members of Sydney veterans Bludgeoner and Volatile) and a hilarious vocalist (who also DJs as Drillbit) armed with truly horrific and agonizing vocal effects.

Frank Rizzo liveFrank Rizzo are one of my favourite Sydney punk bands. Their music is fast, furious and catchy as hell, complimented by two vocalists who play very well of eachother. All up they are a killer six piece. Code of Lies are the promising young trans-genre grind band that I keep raving about (unforunately sans their caped vocalist Nathattak). Their new MCD The Age of Disgrace should be available on the night.

Last of all Fuck Oath are a crusty grind/hardcore band with members of many other Sydney bands. I haven't had a chance to catch these guys live yet.

The line up is as follows:
Frank Rizzo
Code of Lies
Fuck Oath

See you cunts there.

Grannyfist Frank Rizzo Code of Lies Fuck Oath at The Harp

Grannyfist Frank Rizzo Code of Lies Fuck Oath at The Harp


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