Simo Soo soo soo soo soo soon!!!!

Simo Soo soo soo soo soo soon!!!!

An announcement everybody!!! Lesstalk Records is releasing Simo Soo‘s album! He is a totes kewl guy and heaps keen welcome him to Lesstalk and release his album to be titled “SIMO SOO 4EVA!!”. Simo Soo plays solo music in a genre I like to call Skramz-Disco. He has been playing heaps lately with peoples like Hawney Troof and Realicide from the states and I’ve been heading to his shows and really digging his fucked up version of dance music. We met one fateful day playing a Michael Crafter + Simo Soo house show at his place in Petersham, it was a freaking great day baking in the sun drinking beerz in long necks. You may know Simo Soo from his other bands Be Suburban or Call The Medic, Call the Nurse!

Will be doing stuff with Simo and will be out soon.

He has a myspace and facebook and all that stuff too.!/pages/Simo-Soo/78983374620?ref=ts

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