LT011 – Lucia Draft – A Pile of Skeletons

LT011 – Lucia Draft – A Pile of Skeletons

This is probably one of the releases I have been most excited about for so long! It is amazing. 100 hand made individually numbered MCD’s with their own little booklet featuring art by Morgan Michelle Cabot. Great art and even better music. If you like the song below you are guaranteed to love the whole thing.

luciadraftLT011 – Lucia Draft – A Pile of Skeletons

Date of Release: 01-05-2009
Format: MCD
Copies: 50
Info: Solo debut EP by Morgan aka Lucia Draft (Boys Club, The Night of Love, Rotted Crow), based in the Hunter Valley this girl provides you with some of the sweetest tunes, delicately layered over an array of eccentric instruments. This five track EP takes full advantage of her unique voice and metaphorical peotic lyrics. If you enjoy being whisked away into a different universe this is the sort of infectious music you should be listening to.

Apple Tree
Stone and Shell

For Fans of: Mouldy Peaches, She & Him, Mushroom Family