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Black Jesus Album Launch

Posted by mothereel

2 DIY to DIE!


Heaps of bands, some featuring members from now dead bands are teaming up with Victoria's Black Jesus, who are also a mix of dead bands, or members who want previous bands dead...
2 DIY venues, heaps of BYO action.  Cheap CDs courtesy of Grindhead's distro.

Facebook Event Page


Such Is Life Festival 2014

Posted by mothereel

Another great fest, in the bush, with the bugs and insects.

Facebook Event Page: here


Cripple Bastards & Jig Ai in Sydney!

Posted by mothereel

BYO at a DIY!! Couldn't be more Grind if it tried!!

That other guy, who does most of the stuff of Grindhead Records*, has pulled this little beauty out.  For those of you who cant make OEF in Victoria this year, here's the alternative.

Cripple Bastards from Italy, first time in Australia.  Jig Ai from Czech Republic, I believe their first time in Australia.  Both want to impress, caress and distress you.  Both known for their past.  Both are looked to for the future.  I'm rambling.

The Sydney bands are smiled upon by many.  Ether Rag being hailed as the best the region has to offer in grind.  Dark Horse have been doing some great things with their D-Beat style as well.

It's one of those gigs.  Be there or cry about it later.

Here's the facebook event page.
Grindhead Records website.


*you know I co-run the label now, don't you?  Just thought I better mention it, in case I start blathering about how awesome a label it is and how it does all these great things for the scene and bands etc.  Potential bias and conflict of interest in reporting stuff.


A review of Wolf Eyes’s “Always Wrong”

Posted by mothereel

Locked in a seismic, diabolical orgy of earthquake shattering proportions, an exhilarating place where few will gather the courage and strive to tread in perseverance, a place of spilling electronic whirls, spewing hisses and bone-splitting cracks, Always Wrong from American Mavericks - Wolf Eyes - throws you in an barren, oppressive cell of inexplicable sonic torture and throws away the key.

Look at those lines!

The cover art of the album.

Always Wrong is comprised merely of seven songs and is just under thirty minutes long. But, what they manage to achieve in that short amount of time is purely something that is nothing short of remarkable, whatever opposing, opinionated side you happen to sit with. It's a caustic, deafening achievement. The beauty is that in its confronting assimilation the music produces. To some it may certainly shock and provoke, perhaps only startle and leave you with an acrid distaste - a wonder that you never thought music could ever sound so hideous, but for everyone who is confronted with this embodiment of music they are left with that inseparable, curious imprint. The Cellar exudes this feeling perfectly; A lone, vindictive drunkard awash with fervent emotion, surrounded by ghostly purls of white noise, stands tall at the mount striking down, in sermon, before the intensified roar of blistering guitar splutters and battering bass drum kicks, the superficial and hypocritical value of those grovelling below. Living Stone pretends to imitate something a little softer before it reminds you where you came from and throws you back into the fray. Taking Extremities to the forefront, nothing short of tying rope to your legs and being dragged at high speeds along the tarmac is typical of Broken Order's Aural Onslaught - crushing, distorted cymbals and nauseating, guitar drones which cancel each other out at times from the sheer volume. An industrial, grinding, macabre pleasure that Wolf Eyes have made all their own.

The closing track - Droll/Cut the Dog - with its lamenting, harrowing yet softer melodies of church-like organs acts as a reminder of all the crazed, drunken, ungodly murderous acts that have led to the final act. What just transpired wasn't wrong, and it certainly isn't right - it merely is. Wolf Eyes with Always Wrong have produced a sound of their own, binding them in sacred apothecary, strewn with golden antiquity, and I for one am overjoyed there is a band adventurously prolific making music like this.

Much beard, so clarinet.

I believe this is the band.


The above review was written some time ago by a different man other than myself.  He has given me permission to publish this on his behalf.  Some minor edits have taken place, including altering of spelling and some minor house keeping issues.
I think he wants his name up here... If so, it's Adrian Johnstone... if not it's Kontoh.


Need an Illustrator?

Posted by mothereel

Just some bird, dropping eggs or pills into an artificial hand.

It's been quiet here, I know.  I'm kind of sorry, but I've kind of been overseas, Europe actually, if you're interested.

All of those emails about the 2013 grind list are being compiled during the hours when I'm not working, doing Grindhead stuff or getting band things organised.  Be patient.

Apologies to Sam for this article.

Samuel Humphreys is an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who currently styles himself as a highly technical illustrator with exhaustive attention to detail, accuracy and creativity.  You can appreciate a bit of that in the drawing shown, or see more at one of the links below.
He has no formal training or qualification, but I see that as much as a bonus as some would see as a negative - sometimes being well learned in a field can limit your ability, depending on the type of person you are.  He does have experience in the music industry, having done photographic, illustration and promotional work for bands and record labels, including the notable Red Panda Records.

So go to the websites, have a browse, if you're sitting, maybe ponder the use of line and the significance of space.



Ausgrind 2013 List

Posted by mothereel

You may have noticed that every other site or publication that comments on music is pushing these "best of" 2013 lists.  We're* a little behind, but we'd like to do one.  Mostly for all the arguments that soon erupt when we've favoured one particular band over another and prove how ignorant of the scene we truly are because we're a hipster behind a keyboard with the social life of a dead amoeba.

That stuff gets me off.  So does holes in cheese.

Here's what I want from you, you can choose to participate or not, see if anybody notices.  Either write your top grind releases of 2013 in an email and email me ( with "Grind List" as the subject or you can post your list in the comments section below.  I'll then compile the list and post it later on.

You may have noticed that I didn't give you a number of releases to restrict your list to.  It's because I don't care.  5 releases is the same as 40.  It'll only be the common ones that reappear often that'll make the list any way.  I also care very little if one release is more power violence than grind or death metal than grind.  If you say it's grind and somebody else agrees, then I'll take it at face value.  The only real rule is that it should be released in the year 2013.

Get to it!  The quicker I've got a big list, the quicker you can compete with name dropping ability.
*I cant actually talk on behalf of the others, but I think this'll be a right laugh and so I'm keen to do it!