Welcome – F’tang

Welcome – F’tang

Ftang_TourIt comes with great pleasure for me to introduce F’tang aka Foolahan to the Lesstalk family. I hope his overly fertile body produces much great music now and into the future. Over the past few weeks it has been great getting to know crazy-old Foolahan a lot better and I know he will do us proud. F’tang is releasing their 5-track debut EP on Lesstalk Records.

More Information: F’tang is Tom Houlahan. As recorded by Jonathan Boulet.
Note his spanky well groomed beard and awesome brown jacket. He enjoys math/rock, math rock and long walks on the beach. An Aquarius he listens to a lot of American Football, Trail of Dead and about a million other bands I have not yet heard of.

In Tom’s spare time he can be found recommending awesome music in Beatdisc Records Parramatta or playing live in other bands such as Jonathan Boulet (the band), Zounds and Gorge.