Halal, How Are You? call last drinks

Halal, How Are You? call last drinks

The first time I saw Halal, How Are You? was at the Annandale Hotel on a way too mid week night, they seemed like a lovely bunch of kids who were very keen to be gracing the Annandale stage, even though it was very mid working week time of day. Playing with a bunch of forgettable bands this seemed not to phase them, within 10 minutes of played the singer was already half naked, spill my beer all over me and had tried to make out with my girlfriend. I loved it. It was the freshness of their live show that kept me coming back time and time again, as well as the necessity to dance your arse off at every show. Sadly they only have one show left in them.

A message from the band.

“Halal, How Are You? will be playing our last show on the 23 June at the King’s Cross Hotel. We feel we’ve achieved all we can with the time, resources and effort we’re willing to invest. We set out to put on an entertaining and idiosyncratic show, write music we enjoyed listening to, play with some great bands, get a little radio play, gain a fan base and produce a record. We’ve done all these things—however modestly—and are content. Too content and that’s the problem. We regret, too often, neglecting the camaraderie of our peers and passing up touring opportunities. We wish to thank all of you who supported and promoted us. We hope you had some good times. Most of all we’d like to thank everyone who has come along to our shows or bought our records or taken any sort of interest in what we were about. Your participation has meant everything to us. Hope to see you at our last show, let’s make it something.”

I personally don’t see this as being the end rather than the beginning of the next thing for these boys, further refining their sound and spitting out some more great music however form it may be. Their last show is the big hitting Lesstalk vs Dream Damage, where the boys will be headlining and rubbing their sweat all over the crowd one last time.

See Halal for the last time ever

Buy the last couple copies of their 12″ for a heavily discounted 10 bucks