TALK LESS book launch – 18 & 19 November

TALK LESS book launch – 18 & 19 November

Lesstalk Records will be hosting a 2 day event at Monster Mouse to celebrate the label & create a space that will be filled with only the greatest of memories.

This coffee table book is a chronological collection of images, artwork, lyrics and quotes from the existence of Lesstalk Records. Bringing together a summation of experiences and moments in history from a small slice of the rich DIY punk scene on the east coast of Australia from 2007-2017.

21 Maude Lane – Marrickville

Saturday – 18th of November – 6pm
Jess Locke
Crab Smasher (Special show)
New Seddon Dads
Clean Shirt

Sunday – 19th of November – 4pm
Michael Crafter
March of the Real Fly (reunion)
NO DŌZ (First Show feat. members of Hannahband, The Optionals, Hostile Objects and Obat Batuk)
Flat Earth (First Show feat. Ben from Employment + Darcy)

Exhibition by Sunny, Marnie and ZakZak
Sauna by ASBA – Baked goods by Amelia
Food by Roughnut Kitchen

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