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Grindcore Karaoke rules; free grind for all!

Posted by Lachlan

Wadge on Grindcore KaraokeHeard of Grindcore Karaoke? Well, you should have. Run by vocalist of Agoraphobic Nosebleed J. Randall, this is a digital label that is completely committed to supporting incredible underground music.

So far the label has put out releases by the likes of Wadge, Maruosa, Death Grips, Gigantic Brain and Bong-Ra. Most awesomely, they've all been supporting the Australian scene by re-releasing Death-Cult Jock's West End Blast, Space Bong's The Death of Utopia and most-recently thedowngoing's Untitled. All are essential listening.

The best part? All of the releases are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Pretty awesome concept, I know. J. Randall did a cool interview over here about his idea behind the label. Check it out! And go findĀ Grindcore Karaoke on Facebook.


REVIEW: Death-Cult Jock – West End Blast

Posted by Lachlan

Death-Cult Jock are a new South Australian grind band that - in typically incestuous Adelaidian fashion - features members of other noteworthy groups of various styles including; God God Dammit Dammit, Space Bong, Robotosaurus and The Rivalry. If you're familiar with any of the aforementioned bands, then you should already know this is going to be some serious grinding business.

Death-Cult Jock play a stripped back distillation of early punk-influenced Napalm Death and slightly more death metal influenced Terrorizer. Jock's appropriately metallic, crusty bass crackles underneath the mix of frenzied, blasting drums and tremolo picked, distorted guitars. Kegan's vocals are a combination of extremely harsh mids and low belows, appropriately tinged with a misanthropic gain-ridden crust/black metal edge that remind me ever so slightly of Tomas Lindberg's work in Lock Up, with the occasional Mitch Harris-esque high shriek.

Of the twelve songs that appear on the album, seven clock in at less than a minute. Infact, four songs only hit the 10 second mark, including the tracks Christian Punks Fuck Off, Uni Wankers Fuck Off and Death-Cult Jock Fuck Off. The group also expand the sound with a few brief nods towards old school doom - and let me clarify; we're not talking about the more modern European grind bands trendy penchant for a slowed down hardcore riff passed off as doom; I mean the REAL doom. The final track Numb ends with an absolute monster of a riff that would be appreciated by fans of Celtic Frost. An absolutely crushing way to end a relentless grind album (and the bands live set).

Death-Cult Jock's West End Blast is a solid piece of unabated aural aggressiveness; 17 minutes of channeled anger and brutality that comes highly recommended for fans of old school acts like early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, early Brutal Truth and Repulsion as well as more modern groups throwing back to the original premises of grind such as Lock Up, Captain Cleanoff, Insect Warfare and Kill the Client. There's also enough of a crust/punk element to interest fans of Phobia, Discharge and Unholy Grave.

Let's be thankful that in this era marked by the saturation and infilitration of Metalcore groups and Indie pop rockers in the local music scene there are still strong grindcore groups forming over Australia.


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