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Infested Entrails: Defiling a Piece of the Deceased

Posted by mothereel
Poor tit

Infested by festies.

The pure bile of Grindhead Records brings you this rotten offering by Infested Entrails. "Defiling a Piece of the Deceased" is a platter of masticated music, with demented guitars pinned down by slobbering bass and hammered in by the drums.

Giving a knowing nod to the grandfathers as they pump out death metal while thrusting in their own tastes, their debut album is a strong entry into the depraved world of extreme music, showing a professionalism beyond their years.

For fans of Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Embalmed, Cannabis Corpse, Pathology

Download Track: Woo There, Lassie!


Black Jesus: Everything Black, Everything Dead

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What did Samboy do?

The return of Black Jesus

The rotten-hearted men of Grindhead Records sacrificed themselves so that you might hear this chillingly morbid yet cacophanously brutal and relentlessly aggressive album of scrap metal by Black Jesus.

"Everything Black... Everything Dead" will mark a sign on thousands of maniacs by grinding out evil powerchords that move blazingly fast as the drums blast away into one's brain. The album fuses something already angst-driven like hardcore punk and thrash metal with all the brilliance of the left hand path followers of death metal.

For fans of Autopsy, Brutal Truth, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Repulsion, Terrorizer

Deluxe Double Sided Embossed Digipak limited to 500 copies!

Download the track: Born In A Tomb


Free Hailgun!

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All Hail!


Hailgun, after their tour of Europe, have hit the bunker to start recording some new material.  What does this mean to you?

It means no live shows for a bit.

It means you'll assume the foetal position and face your mummy issues.

It means you can download their album for free!!

Go to their bandcamp and name your price.
While you're at it, you could probably get all their earlier stuff too.  Be like a real fan!


Power.X.Chuck Interview‏

Posted by mothereel
Less grind, more beers!

Less grind, more beers!


Power X Chuck

Start off by introducing yourselves: give us a brief history of the band, what's your history, how you all met, what bands influenced you etc?  

Well, one night me and the singer (fryz) were doing a couple of hot knifes in our bath, and we were listening to the Charles Bronson discog and we got inspired to start a pv band! So I called cheese and hank dog and we recorded the demo in our lounge room the next week.

What would you say you've learnt by starting this band?

We learnt that having a girl in the band sux! Every show gets cancelled due to a hens night or baby shower.

Would you be able to list a few of your favourite places to play and what makes them so good?

The cranka is pretty fun! You can get a yiros from down the road and pay your respects to the Ellen Degeneres statue out the front.

What has been your favourite show you've played to date?

We've only played 3 shows, on the second show our friend dingo moshed and threw a longy at Hannahs bass and it exploded in her face....That was bad ass!

What are you looking forward to as a band in the future?

Hope fully we can keep releasing 7s and splits with bands we like, and throw a few tours in the mix.

Can you share with us a list of some of your favourite bands (SA local, Australia local & International)?

Stronghold, craterface, infection, beaver, destined to die, Rock Hudson and Ante Up.

What are some of the worst aspects you've found of being in a band in general?

It sucks when you get off stage and get flocked by 20 crust chicks then get rejected because you had a shower that week.

Any final things (things to impress girls, plug links, upcoming shows etc) you'd like to say?

We've got a 7 coming out on psychocontrol and a split with cancer patient from LA. And fry-z just got curtains set up in his van.

Minimally edited.


Newcastle Grindcore Show Spectacular!!

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Luke apologises for this.

You may have seen Wounded Pig in the ACT at a free gig because you're heaps crusty and you blew all your rent money on your pouch.  You want more, so you're going to have to hitch or bum a lift up to Newy.

Featuring old mates Grannyfist, who haven't been to Sydney in a while, probably due to STIs (Sydney Transgender Interests).

Face event page here.
Information on LGBTI here.


Free Grind at the Pot

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Having Dead at the end of anything makes the previous... dead...


Surprise free Canberra grind gig!!  It features SA new comers Wounded Pig, who have a guitarist that looks very similar to the vocalist of Sydney's Ether Rag.

Event page here: dead
Wounded Pig can be found on facey here.