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Stray Venom by Grudge!

Posted by mothereel

Grudge! are launching their album this Saturday.  To prepare you for all the pit sing-a-longs or whatever it is you J-Pop fans do these days, they have released a single through their bandcamp page.

Go judge Grudge!

Grudgefest is 10 bands for free.  That's right!  Free!  Don't stay at home watching youtube videos of the event, go and participate, it'll cost you much the same plus you can then go online and say how you were there.  That's scene points right there!

Go and listen, download, impress your friends
I presume that the album will present itself through that link too.



Help a brother out: Beowolf Productions Needs You!

Posted by mothereel

I write this, not because it's Australian nor Grindcore, but because Burt of Beowolf Productions has certainly helped the scene, our bands and labels, in his way with reviews, interviews, trades and distribution.  He's been doing it or 21 years and would like to keep it going.

Ok... Burt's wife is in her second battle with cancer, this time it's in her blood and Burt has decided that he needs to step back from his website and zine to spend as much time with her as possible.  Here's where you come in: he's looking for people with a strong knowledge of the underground scene and a love of the horror genre of films in general.  If this sounds like you, then contact Burt via email through into att beowolfproductions dott com

Now's your chance!  Get some great free stuff, maybe get invites to all the cool parties with all the cool bands, get some good contacts and get your name published BUT most of all help a legend keep his legacy going while he deals with one of the hardest times in a life.



Daemon Foetal Harvest to launch album at East West Death Fest!

Posted by mothereel

So Beast!

Wollongong Death Metal act Daemon Foetal Harvest have smashed out an amazing album of riffage.  Competing with Broozer and Tanned Christ, it's a contender for my Album of the Year.  We'll see what sticks in my head most when I'm compiling that list and waiting for your opinions to be sprayed.

There's no real point in me waffling on longer than I have.  You can listen to the band by going to a gig or go to their bandcamp to hear their recorded effort.  I won't make up your mind for you, not this time (but I will judge your decision accordingly).

See DFH at East West Death Fest 7 or go to their facebook for more information on their other shows.
You can purchase the album from the band's bandcamp


Dark Horse take on Japan

Posted by mothereel
Missed opportunity

It should have been a horse vs giant being

I'm extremely envious.  Those boys have managed to pull off an amazing little tour over in one of my favourite countries, Japan.  It's not right that I am though, neither of my bands have put in much effort to do anything but yeah....  How good is it to be human!

Anyway, here's the details of their first show and it's a doozey!  Bands from all over are coming together for this bit of messy noise.

Dick jokes and Jap jokes *sigh*

Up there in the Jap's eye!   An all international cast!

Then there's the big one, the massive deal, probably one of their greatest gigs to date... The Japanese Obscene Extreme!

See if you get that one!

The way it all goes down.

So many great bands, so many forms of freak music, Obscene always rules!!  We wish you well young Australian men!

You can purchase many Dark Horse things from the Grindhead Records website such as their album Sick of the Living/High on Death, the split with Repulsion-esque Black Jesus, or the other split with Indonesian Gore Grinders Badak Singa.

You also have the choice of going to their bandcamp.


Grindhead Records Presents: East West DeathGrind Fest 7!

Posted by mothereel

Every Year Death Grinds!

Another year, it's here!  Christmas for those into extreme underground local talent has arrived.  Bubsy, who plays Santa in this metaphor, has done it again, or maybe he's gone done better than last year!  What a line-up!!

Showcasing a bunch of fools with instruments from a wide variety of towns and villages, this year's East West has bands from South Australia, the mightiest contribution from Victoria, Tasmania is showing up and even a few bois from the A.C.T are coming around to make some noise.

Split over 2 days/nights, you'll have to plan ahead for this one.  Buying entry to both shows gets you a healthy discount.

Keep up to date with set times and other announcements by going to the facebook event page.
East West Deathgrind Fest 7
If there's something you'd like to buy in person, maybe have a trawl through the Grindhead e-store and send us an email.

Grind the Death!!


Lo! / Förstöra Tour

Posted by mothereel

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra: only a couple of weeks until the Lo! / Förstöra tour kicks off.  It says East vs West, but all the 'battles' are on the east coast and even then, only the south east... how could the East ever win if it doesn't take the war back to the West's land?
Promo Video: here

October 29th - Blackwire Records, Sydney
w/ Crude Heat

October 30th - The Old Bar, Melbourne
w/ In Trenches and Old Love

October 31st - The Basement, Canberra
Metal Fiesta 8