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Newcastle Grindcore Show Spectacular!!

Posted by mothereel

Luke apologises for this.

You may have seen Wounded Pig in the ACT at a free gig because you're heaps crusty and you blew all your rent money on your pouch.  You want more, so you're going to have to hitch or bum a lift up to Newy.

Featuring old mates Grannyfist, who haven't been to Sydney in a while, probably due to STIs (Sydney Transgender Interests).

Face event page here.
Information on LGBTI here.


Free Grind at the Pot

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Having Dead at the end of anything makes the previous... dead...


Surprise free Canberra grind gig!!  It features SA new comers Wounded Pig, who have a guitarist that looks very similar to the vocalist of Sydney's Ether Rag.

Event page here: dead
Wounded Pig can be found on facey here.


Carcass Tour…. Duh!!

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CARCASS are back and back at what they do best! Writing and releasing the choicest of cuts in their highly influential way. With ‘Surgical Steel’CARCASS has risen to the occasion and given fans an album that holds up to their classic repertoire, delivering another milestone and is undoubtedly just what the doctor ordered! Everything a CARCASS fan could want is on this record, with every era of the band represented.

These undeniable legends and forefathers of grind and melodic death metal have carefully placed Australian on the surgical table for June 2014. CARCASS is coming to carve you up, preparing to dissect each city in their pathologically explicit ways. We’ve been waiting to announce this tour and we know you’ve been waiting to hear it. Soundworks Touring anticipates these shows to sell out in a rabid frenzy, so be sure to secure your meatiest, heaviest & most important metal ticket in Australia this year.

CARCASS and local supports performing at:

June 12th – Perth, Capitol with EARTH ROT

June 13th – Brisbane, The Hifi with ROME

June 14th – Sydney, The Metro Theatre with TORTURED

June 15th – Melbourne, 170 Russell with KING PARROT



PERTH – / 78 Records




ALL SHOWS –  – paypal only – paypal only

Buy through the Soundworks Touring or Prime Cuts Music websites with Paypal and receive a free CARCASS sticker!


Dispolar Interview

Posted by mothereel

Sometime last year I interviewed this guy from Dispolar.  Afterwards I asked for pics and links, never got them.  Things have been slow here, so here it is: unedited, raw and shameful.


Ausgrind: Start off by introducing yourselves: give us a brief history of the band, how you all met, what bands influenced you etc?

Dispolar: The obvious influence that everyone seems to pick is Extortion. And it’s true. When I started writing this stuff I had been listening to Extortion non-stop for a couple of months. I still haven’t really stopped. Luckily, the end product doesn’t sound particularly like Extortion. So the influence is there, but we don’t sound like a complete rip off. Other than that we mostly take cues from the classic powerviolence bands, a fair bit of hardcore, as well as quite a lot of grind, although it doesn’t tend to show. Nigella Lawson is my other inspiration for all aspects of life.

I’ve known Chris for like ten years or something. Nearly every band I’ve ever been in has had Chris involved in some way or another. I met Dave because I was a big Michael Crafter sweater (prior to joining Crafter in July) and we lived in the same area up until recently, so we used to hang out a fair bit. So I had recorded the demo by myself, and people seemed to dig it, so Chris and Dave got involved and shit started happening.


A: What would you say you've learnt by starting this band?

D: The biggest thing I've learned is that one should always consider their contemporaries when naming a band. The number of times that we've been mistaken for Disparo is fucking ridiculous. We wrote a song about it ('es Polar, no es Paro' from the Flowers For Cops split). I hope we haven't disappointed too many people who rocked up to our shows expecting to see Disparo.


A: Would you be able to list a few of your favourite places to play and what makes them so good?

D: Well, we haven't done that many shows with Dispolar, but in general I really like playing Blackwire. It's my favourite Sydney venue. Just good vibes all around. It's an awesome place to hang out, all the shows are incredibly affordable on any budget, the records are cheap and they're just good people. You never get dicks there. Second is probably Cosmos. I've only played there a couple of times with my previous abomination of a band, but it's pretty enjoyable. Same deal as Blackwire really. It's just a good atmosphere.


A: What has been your favourite show you've played to date?

D:  The last show we played at Turtlehead was probably my favourite. That's another venue I regard highly. Small, sweaty room, hit-or-miss P.A, cheap beers and sick bands. Can't go wrong. We played that one with Alf Stewart, Flowers For Cops (with whom we released a split cassette in August. It rules. It's sold out, but I've seen a couple in distros here and there. Get it. Or download it), Obat Batuk and Ivan & The Backpackers.

A: What are you looking forward to as a band in the future?

D:  More splits. More sweet gigs. We've had some time off recently because Dave hasn't been able to drum (hence the four-piece Michael Crafter line up on the most recent tour), but we'll be back on our feet soon enough. I figure we'll stop after we split with Extortion*


*not actually scheduled.

A: Can you share with us a list of some of your favourite bands (NSW local, Australia local & International)?

D:  Fo sho. Active bands? Michael Crafter, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, Alf Stewart, Ether Rag, The Reverend Jesse Custer, Vile Specimen, Clowns, Ghosts (RIP), Postal, Staunch, THE KILL (who released the greatest grindcore album of this year, hands down), Jackals (just released their EP. Killer band), Darkhorse, Shackles, Black Coffee, Diploid, thedowngoing, Hacked To Chunks, Dead Farmers, The Sufferjets (most adorable band in the North), Yes I'm Leaving, Disparo, Obat Batuk and Ivan & The Backpackers (OB and Ivan have a split release out that fucking kills. Essential listening. Best split I've ever heard. No joke. Get it).


They're all the tough ones that make me sound hardcore and down with it.

Oh and Biffy Clyro.

A:  What are some of the worst aspects you've found of being in a band in general?

D:  Playing in a band with Irie Ploog.

A: Any final things (things to impress girls, plug links, upcoming shows etc) you'd like to say?

D: I'm quite tall, with an athletic build. I have blue eyes, I work in the medical industry, I'm in a couple of bands, I have a winning smile and sometimes I can almost maybe sort of kind of grow facial hair. Ladies.




A Tribute to Torpy

Posted by mothereel

So many good bands, such a good cause, you'd be a fool to resist.


On the 26th of April, We Lost The Sea are hosting a special show with a bunch of friends, bands and fans to come together to pay tribute to a superb person, Chris Torpy, who sadly took his life in March 2012. It is a night for coming together as a community and a local music scene to remember and share some laughs and memories of the person he was and what he was passionate about.

The show will also be a fundraiser for the charity beyondblue who provide support for people who suffer any form of depression and anxiety, empowering all Australians, at any life-stage, to seek help. beyondblue raises awareness, reduces stigma and ensures people have access to the information they need to support recovery, management and resilience.

Not a day goes by that we all don't think about him. To pay tribute to Chris we could think of no better way than to get together a bunch of bands full of people that he loved and who loved him.


There's also a download of some bands that Chris was a part of, tracks that he collaborated on and other bands that wanted to pay tribute to him.

All the set times and things for the gig are on the facebook event page.


Black Jesus Album Launch

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2 DIY to DIE!


Heaps of bands, some featuring members from now dead bands are teaming up with Victoria's Black Jesus, who are also a mix of dead bands, or members who want previous bands dead...
2 DIY venues, heaps of BYO action.  Cheap CDs courtesy of Grindhead's distro.

Facebook Event Page