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An interesting video

Posted by mothereel

You might see some familiar faces...  You might be also inspired, once the final film comes out.  We'll be in touch.


Grindcore For Life #2!!

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I could write about how this is their 2nd time and it's bigger, better, grindier than the previous time, but it doesn't really matter nor even actually mean anything.  Maybe they learned things from the first that they dare not repeat.  Maybe maybe... maybe maybe maybe...?

It's my sharty

Grindcore For Life #2


Get along, have some fun!  Bands and venues need people like you and your money.

Facebook event here


Pay for Crust

Posted by mothereel

Good ol' mates at Crust Almighty have just given you a chance to expand your ownership of some crust.


They've gone Pay What You Want.
That means, if you're one of "those" people* you can get it all for free, run away, sell it in Eastern Europe and still be poor.


Go to their bandcamp page:



*Cheap arse crust punk trollolol or name dropping scenester


Punks for West Papua Benefit Show

Posted by mothereel

It's a long way off, but it's important, so you make sure you make a damn effort to get there.


PowerXChuck 7 inch Now Available

Posted by mothereel

Twice the chuck, half the colour.


You can grab a copy now at Psychocontrol Records

Send 5 USD + 7 USD postage (Airmail registered WORLDWIDE)
Send 4 Euro + 5 EURO postage (Airmail registered Europe)



As if you didn’t know

Posted by mothereel

If you've maybe been looking at too much black metal or pop punk, maybe you've missed this...  If so, I'm glad, means more tickets for real fans, right?


Don't think, buy tickets now!!

Just Awesome!

Two of the most influential and legendary acts in the history of the grindcore and death metal genres, NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS, join forces in a pairing that has not been seen for decades, to create the ultimate death metal fans dream package in DEATHCRUSHER.


And I think Extortion rule!  Sick is one of the greatest albums by an Australian band.  Their live show is generally fantastic.

Facebook event