NEW RELEASE: N. Martin – Square Eyes

NEW RELEASE: N. Martin – Square Eyes

LT040 – N. Martin – Square Eyes

Released: 18 July 2012
Format: Jewel Case CD edition of 25 or free download
About: N. Martin has come through with his promise to release loads of music. This album (his first) is loosely based around his love/hate relationship with free to air television programming, it is an emotional roller-coaster of Folktronica, Slacker Pop, Lo-Fi slop and other non existent genres. The songs have been influenced by much canned laughter and product placement but the album itself has been specifically crafted to be listened to on big warm fuzzy headphones in-between ad breaks of That 70’s Show. Best enjoyed with a hot chocolate and a pack of your dads smokes.

“MV – N. Martin is my favourite song writer, no matter what he puts his head to he can pull out a gem or 10, even when he is sitting at home watching the most generic free-to-air television he is able to write some simple pop songs that don’t need 7 guitar parts to resonate (I’m looking at you MUSE). Whenever N. Martin puts his newest demos in my hands my heart flutters a little, because I’m excited to about whats next.”

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