SIMO SOO 4EVA!! Out Now!!

SIMO SOO 4EVA!! Out Now!!

Simo Soo


SIMO SOO 4EVA!! is the sophomore release for Sydney’s Simo Soo. Streamlining his eclectic noise/dance/punk party stylings into a electro punk hop spectacular. Produced by Simo & Snout Cassette’s Catinabox and featuring guest appearances by Little A, Katerina Valentine (ex-Emergency! Emergency!) & NZ hip hop artist Venom.

This long player has been a while in the making between Simo and myself, and I am finally glad to say it is done!! I recommend this for those Sydney peeps who like to stare at themselves in the mirror in their undies and dance their arse off. You know who I’m talking about.

For Fans of: Dan Deacon, Hawnay Troof, Gravy Train!!!!

Cost: $10
Bike City