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DOWNLOAD: LOG – LOG’s Second Album

Posted by Lachlan

LOG - LOG's Second AlbumLOGare an experiment in excessive, down-trodden heaviness: their lumbering stoner grooves are infused with monolithic slabs of thick, de-tuned sludge. At their height LOG were one of the heaviest and catchiest party bands on the face of the earth – an unholy marriage of Blood Duster, Eyehategod, Weedeater and highly sexualised high-energy rock and roll.

Let the wild, unbridled energy of LOG’s sludge doom rock kick your next party into a blood orgy of swinging slam dancing and intense sexual thrusting. You will not regret it.

So download this shit, fool. This is heaviest, classiest sludge you are ever going to hear – AND IT’S FREE!

LOG’s Second Album was recorded in Sydney in 2002 and originally released through Highbeam Music in 2003. Nowdays LOG’s members are now scattered across the Australian stoner highlights Looking Glass and Pod People, as well as Boonhorse, Veebees, Disavow and Shifter.


BATTLE POPE: ASSEMBLE! (new Sydney partygrind for yo head)

Posted by Lachlan


Battle Pope are your new favourite Sydney pious party band, featuring members of Ebolie, Kill A Celebrity, Adrift for Days, Dyke Destroyer, Serious Beak, Squid (and so on and so forth).

These four sexual tyrannosaurs playing a sensual blend of swing, grind, funk, sludge and punk - citing influences like Captain Cleanoff, Log, Weedeater, Municipal Waste, Little Richard, Slick Rick, Parliament and Blood Duster.

They've got some rehearsal demos up on their MySpace and Facebook page. Strangely enough, one of the tracks is a cover of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally.

Check them out, and prepare to be judged. They debut at Black Wire Records on February 18th with Lazerface and Michael Crafter.


August 6th: Adrift for Days album launch with Agonhymn

Posted by Lachlan

Adrift for Days - The Lunar MariaSydney psychedelic stoner/doom band Adrift for Days are launching their 71-minute debut album "The Lunar Maria" this Friday at Club Carnage (Plantation Bar, Empire Hotel, Kings Cross). Joining them are Melbourne's experimental doom duo Agonhymn alongside locals Summonus and Bad Voodoo.

"The Lunar Maria" is inspired by groups like Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Alice in Chains, Orange Goblin, Om and Sleep and features members of other Sydney bands including Ebolie, Intrepid, The Captains Package and Kill A Celebrity.

The album was recorded at The Brain Studios, with additional recording, mixing and mastering completed by Tim Carr at 301 Studios.

Adrift for Days have two songs from "The Lunar Maria" available for streaming and download on their MySpace page. The album will be made available for $15 at shows as well as online and through iTunes from August.

Facebook  Event


Lachlan guest hosts 88.5FM from 11pm this Saturday

Posted by Lachlan

I am a guest on Thematics 2RRR 88.5FM this Saturday night. I get to talk shit and program all the tunes from 11pm til 1am.

Since the show is 'Thematics' I have chosen a melancholy theme which will feature the likes of Gauche, The Rivalry, Bjork, Beth Gibbons, John Lee Hooker, Botch, Earth, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Bill Withers, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Venetian Snares, Weedeater, Brian Campeau, Radiohead, Gotye, Nomeansno and some more music you would do well to hear.

Tune in or download the show after the fact at to hear my narcissistic self-important drug-affected ramblings. Also, be super-cool with the most important Facebook event you will ever virtually attend.


REVIEW: Whourkr – Concrete

Posted by Lachlan

I encountered Whourkr's first release Naat totally by chance during 2008 while searching for music that sounded slightly off-beat, experimental or different. When I saw the description of 'glitched gore/grinding breakcore' I couldn't resist.

Naat was definitely cool for a different take on some very unrelated genres, but the concept felt unfinished. There were definitely a few stand out moments; including a killer breakdown on the first track compromised entirely out of glitched guitar sounds, but overall it felt like the concept could be taken further and executed more cohesively.

Now this might seem like a fairly negative things to say, but it shouldn't be taken like that. Melding genres so extremely far apart is anything but simple, which I assume is why we have over 50,000 brutal death metal bands ripping off Goratory rather than anyone creating their own fucking music. France's Whourkr have a very unique take on extreme music, and they should definitely be respected for that. While Naat might not be perfect, it is still on a far higher rotation than say Cryptopsy's shitheap of a latest offering.

With Concrete, Whourkr have expanded their sound immensely. They draw upon a far greater range of genre elements than ever before. Perhaps coolest of all is that the gore/grind influence is quite diminished. Instead of all songs being built from gore/grind base with elements added on top, all the genres Whourkr toy with are given more prominence. They blend The Bezerker styled 'hardcore' influences (I fucking hate The Bezerker) with brutal death metal, gore grind, various forms of black metal, breakcore (atmospheric/folkish), glitchcore and - perhaps inevitably - elements of Fantomas.

The Fantomas influence is especially obvious in the style of the new vocalist, who I doubt has tried to hide his affection for Mike Patton. While the original vocalist Öxxö Xööx layed down a series of guttural death growls which limited the appeal of the music, the new vocalist gladly experiments with a range of shrieks, glitched yells, yelps and a whole series of other techniques. I also like the fact that Whourkr don't fall into the same mistakes those boring-as-fuck The Bezerker make - namely having poorly sampled glitched snare rolls prominent in the mix. There are few things worse than a poorly sampled snare roll constantly driving itself into your skull.

The massive expansion of sound are evident in songs like Santo, which starts with something of a folkish acoustic black metal piece, then evolves into a doomish piece before finally finishing with a very nice piano bit. Or on Cera Pollutera, with it's clean techy opening riff which is then quickly glitched.

Slaagt opens with a bit of a groovy gore riff, before once more being glitched into oblivion, mixing into a punishing brutal death metal sequence which drops out to leave a pure breakcore drum beat followed by a hauntingly gloomy vocal piece backed by a piano. The black metal influence continues with a very atmospheric black metal section backed by keyboards. This section is then repeated with some very cool sounding breakcore drumming (breakcore over black metal!??!!), a shrieking Fantomas vocal interlude until finally we are blasted into oblivion and left with an echoing scream and electronic noises as a closer. Awesome!

This album is a fairly large step forward and very impressive in terms of the amount of experimentation with fusing different styles and techniques. However, I feel that Whourkr are still yet to put their vision together cohesively. Everything still feels just a little disjointed. Whourkr may have not totally realised their potential, but this is still a fucking great album the duo should be congratulated for. If you like electronic music vs. metal type music - like the shitty The Bezerker or the much cooler Ladyscraper - then waste no time in checking these guys out. Infact, everyone should be forced to listen to this album - especially you boring death metal assholes who feel threatened when you hear anything but the same song rehashed for the billionth time.

Much respect to Crucial Blast for picking these guys up. They are a perfect fit for the label who has brought us fantastically varied music from the likes of Genghis Tron, Weedeater, Monarch, Grey Daturas, Noism and Scott Hull. I'm sure there is much more to be discovered within their catalog.


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