Michael Crafter Queensland Tour – March 2012

Michael Crafter Queensland Tour – March 2012

Michael Crafter head back to Brisbane this weekend, to get heaps party. In between cocktails and applications of coconut oil, there will be plenty of time for blast beats. The boys are playing two shows for their PV patrons.

If you love life and grindcore, you don’t need convincing. If you hate life and grindcore, get your sorry asses down to the shows and learn a thing or two about the positives of partying. That being said, heckling is welcomed and encouraged. Head banging is expected. The point is that, in the hazy uncertainty of the impending ‘real’ world, with its ‘real’ jobs and ‘real’ food, these guys are going to be seeing a lot less of each other, and of you. But that’s not getting the boys down – posi 4 Life! So, Brizzy wazzup? Don’t be a urinal cake. Don’t miss Michael Crafter, moshing machine. Just be there like a barrel.

Saturday 10th March
Fat Louies
124 Albert St
Free Entry

Only Sleeping
The Fevered
Golden Bats
Body Sentence
Deadyet (first show)

Sunday 11th March
Rhy’s House
Sunshine Coast
Donation Entry

Body Sentence
Dirty Charlie
Vile Specimen

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